Pat Dapuzzo (born December 29, 1958 in Hoboken, New Jersey) is a retired National Hockey League linesman, who wore uniform number 60. He officiated in the NHL from 1985–2008[1]

His officiating career began in the 1984–85 NHL season, only six years removed from graduating high school.[2] He retired after the 2007–08 NHL season, during which he was severely injured on February 9 when he was struck in the face with an ice skate.[2] The accident occurred when the Philadelphia Flyers' Steve Downie, during the course of being checked into the boards, accidentally struck Dapuzzo in the face, causing ten different fractures in his face and cutting his nose from his face, which required forty stitches to reattatch.[2] The injuries caused by the contact the skate and skate blade would have been prevented if Dapuzzo had been wearing a visor at the time.[2]

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