The Ottawa & District Intermediate League was an intermediate league that operated in the Ottawa area in the 1938-39 season:


  1. Cumberland
  2. St. Annes
  3. Dominion Auction
  4. Ottawa Mayfair

Statistics unavailable.

Semi FinalEdit

Best of 3

Dominion Auction beat St. Annes 2 wins to none (2-1, 2-0)


Best of 3

Cumberland beat Dominion Auction 2 wins to 1 (4-3, ?, 3-2)

Cumberland advanced to the 1938-39 Ottawa District Intermediate Playoffs.

Dominion Auction protested the last game. The protest was dismissed by the league, but the Ottawa District Hockey Association decided there was sufficient merit in it to allow Dominion Auction to also advance to the district playoffs.

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