Winnipeg Olympic Rink

The Olympic Rink in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was located at the corner of Church Avenue and Charles Street in Winnipeg's North End. An apartment block, the "Olympic Towers", today stands on the site.

It was constructed in 1923.

In 1955, it was acquired by the owners of the Winnipeg Warriors (minor pro) to provide a home for junior hockey following the construction of the new Winnipeg Arena and demolition of the Shea's Amphitheatre on Broadway. The ice plant from the Amphitheatre was purchased and relocated to the Olympic.

The Winnipeg Braves and the St. Boniface Canadiens, both teams associated with the Warriors organization, played regular season games at the Olympic.

In the 1960s the Olympic was converted to a curling rink. When this use no longer proved economic, the rink was offered by its owners to the City of Winnipeg to be used as a recreational facility. This offer was not taken up and the Olympic was then sold to a developer and demolished.

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