1913 New Glasgow Cubs

The New Glasgow Cubs were a senior and then professional team in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. They played in the Maritime Hockey League in the early 1900's and then turned pro with the rest of the league (Maritime Professional Hockey League) in 1910. They played until 1913.

In 1906 they won the Maritime Hockey League title and challenged for the Stanley Cup.

They played a two game total goal series with the defending champion Montreal Wanderers in Montreal. On Dec. 27 they lost 10-3 and on Dec. 29 they lost 7-2. The Cubs lost the series 17 goals to 5.

In 1914 their name was changed to the New Glasgow Black Foxes. They played one full season in 1913-14 and then played a partial season before folding on January 7, 1915.

Cubs who played in the NHL[edit | edit source]

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