Mohawk 4 Ice Centre is a recreation complex found in Mohawk Sports Park on Mountain Brow Boulevard near Mohawk Road East in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1]

At over 136,000 square feet, The Mohawk 4 Ice Centre includes 4 NHL sized ice pads, a total of twenty-four change rooms, a large multi-purpose room, sports retail outlet, offices, administration and food and beverage facilities on both floors. A conservative estimate of attendance in a single season of use for The Mohawk 4 Ice Centre is over 1,500,000 attendees. It is also the home of the Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association,[2] Hamilton Junior Bulldogs[3] and the Civic Employees Hockey League.[4] It is also the home of NRHL - (Nustadia Recreational Hockey League

A number of workshops are held there and these include; Pro Hockey Life Academy,[5] and a number of power skating programs, Velenosi Powerskating,[6] and Kelly Reed Hockey[7] A number of Hamilton area NHL and pro hockey players use the facility for off-season training.


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