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The Ontario Intercollegiate Athletic Association was a second tier university athletic conference which began play in 1958-59. It was made up of smaller universities which could not compete in size with the other schools in Ontario. In 1964-65 the league was allowed to send its champion to the national championship.

The conference ended in 1970-71. In 1971-72 its remaining teams (Laurentian, Waterloo Lutheran, Ryerson, Brock, and York) merged into the Ontario Universities Athletic Association (OUAA) once the Ontario and Quebec conferences were re-organized along provincial lines.

Wikia has OIAA records commencing in 1964-65. Links are needed for the 1958-59 to 1963-64 seasons. The Ryerson Alumni Site claims that Ryerson won titles in 1959 and 1963. Other sources for those seasons are required.

Participating Universities Chart

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Logo Teams External Years
Brock badgers large.jpg
Brock Badgers Official Site ?
Hamilton Insti of Tech Mohawk ?
Osgoode Hall Law School coat of arms.png
Osgoode Hall Legalites York ?
Laurentian voyageurs-partial-2013.png
Laurentian Voyageurs Official Site ?
Waterloo Lutheran Official Site ?
Ryerson 1965-2011.gif
Ryerson Rams Official Site ?
Trent Excalibur Official Site ?
St Clair Saints.png
Western Ontario Inst of Tech St. Clair ?
Windsor Lancers Official Site ?
York Yeomen Official Site ?

Table of Seasons and Champions

Season Champion Notes
1958-59 OIAA Season Ryerson Rams first season - founding members were McMaster, Ontario Agricultural College, Osgoode Hall, Ryerson, and Waterloo College
1959-60 OIAA Season Osgoode Hall Legalites Osgoode Hall wins 2-games, total-goals final 9-8 over Ryerson
1960-61 OIAA Season McMaster Marauders Ontario Agricultural College beats Ryerson in semifinals
1961-62 OIAA Season McMaster Marauders Ryerson concedes final to McMaster due to exams. Hamilton Institute of Technology and Waterloo Lutheran join league
1962-63 OIAA Season Ryerson Rams York, WOIT, and Laurentian join league
1963-64 OIAA Season unknown In November, after the withdrawal of McMaster, Waterloo, OAC, Ryerson, HIT and WOIT, the OIAA is accepted for membership in the CIAU
1964-65 OIAA Season Laurentian University WOIT and HIT played one season
1965-66 OIAA Season Laurentian University
1966-67 OIAA Season Laurentian University WOIT played one season
1967-68 OIAA Season Laurentian University Brock's first season
1968-69 OIAA Season Laurentian University Windsor joined QOAA, Osgoode's last season
1969-70 OIAA Season York University Trent added
1970-71 OIAA Season Laurentian University Trent's last season


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