Morris Titanic (b. January 7th 1953 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a retired professional hockey left winger.

12th pick overall in the 1973 NHL Amateur Draft by the Buffalo Sabres (and 17th overall by the Quebec Nordiques in the 1973 WHA Amateur Draft), the explosive forward had just finished in 1972-73 a solid season of 31 goals and 28 assists in only 63 games with the American Hockey League Cincinnati Swords when he was selected in the draft. On draft day, Titanic was working in a gas station and was totally unaware that the Sabres had picked him until a co-worker, who was listening to the radio, heard of it and told him. The Sabres had high hopes about the skilled player, and the following season, he joined the National Hockey League.

Titanic, a man of Eastern European descent whose name has nothing to do with the famous ship, however failed to make the impact in the big league he was hoped to make, especially since the previous three first round draft picks of the Sabres, Gilbert Perreault, Richard Martin and Jim Schoenfeld, had enjoyed excellent careers, making pressure heavier on Titanic's shoulders. He found himself unable to score a single point in the NHL in 19 games spread over two seasons and he failed to secure himself a spot on the team's lineup, which had a fair amount of depth. He returned to the minor leagues, and ended his career in 1980, at the age of 27, victim of a serious knee injury. He took on some coaching with the Buffalo Junior Sabres, coaching players like Bob Beers and Todd Krygier.

Titanic has a younger brother, Paul, who played in the minor leagues. He now resides in the Buffalo area, where he works in the printing business.

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