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North Sydney was a town of about 6700 people in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was located on Cape Breton Island.

It is now part of the city of Cape Breton.


  • North Sydney
  1. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1985-1986) not sure if played prior to 1985 or teams nickname
  2. (Nova Scotia Junior C Hockey League, 2013) franchise had moved from Bedford, but do not play
  1. Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1939-1942)
  2. (Cape Breton Major Hockey League, 1950-1951) folded
  3. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1959-1963) folded
  4. (Cape Breton Junior B Hockey League, 1967-1968)
  5. (Eastern Junior A Hockey League, 1974-1978) become Northside Victorias