This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "V".


Player Position Played Teams Notes
Ossi Vaananen Defence 2000– Pho, Col
Nicholas Vachon Left Wing 1996–97 NYI
Rogatien Vachon Goaltender 1966–82 Mtl, LA, Det, Bos Also head coach
Carol Vadnais Defence 1967–83 Mtl, Cal, Bos, NYR, NJ
Lubomir Vaic Centre 1997–98, 99–00 Van
Eric Vail Forward 1973–82 Atl, Cgy, Det
Melville "Sparky" Vail Defence 1928–30 NYR
Rick Vaive Right Wing 1979–92 Van, Tor, Chi, Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Chris Valentine Forward 1981–84 Was
Rob Valicevic Right Wing 1998–04 Nas, LA, Ana, Dal
Jack Valiquette Centre 1974–81 Tor, Col
Stephen Valiquette Goaltender 1999–00, 03–04, 06–07 NYI, Edm, NYR
Garry Valk Left Wing 1990–03 Van, Ana, Pit, Tor, Chi
Lindsay Vallis Right Wing 1993–94 Mtl
Shaun Van Allen Centre 1990–91, 92–04 Edm, Ana, Ott, Dal, Mtl
John Van Boxmeer Defence 1973–84 Mtl, Col, Buf, Que
Wayne Van Dorp Left Wing 1986–92 Edm, Pit, Chi, Que
David Van Drunen Defence 1999–00 Ott
Darren Van Impe Defence 1994–03 Ana, Bos, NYR, Fla, Clb
Ed Van Impe Defence 1966–77 Chi, Phi, Pit
Mike Van Ryn Defence 2000– Stl, Fla
John Vanbiesbrouck Goaltender 1983–02 NYR, Fla, Phi, NYI, NJ
Ryan VandenBussche Right Wing 1996– NYR, Chi, Pit
Jim Vandermeer Defence 2002– Phi, Chi
Thomas Vanek Forward 2005– Buf
Vaclav Varada Left Wing 1995– Buf, Ott
Petri Varis Left Wing 1997–98 Chi
Sergei Varlamov Left Wing 1997–98, 99–00, 01–03 Cgy, Stl
Jarkko Varvio Right Wing 1993–95 Dal
Josef Vasicek Centre 2000– Car
Alex Vasilevsky Right Wing 1995–97 Stl
Alexei Vasiliev Defence 1999–00 NYR
Herbert Vasiljevs Centre 1998–02 Fla, Atl, Van
Andrei Vasilyev Left Wing 1994–97, 98–99 NYI, Pho
Dennis Vaske Defence 1990–99 NYI, Bos
Elmer Vasko Defence 1956–70 Chi, Min
Rick Vasko  ??? 1977–78, 79–81 Det
Yvon Vautour Forward 1979–85 Col, NJ, Que
Greg Vaydik Forward 1976–77 Chi
Stephane Veilleux Left Wing 2002– Min
Mike Veisor Goaltender 1973–75, 76–84 Chi, Har, Wpg
Darren Veitch Defence 1980–89, 90–91 Was, Det, Tor
Randy Velischek Defence 1982–92 Min, NJ, Que
Mike Vellucci Defence 1987–88 Har
Vic Venasky Centre 1972–79 LA
Gary Veneruzzo Left Wing 1967–68, 71–72 Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Pat Verbeek Right Wing 1982–02 NJ, Har, NYR, Dal, Det
Antoine Vermette Centre 2003- Ott, Clb
Mark Vermette Right Wing 1988–92 Que


Player Position Played Teams Notes
Kris Vernarsky Centre 2002–04 Bos
Mike Vernon Goaltender 1982–2002 Cgy, Det, SJ, Fla
Claude Verret Centre 1983–85 Buf
Leigh Verstraete Forward 1982–83, 84–85, 87–88 Tor
Dennis Ververgaert Forward 1973–81 Van, Phi, Was
Jim Vesey Centre 1988–90, 91–92 Stl, Bos
Sid Veysey Centre 1977–78 Van
Georges Vezina Goaltender 1917–22, 25–26 Mtl Also played in National Hockey Association; Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1945
Dennis Vial Defence 1990–98 NYR, Det, Ott
Steve Vickers Left Wing 1972–82 NYR
J.P. Vigier Right Wing 2001– Atl
Alain Vigneault Defence 1981–83 Stl Also head coach
Vesa Viitakoski Left Wing 1993–95 Cgy
Claude Vilgrain Right Wing 1987–88, 89–90, 91–94 Van, NJ, Phi
Gilles Villemure Goaltender 1963–64, 67–77 NYR, Chi
Dan Vincelette Left Wing 1986–92 Chi, Que
Pete Vipond Left Wing 1972–73 Cal
Hannu Virta Defence 1981–86 Buf
Tony Virta Right Wing 2001–02 Min
Terry Virtue Defence 1998–00 Bos, NYR
Mark Visheau Defence 1993–94, 98–99 Wpg, LA
Vitali Vishnevsky Defence 1999– Ana
Lubomir Visnovsky Defence 2000– LA
Harijs Vitolinsh Centre 1993–94 Wpg
Emanuel Viveiros Defence 1985–88 Min
Tomas Vlasak Left Wing 2000–01 LA\
Ed Vokes Left Wing 1930–31 Chi
Tomas Vokoun Goaltender 1996–97, 98– Mtl, Nas
Mickey Volcan Defence 1981–84 Har, Cgy
Anton Volchenkov Defence 2002– Ott
Alexandre Volchkov Right Wing 1999–00 Was
David Volek Left Wing 1988–94 NYI
Doug Volmar Right Wing 1969–73 Det, LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Reto Von Arx Left Wing 2000–01 Chi
Phil Von Stefenelli Defence 1995–97 Bos, Ott
Jan Vopat Defence 1995–00 LA, Nas
Roman Vopat Centre 1995–00 Stl, LA, Chi, Phi
Pavel Vorobiev Right Wing 2003– Chi
Vladimir Vorobiev Right Wing 1996–99 NYR, Edm
Carl Voss Centre 1926–27, 28–29, 32–38 Tor, NYR, Det, Ott, Stl, NYA, MtlM, Chi
Radim Vrbata Right Wing 2002– Col, Car, Chi
Vladimir Vujtek Right Wing 1991–94, 97–98, 99–00 Mtl, Edm, TB, Atl
Mick Vukota Right Wing 1987–98 NYI, TB, Mtl
Igor Vyazmikin Left Wing 1990–91 Edm
David Vyborny Right Wing 2000– Clb
Sergei Vyshedkevich Defence 1999–01 Atl

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