A view of Omaha.

Omaha is the capital and largest city in the state of Nebraska, with a population of 401,945

Teams[edit | edit source]

American Hockey League  (2005-2007) become Quad City Flames
American Hockey Association (1939-1942) suspend operations with league, join USHL in 1945
United States Hockey League (1945-1951) fold with league
International Hockey League  (1959-1963) transfer to Central Professional Hockey League
Central Professional Hockey League (1963-1965) became Houston Apollos
Central Professional Hockey League (1966-1968) league renamed Central Hockey League
Central Hockey League (1968-1975) folded
United States Hockey League (1986-2002) become River City Lancers (based in Council Bluffs, IA), which moved back to Omaha in 2004
United States Hockey League (2004-present)

Collegiate[edit | edit source]

Central Collegiate Hockey Association (1999-2010) joined WCHA
Western Collegiate Hockey Association (2010-2013) joining NCHC
National Collegiate Hockey Conference (2013-Charter member)

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