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The Noralta Junior Hockey League is a Junior "C" ice hockey league in Alberta, Canada, sanctioned by Hockey Canada. This league used to be called the North Central Alberta Junior "C" Hockey League. 


The league was founded in 1992 as a two team non-contact juvenille league known as the North Central Junior Hockey League.  The first two teams were located in St. Albert and Sherwood Park.  The league added a team in Edmonton in 1993. The league was back down to two teams in 1994.

For the 1995-96 season the league became full contact and membership was up to four teams (Drayton Valley, Edmonton Braves (NEZ), St. Albert, Torhild). The league also hosted the provincial Junior C championship in St. Albert in 1996.

The league was reorganized as the North Central Alberta Junior Hockey League 1996-97 and expanded to 8 teams (Beaumont, Calahoo, Edmonton, Legal, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Paul Band, and Thorhild

In 1997-98 the league lost Fort Saskatchewan, Legal, and Thorhild but gained the  St. Albert Mustangs.

The Calahoo and Paul Band teams left the league after the 1998-99 season.

The league hosted its first all-star game during the 2000-01 season.  The game was held in memory of longtime local volunteer John Anderson.

The league was incorporated as the Noralta Junior Hockey League on December 22, 2003

The league added the New Sarepta Falcons to the league for the 2017-18 season and the Fort Saskatchewan Jr. C Traders withdrew from the league prior to the same season over the possibility of the city getting and Alberta Junior Hockey League team.

The Edmonton-based Junior Braves were added to the league for the 2018-19 season.

The NorthEast Zone Northstars are no longer in the league after the 2019-20 season.

The league added the Strathcona Warriors for the 2020-21 season.


Updated for 2020-21 season

North Division

Team Centre Arena
Edmonton Mavericks Edmonton Multiple (see below)
Gibbons Broncos Gibbons Gibbons Arena
Junior Braves Edmonton Multiple (see below)
Morinville Super C's Morinville Morinville Leisure Centre
RCAC Rivermen Edmonton Multiple (see below)
St. Albert Comets St. Albert Servus Place-Go Auto Arena

South Division

Team Centre Arena
New Sarepta Blades New Sarepta New Sarepta Agriplex Arena
Seera Icemen Edmonton Multiple (see below)
Sherwood Park Renegades Sherwood Park Millenium Place
Strathcona Warriors Sherwood Park Strathcona Olympiette Centre
SouthWest Zone Ice Kings Edmonton Multiple (see below)
SouthWest Zone Oil Kings Edmonton Multiple (see below)

Edmonton Arenas

The league's seven Edmonton based teams all split their games between 9 different rinks

Former teams

Have little information on team names from 1992-93 through 1995-96 and is lacking any information on 2002-03 through 2005-06 seasons.

Team Centre Tenure/
Fate (if known)
Beaumont Braves Beaumont 1996-2007, 2009-2013
Calahoo Calahoo 1996-1999
Edmonton Edmonton 1993-1994, 1998-1999
(become SouthWest Zone Oil Kings)
Edmonton Braves Edmonton 1995-1996
(become Beaumont Braves)
Edmonton Avalanche Edmonton 2009-2019
Edmonton Blades Edmonton 2001-?
Edmonton Ice Edmonton ?-2013
Edmonton Firebirds Edmonton ?-2010
Edmonton Oil Kings Edmonton 2001-2002 (become SouthWest Zone Oil Kings)
Edmonton Rivermen Edmonton 2001-?
Edmonton Wildcats Edmonton 2001-?
Fort Saskatchewan Fort Saskatchewan 1996-1997
Fort Saskatchewan Mustangs Fort Saskatchewan 1999-2007
Fort Saskatchewan Rangers Fort Saskatchewan 2013-2014
(name changed to Traders)
Fort Saskatchewan Jr. C Traders Fort Saskatchewan 2014-2017
(withdrew over speculation of city getting a new Alberta Junior Hockey League team)
Legal Legal, Alberta 1996-1998
Millet Lightning Millet ?-2014
Morinville Super C's Morinville 1996-2009
renamed Morinville Titans
Oil Capital Blades Edmonton 2000-2001
(renamed Edmonton Blades)
Oil Capital Wildcats Edmonton 2000-2001
(renamed Edmonton Wildcats)
NorthEast Zone Northstars Edmonton ?-2020
RQB Desperados Riviere Qui Barre ?-2007
Paul Band Wabamun, Alberta 1996-1999
St. Albert Blues St. Albert 2002-2012
(renamed St. Albert Comets)
St. Albert Bruins St. Albert ?-2002
(renamed St. Albert Blues)
St. Albert Mustangs St. Albert 1997-?
(renamed St. Albert Bruins)
St. Albert Shooters St. Albert ?-1997 (renamed St. Albert Mustangs)
Sherwood Park Sherwood Park 1992-1997
Seera Stealth Edmonton 2009-2016
SouthWest Zone Oil Kings Edmonton 1999-2001
(replaced by Edmonton Oil Kings)
SouthWest Zone Oil Kings (entry#2) Edmonton ?-2007 (become SouthWest Zone Sentinels)
SouthWest Zone Sentinels Edmonton 2007-2011
Strathcona Sabres Strathcona ?-2008
Thorhild Thorhild, Alberta 1995-1997
Wabamun Wings Wabamun ?-2012


Season Playoff Champion Provincial "C" Champions
1992-93 ? Event not held
1993-94 ? Event not held
1994-95 ? Event not held
1995-96 ? N/A
1996-97 St. Albert Shooters N/A
1997-98 St. Albert Mustangs Event not held
1998-99 Beaumont Braves Event not held
1999-00 Morinville Super C's N/A
2000-01 Morinville Super C's Event not held
2001-02 Beaumont Braves Event not held
2002-03 St. Albert Blues N/A
2003-04 RCAC Rivermen N/A
2004-05 SouthWest Zone Oil Kings SouthWest Zone Oil Kings
2005-06 SouthWest Zone Oil Kings #1 SouthWest Zone Oil Kings
2006-07 Millet Lightning N/A
2007-08 Edmonton Ice Sherwood Park Renegades
2008-09 SouthWest Zone Sentinels Edmonton Ice
2009-10 Beaumont Braves Seera Icemen
2010-11 Beaumont Braves Beaumont Braves
2011-12 Edmonton Avalanche Edmonton Avalanche
2012-13 Gibbons Broncos Edmonton Avalanche
2013-14 Gibbons Broncos Edmonton Avalanche
2014-15 Edmonton Avalanche Edmonton Avalanche
2015-16 Edmonton Avalanche Edmonton Avalanche
2016-17 SouthWest Zone Oil Kings NorthEast Zone Northstars
2017-18 Edmonton Avalanche Sherwood Park Renegades
2018-19 Edmonton Avalanche Edmonton Avalanche
2019-20 Cancelled during semifinals Event Cancelled
2020-21 Season cancelled after a few games due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021-22 Gibbons Broncos TBD

Note: N/A denotes team from the Calgary Junior C Hockey League won provincial championship for that season.

League Tie-Breakers for Playoffs

from Noralta Junior Hokcey League Policies and Procedures Section 2 Article iii:

Playoffs - Shall include teams with the highest point total, using the point system set out in b). above. If teams are still tied, then the team with the most wins shall be the highest in the standings. If the teams are still tied, then the team with the best head to head record shall be considered the highest. If the teams are still tied, then the team with the best goals for goals against ratio shall be the higher in the standings. If the teams are still tied, then the team with the lowest penalty minutes shall be considered the highest.

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