This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "W".


Player Position Played Teams Notes
Don Waddell Defence 1980–81 NYI Also head coach and general manager
Frank "Deacon" Waite Centre 1930–31 NYR
Jimmy Waite Goaltender 1988–98 Chi, SJ, Pho
Darcy Wakaluk Goaltender 1988–97 Buf, Min, Dal, Pho
Ernie Wakely Goaltender 1962–63, 68–72 Mtl, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Gordie Walker Forward 1986–90 NYR, LA
Howard Walker Defence 1980–83 Was, Cgy
Jack Walker Forward 1926–27 Det Hockey Hall of Famer - inducted 1960
Kurt Walker Right Wing 1975–78 Tor
Matt Walker Defence 2002– Stl
Russ Walker Right Wing 1976–78 LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Scott Walker Right Wing 1994– Van, Nas
Bob Wall Defence 1966–72 Det, LA, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
*Mike Wall Goaltender 2006– Ana
Jesse Wallin Defence 1999–03 Det
Nicholas Wallin Defence 2000– Car
Peter Wallin Right Wing 1980–82 NYR
Rickard Wallin Centre 2002–04 Min
Derrick Walser Defence 2001–04 Clb
James "Flat" Walsh Goaltender 1926–33 MtlM, NYA
Jim Walsh Defence 1981–82 Buf
Mike Walsh Centre 1987–89 NYI
Ben Walter Centre 2005– Bos
Ryan Walter Centre 1978–93 Was, Mtl, Van
Bob Walton Right Wing 1943–44 Mtl
Mike Walton Centre 1965–73, 75–79 Tor, Bos, Van, Stl, Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Wes Walz Centre 1989–92, 93–96, 2000– Bos, Phi, Cgy, Det, Min
Rick Wamsley Goaltender 1980–93 Mtl, Stl, Cgy, Tor
Kyle Wanvig Right Wing 2002– Min
Gord Wappel Defence 1979–82 Atl, Cgy
Aaron Ward Defence 1994– Det, Car
Cam Ward Goaltender 2005– Car
Dixon Ward Right Wing 1992–2001, 02–03 Van, LA, Tor, Buf, Bos, NYR
Don Ward Defence 1957–58, 1959–60 Chi, Bos
Ed Ward Right Wing 1993–2001 Que, Cgy, Atl, Ana, NJ
Jason Ward Right Wing 1999– Mtl, NYR
Jimmy Ward Right Wing 1927–39 MtlM, MtlC
Joe Ward Centre 1980–81 Col
Lance Ward Defence 2000–04 Fla, Ana
Ron Ward Defence 1969–70, 71–72 Tor, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Jeff Ware Defence 1996–99 Tor, Fla
Mike Ware Right Wing 1988–90 Edm
Eddie Wares Right Wing 1936–43, 45–47 NYR, Det, Chi
Bob Warner Right Wing 1976–77 Tor
Jim Warner (ice hockey) Right Wing 1979–80 Har
Rhett Warrener Defence 1995– Fla, Buf, Cgy
Todd Warriner Left Wing 1994–03 Tor, TB, Pho, Van, Phi, Nas
Bill Warwick Left Wing 1942–44 NYR
Grant Warwick Right Wing 1941–50 NYR, Bos, Mtl
Steve Washburn Centre 1995–01 Fla, Van, Phi
Nick Wasnie Right Wing 1927–28, 29–35 Chi, Mtl, NYA, Ott, Stl
Bill Watson Forward 1985–89 Chi
Bryan Watson Defence 1963–79 Mtl, Det, Oak, Pit, Stl, Was Also played in World Hockey Association.
Dave Watson Left Wing 1979–80 Col
Harry Watson Left Wing 1941–57 Byk, Det, Tor, Chi Hockey Hall of Famer - inducted 1994
Jim Watson Defence 1963–66, 67–72 Det, Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Jimmy Watson Defence 1972–82 Phi
Joe Watson Defence 1964–65, 66–79 Bos, Phi, Col
Phil Watson Centre 1935–48 NYR, Mtl Also head coach


Player Position Played Teams Notes
Jim Watt Goaltender 1973–74 Stl
Mike Watt Left Wing 1999–03 Edm, NYI, Nas, Car
Tim Watters Defence 1981–95 Wpg, LA
Brian Watts Left Wing 1975–76 Det
Mike Weaver Defence 2001– Atl, LA
Steve Webb Right Wing 1996–04 NYI, Pit
Aubrey Webster Right Wing 1930–31, 34–35 Phi, MtlM
Don Webster Left Wing 1943–44 Tor
John "Chick" Webster Centre 1949–50 NYR
Tom Webster Right Wing 1968–71, 79–80 Bos, Det, Cal Also played in WHA; Also head coach
Kevin Weekes Goaltender 1997– Fla, Van, NYI, TB, Car, NYR
Steve Weeks Goaltender 1980–93 NYR, Har, Van, NYI, LA, Ott
Doug Weight Centre 1990– NYR, Edm, Stl, Car
Ralph "Cooney" Weiland Centre 1928–39 Bos, Ott, Det Hockey Hall of Famer - inducted 1971; Also head coach
Mattias Weinhandl Right Wing 2002– NYI, Min
Eric Weinrich Defence 1988– NJ, Har, Chi, Mtl, Bos, Phi, Stl, Van
Stan Weir Centre 1972–83 Cal, Tor, Edm, Col, Det Also played in World Hockey Association
Wally Weir Defence 1979–85 Que, Har, Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Stephen Weiss Centre 2001– Florida Panthers
Noah Welch Defence 2005– Pit
Duke Wellington Right Wing 1919–20 Que
Chris Wells Centre 1995–00 Pit , Fla
Jay Wells Defence 1979–97 LA, Phi, Buf, NYR, Stl, TB
Kyle Wellwood Centre 2003– Tor VAN
John Wensink Left Wing 1973–74, 76–83 Stl, Bos, Que, Col, NJ
Marvin "Cyclone" Wentworth Defense 1927–40 Chi, MtlM, Mtl
Brad Werenka Defence 1992–94, 95–96, 97–01 Edm, Que, Chi, Pit, Cgy
Brian Wesenberg Right Wing 1998–99 Phi
Blake Wesley Defence 1979–85 Phi, Har, Que, Tor
Glen Wesley Defence 1987– Bos, Har, Car, Tor
Duvie Westcott Defence 2001– Clb
Ed Westfall Right Wing 1961–79 Bos, NYI
Tommy Westlund Right Wing 1999–03 Car
Erik Westrum Centre 2003– Pho, Min
Carl Wetzel Goaltender 1964–65, 67–68 Det, Min Also played in World Hockey Association
Ken Wharram Centre 1951–52, 53–54, 55–56, 58–69 Chi
Len Wharton Defence 1944–45 NYR
Simon Wheeldon Centre 1987–89, 90–91 NYR, Wpg
Don Wheldon Defence 1974–75 Stl
Bill Whelton Defence 1980–81 Wpg
Rob Whistle Defence 1985–86, 87–88 NYR, Stl
Bill White Defence 1967–76 LA, Chi Also head coach
Brian White Defence 1998–99 Col
Colin White Defence 1999– NJ
Ian White Defence 2005– Tor
Leonard "Moe" White Left Wing 1945–46 Mtl
Peter White Centre 1993–04 Edm, Tor, Phi
Sherman White Centre 1946–47, 49–50 NYR
Todd White Centre 1997– Chi, Phi, Ott, Min
Tony White Forward 1974–78, 79–80 Was, Min
Wilfred "Tex" White Forward 1925–31 Pit, NYA, Phi

Whitelaw-Doug WilsonEdit

Player Position Played Teams Notes
Bob Whitelaw Defense 1940–42 Det
Trent Whitfield Centre 1999– Was, Stl
Bob Whitlock Left Wing 1969–70 Min Also played in World Hockey Association
Kay Whitmore Goaltender 1988–95, 2000–02 Har, Van, Bos, Cgy
Ray Whitney Left Wing 1991– SJ, Edm, Fla, Clb, Det, Car
Ryan Whitney Defense 2005– Pittsburgh Penguins
Sean Whyte Right Wing 1991–93 LA
Doug Wickenheiser Forward 1981–90 Mtl, Stl, Van, NYR, Was
Dennis Wideman Defense 2005– Stl
Juha Widing Centre 1969–77 NYR, LA, Cle Also played in World Hockey Association
Jason Widmer Defense 1994–97 NYI, SJ
Art Wiebe Defense 1932–44 Chi
Jason Wiemer Centre 1994– TB, Cgy, Fla, NYI, Min, NJ
Jim Wiemer Defense 1982–86, 87–94 Buf, NYR, Edm, LA, Bos
Archie Wilcox Defense 1929–35 MtlM, Bos, Stl
Barry Wilcox Forward 1972–73, 74–75 Van
Archie Wilder Left Wing 1940–41 Det
Jim Wiley Centre 1972–74, 75–77 Pit, Van Also head coach
Bob Wilkie Defense 1990–91, 93–94 Det, Phi
David Wilkie Defense 1994–99, 2000–01 Mtl, TB, NYR
Barry Wilkins Defense 1966–67, 68–76 Bos, Van, Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Derek Wilkinson Goaltender 1995–99 TB
John Wilkinson Defence 1943–44 Bos
Neil Wilkinson Defense 1989–99 Min, SJ, Chi, Wpg, Pit
Brian Wilks Forward 1984–87, 88–89 LA
Rod Willard Forward 1982–83 Tor
Burr Williams Defense 1933–35, 36–37 Det, Stl, Bos
Darryl Williams Left Wing 1992–93 LA
Dave "Tiger" Williams Forward 1974–88 Tor, Van, Det, LA, Har
David Williams Defense 1991–95 SJ, Ana
Fred Williams Center 1976–77 Det
Gordie Williams Forward 1981–83 Phi
Jason Williams Centre 2001– Det
Jeremy Williams Centre 2005– Tor
Justin Williams Right Wing 2001– Phi, Car
Sean Williams Centre 1991–92 Chi
Tom Williams Forward 1961–72, 74–76 Bos, Min, Cal, Was Also played in World Hockey Association
Tom Williams Left Wing 1971–79 NYR, LA
Warren "Butch" Williams Right Wing 1973–76 Stl, Cal Also played in World Hockey Association
Jordan Willis Goaltender 1995–96 Dal
Shane Willis Forward 1998–04 Car, TB
Brian Willsie Right Wing 1999– Col, Was
Don Willson Centre 1937–39 Mtl
Clarke Wilm Centre 1998– Cgy, Nas, Tor
Behn Wilson Defense 1978–88 Phi, Chi
Bert Wilson Left Wing 1973–81 NYR, Stl, LA, Cgy
Bob Wilson Defense 1953–54 Chi
Carey Wilson Centre 1983–93 Cgy, Har, NYR
Carol "Cully" Wilson Right Wing 1919–23, 26–27 Tor, Mtl, Ham, Chi Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Doug Wilson Defense 1977–93 Chi, SJ

Dunc Wilson-WottonEdit

Player Position Played Teams Notes
Dunc Wilson Goaltender 1969–79 Phi, Van, Tor, NYR, Pit
Gord Wilson Left Wing 1954–55 Bos
Hub Wilson Left Wing 1931–32 NYA
Jerry Wilson Center 1956–57 Mtl
Johnny Wilson Left Wing 1949–62 Det, Chi, Tor, NYR Also head coach
Landon Wilson Right Wing 1995–04 Col, Bos, Pho, Pit
Larry Wilson Centre 1949–50, 51–56 Det, Chi
Mike Wilson Defense 1995–03 Buf, Fla, Pit, NYR
Mitch Wilson Right Wing 1984–85, 86–87 NJ, Pit
Murray Wilson Forward 1972–79 Mtl, LA
Rick Wilson Defense 1973–77 Mtl, Stl, Det Also head coach
Rik Wilson Defense 1981–86, 87–88 Stl, Cgy, Chi
Roger Wilson Defense 1974–75 Chi
Ron Wilson Centre 1979–88, 89–94 Wpg, Stl, Mtl
Ron Wilson Defense 1977–80, 84–88 Tor, Min Also head coach
Ross "Lefty" Wilson Goaltender 1953–54, 55–56, 57–58 Det, Tor, Bos
Wally Wilson Right Wing 1947–48 Bos
Brad Winchester Centre 2005– Edm
Murray Wing Defense 1973–74 Det
Hal Winkler Goaltender 1926–28 NYR, Bos Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Chris Winnes Right Wing 1990–94 Bos, Phi
Brian Wiseman Centre 1996–97 Tor
Chad Wiseman Right Wing 2002– SJ, NYR
Eddie Wiseman Right Wing 1932–42 Det, NYA, Bos
James Wisniewski Defense 2005– Chi
Jim Wiste Centre 1968–71 Chi, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Johan Witehall Right Wing 1998–01 NYR, Mtl
Jim Witherspoon Defense 1975–76 LA
Steve Witiuk Left Wing 1951–52 Chi
Brendan Witt Defense 1995– Was, Nas
Steve Wochy Right Wing 1944–45, 46–47 Det
Benny Woit Defense 1950–57 Det, Chi
Craig Wolanin Defense 1985–98 NJ, Que, Col, TB, Tor
Bennett Wolf Defense 1980–83 Pit
Bernie Wolfe Goaltender 1975–79 Was
Wojtek Wolski Left Wing 2005– Col
Mike Wong Centre 1975–76 Det
Bob Wood Defence 1950–51 NYR
Dody Wood Left Wing 1992–93, 94–98 SJ
Randy Wood Left Wing 1986–97 NYI, Buf, Tor, Dal
Dan Woodley Centre 1987–88 Van
Alex Woods Goaltender 1936–37 NYA
Paul Woods Forward 1977–84 Det
Jason Woolley Defense 1991– Was, Fla, Pit, Buf, Det
Peter Worrell Left Wing 1997–04 Fla, Col
Lorne "Gump" Worsley Goaltender 1952–53, 54–74 NYR, Mtl, Min Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1980
Roy Worters Goaltender 1925–37 Pit, NYA, Mtl Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1969
Chris Worthy Goaltender 1968–71 Cal Also played in World Hockey Association
Kevin Wortman Defense 1993–94 Cgy
Mark Wotton Defense 1994–95, 96–98 Van


Player Position Played Teams Notes
Bob Woytowich Defense 1964–72 Bos, Min, Pit, LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Jeff Woywitka Defense 2005– Stl
Andy Wozniewski Defense 2005– Tor
Ken Wregget Goaltender 1983–00 Tor, Phi, Pit, Cgy, Det
Bob Wren Centre 1997–98, 2000–02 Ana, Tor
Jamie Wright Left Wing 1997–03 Dal, Cgy, Phi
John Wright Center 1972–75 Van, Stl, KC
Keith Wright Right Wing 1967–68 Phi
Larry Wright Centre 1971–76, 77–78 Phi, Cal, Det
Tyler Wright Centre 1992– Edm, Pit, Clb, Ana
Ralph "Bus" Wycherley Forward 1940–42 NYA
Bill Wylie Centre 1950–51 NYR
Duane Wylie Centre 1974–75, 76–77 Chi
Randy Wyrozub Centre 1970–74 Buf Also played in World Hockey Association

Team namesEdit

National Hockey League team abbreviations

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