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Nanaimo is a city of about 80,000 people in British Columbia, Canada. It is located on the east shore of Vancouver Island.

The city had a proposal to build a new arena built that would hopefully attract a WHL team when it was to be completed. However, in mid-March 2017 the voters in the city turned down a proposal to borrow funds to finance the arena.  After the vote the city is looking into other options on a new arena or whether to abandon the efforts all together.


  1. (Vancouver Island Senior League, 1942-1943)
  2. (Okanagan Mainline League, 1949-1951) join PCSL
  3. (Pacific Coast Senior League, 1951-1951)
  4. (British Columbia Junior Hockey League, 1972-1982)  become Esquimalt Buccaneers
  5. (British Columbia Junior Hockey League, 1984-1990) league renamed BCHL
  6. (British Columbia Hockey League, 1990-Present)