New England Women's Junior Hockey League

The New England Women's Junior Hockey League was a women's junior level hockey league which operated from 2014 to 2017. On June 14, 2017 the league was renamed the Eastern Women's Hockey Conference.[1]


A group of Northeast-based junior hockey team owners/managers – Rob Barletta, Bob Crawford, Peggy Del Mauro, Bill and Joe Flanagan, Scott Fusco, Todd Stirling, and Debbie Vanderbeek – have joined forces to launch a new junior hockey league for girls, which faced off for the first time in 2014-2015. The six-team league, based in New England and surrounding areas, was designed to offer increased opportunities for teenage girls to play competitive hockey with the intent of moving into the college ranks. The league adheres to USA Hockey rules and standards of excellence, while paralleling many USA Hockey Junior operating standards.


Team Centre Tenure
Boston Bandits Bridgewater, Massachusetts 2015-2016
East Coast Wizards Bedford, Massachusetts 2015-2017
Hartford Wolfpack Cromwell, Connecticut 2015-2017
New Jersey Rockets Bridgewater, New Jersey 2015-2017
Northern Cyclones Hudson, New Hampshire 2015-2017
Ontario Hockey Academy Junior Cornwall, Ontario 2015-2017
Ontario Hockey Academy Tardiff Cornwall, Ontario 2015-2017
Walpole Express Walpole, Massachusetts 2015-2017


Season Champion
2014-15 Northern Cyclones
2015-16 Northern Cyclones
2016-17 Northern Cyclones


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