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The Montreal Axion were a National Women's Hockey League team located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Axion represented Quebec at the 2005 Esso Women's Nationals.[1] They were previously known as Bonaventure Wingstar (1998-99) and Montreal Wingstar (1999-2003).

Brampton Thunder controversy

  • February 11, 2007: In a game against the Brampton Thunder, the game ended in controversy. The Montreal Axion had a 2-1 lead in the third period. Jesse Scanzano scored two goals with assists going to Annie Derossiers, Cathy Chartrand and Melissa Roy. Brampton tied the game and Jesse Scanzanao missed an open net to put the game away. The teams ended up going to overtime. Annie Derossiers took a penalty at the 3:21 mark in overtime. The game would be settled in a shootout. Annie Derossiers left the penalty box prior to the shootout commencing and took the first shot for the Axion. This violated NWHL rules, as league rules state that any player serving a penalty at the end of overtime is to remain in the penalty box and would be unavailable for the shootout. The coaching staff and players of the Thunder protested as Montreal would win the game in the shootout. [2]
  • The second game of the series against Brampton would also violate the policy, rules and protocol that were set by the NWHL. The Thunder were leading 5 – 2 when the game ended due to curfew with 2:04 remaining in the contest. [3] The game was forced to end as the Axion did not book enough ice time. Public skating had to take place and the game was not in accordance with league rules (which state that a minimum of three hours ice time is required).

Notable players

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  • Yanick Evola

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