The Northwest Quebec League was an intermediate league that operated in northwestern Quebec from 1953-54 through 1957-58.

Because this area was relatively isolated from the rest of the province of Quebec the league was under the Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA). However it was the only league in the NOHA at the Intermediate A level and so its champions never played against other NOHA teams. They always were given the NOHA Intermediate A title by default.

It was formed in 1953-54 after a financially disasterous 1952-53 season for the Central Section of the NOHA Senior League. Teams from Rouyn and Val-d'Or played with a team from Kirkland Lake. Travel costs to Kirkland Lake and the higher salaries of the senior (as opposed to intermediate) players were too high to support.

In 1953-54 four towns in northwestern Quebec formed a compact intermediate league with lower travel and player costs. The league made it through five seasons.

The league folded in 1958, a victim of high costs. In its stead a Junior B league (which had even lower salaries) ran for two years. Intermediate and senior hockey resumed in 1961-62.

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