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This is the defunct Junior league which played from 1967 to 1983, for the current NBJHL league please see New Brunswick Junior Hockey League (2012-).

Canadian Junior A Outline

The New Brunswick Junior Hockey League (NBJHL) was a Canadian Junior ice hockey league in the province of New Brunswick. The NBJHL was in competition for the Callaghan Cup and Centennial Cup as a Junior A league.


Originally founded in 1967 as a Jr. B league, the NBJHL became the premier Jr. A league of the province of New Brunswick in 1969-70. In 1970, the league was relegated to Tier II Junior A and competition for the Centennial Cup. In 1982-83, the league was in direct competition for fans with the American Hockey League, who put two of their Semi-Professional teams in the NBJHL's Jr. A markets. In 1983, the Fredericton Red Wings folded, leaving the Moncton Hawks as the only strong team in the league. Instead of continuing on in the depleted NBJHL, the Hawks elected to move to Nova Scotia's Jr. A league, the Metro Valley Junior Hockey League, leaving the NBJHL to fold.

The core of the league through its entirety seems to have been the Moncton Beavers, Sussex Royals (1968-1973) and teams from Fredericton, like the Fredericton Chevies, and Fredericton Red Wings.


Fredericton Chevies (1969-1971) renamed Jr. North Stars

Moncton Beavers (1969-1981) renamed Hawks

Sussex Royals (1968-1973)

Saint John Schooners (1969-1973)

Fredericton Jr. North Stars (1971-1972) renamed Chevies again

Riverview Reds (1971-1972)

Cap Pele Fishermen (1972-1973)

Saint John 77's (1973-1978)

Fredericton Chevies (1973-1974)

Fredericton HS Black Kats (1974-1976)

Cap Pele Fishermen (1974-1980) folded mid-season

Moncton Blue Eagles (1974-1977)

UNBSJ Red Barons (1974-1975)

Riverview Blues (1974-1975)

Fredericton Red Wings (1976-1983) folded

Port City Mariners (1978-1980)

Saint John Stingers (1980-1983) fold with league

Moncton Hawks (1981-1983) join Metro Valley Jr. A League

Edmunston Eskimos (1981-1982) folded mid-season

Blacks Harbour Jr. Silverkings (1982-1983) folded mid-season



  • 1968 Saint John Schooners
  • 1969 Saint John Schooners
  • 1970 Fredericton Chevies
  • 1971 Moncton Beavers
  • 1972 Moncton Beavers
  • 1973 Moncton Beavers
  • 1974 Moncton Beavers
  • 1975 Cap Pele Fishermen
  • 1976 St. John 77's
  • 1977 Fredericton Red Wings
  • 1978 Fredericton Red Wings
  • 1979 Fredericton Red Wings
  • 1980 Moncton Beavers
  • 1981 Moncton Beavers
  • 1982 Moncton Hawks
  • 1983 Moncton Hawks

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