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photo credit Buddy and Margaret MacKinley via UPEI archives

The North River Rink was an indoor arena located in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island.  Construction on the arena began with the cutting and removal of four acres of lumber during the winter of 1948-49.  The actual arena construction began in the fall of 1949.  About a dozen of the rafters came down during construction fortunately no one was hurt. The shell of the building was completed in January of 1950. The rink was flooded on January 8th. The arena opened on January 9th.

The original owners had to install two wells after the TransCanada highway was contructed  as the pond that was used to flood the rink was no longer accessible.  The arena was sold in 1971.  Shortly after the sale the new owner purchased a zamboni and had artificial ice equipment installed.  Originally, the intent was to move the rink to a new location but approval could not be obtained.

A new arena, the North River Community Rink was built on the location in 1975.  This arena would last until 2006 as a rink.