The Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League (NSMMHL) is the provincial Midget AAA ice hockey league for Nova Scotia, Canada.


Season  Regular season champion Playoff champion
 1978-79  Antigonish Novas  Antigonish Novas
 1979-80  Halifax McDonalds  Halifax McDonalds
 1980-81  Dartmouth Forbes Chevys  Highland Novas
 1981-82  Cape Breton Colonels  Cape Breton Colonels
 1982-83  Halifax McDonalds  Saint John Pepsis
 1983-84 Halifax McDonalds  Dartmouth Forbes Chevys 

Dartmouth Forbes Chevys  

Dartmouth Forbes Chevys 

 1985-86  Cape Breton Colonels  Halifax McDonalds
 1986-87  Dartmouth Forbes Chevys   Dartmouth Forbes Chevys 
 1987-88  Cape Breton Colonels  Pictou County Weeks
 1988-89  Dartmouth Mounties   Nova Midgets
 1989-90  Halifax McDonalds  Halifax McDonalds
 1990-91  Cape Breton Colonels  Cape Breton Colonels
 1991-92  Dartmouth Rental Kings  Dartmouth Rental Kings
 1992-93  Dartmouth Car Rentals  Pictou County Weeks
 1993-94  Halifax McDonalds  Halifax McDonalds
 1994-95  Dartmouth Subways  Dartmouth Subways
 1995-96  Dartmouth Subways  Dartmouth Subways
 1996-97  Halifax McDonalds  Pictou County Weeks
 1997-98  Pictou County Weeks  Pictou County Weeks
 1998-99  Cape Breton Colonels  Dartmouth Subways
 1999-00  Halifax McDonalds  Pictou County Weeks
 2000-01  Dartmouth Subways  Dartmouth Subways
 2001-02  Dartmouth Subways  Dartmouth Subways
 2002-03  Halifax McDonalds  Dartmouth Subways
 2003-04  Dartmouth Subways  Dartmouth Subways
 2004-05  Cole Harbour McCains  Cole Harbour McCains
 2005-06  Cape Breton West  Dartmouth Subways
 2006-07  Pictou County Weeks  Dartmouth Subways
 2007-08  Dartmouth Subways  Cole Harbour McCains
 2008-09  Cole Harbour McCains  Cole Harbour McCains
 2009-10  Halifax Titans  Cole Harbour McCains
 2010-11  Dartmouth Ice Dawgs  Halifax Titans
 2011-12  Halifax Titans  Halifax Titans
 2012-13  Valley Wildcats  Valley Wildcats
 2013-14  Halifax McDonalds  Halifax McDonalds
 2014-15  Halifax McDonalds  Newbridge Academy
 2015-16  Cole Harbour  Steele Subaru
 2016-17  Cape Breton West  Cape Breton West
 2017-18  Halifax McDonalds  Steele Subaru
2018-19 Cole Harbour Pro Hockey Life Wolfpack Halifax McDonalds

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