The Minnesota High School Boys Hockey program is a high school ice hockey program in the State of Minnesota. Based on tournament attendance, ice hockey is the most popular high school sport in the state. 156 high schools (approximately 256 schools and over 6,500 participants in total due to cooperative team arrangements) field sanctioned varsity teams competing in the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). These teams are divided into two classes, AA and A. Each class is also divided into eight sections.

History Edit

2009 MN Boys Hockey State Championship

2009 Boys AA Championship game at the Xcel Energy Center

High school hockey players throughout Minnesota participate in a maximum of 25 contests, excluding the section tournaments and the Minnesota State Boys' High School Hockey Tournament. Teams currently play three 17-minute periods to comprise a game. A lengthened period time was recently adopted by the Minnesota State High School League.

Boys hockey concludes their season with a four day tournament in March that features sixteen teams competing for championships in both classes. From 1945 through 1991 the tournament consisted of a single class, eight team tournament instead of the present day two class (AA and A) tournament. Private schools were not allowed to play in the Tournament until the 1974-75 season. In 1992-93, the tournament was composed of Tier I and II teams. This two-year experiment sent the top teams from each of the eight sections to the Tier I portion of the tournament and the remaining teams conducted a playoff to determine who would be included in the Tier II tournament. In 1994, the dual class system was adopted and teams were placed into a class structure based on school enrollments. Attendance has been strong throughout the years with 22 tournaments eclipsing the 100,000+ barrier and in 2004 a record setting total of 120,114 (both classes). In the 2006 State Tournament, the average attendance per game in the championship brackets was 18,000 people. The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is currently the largest state sports tournament in the United States in terms of viewing and attendance, beating both the Texas and Florida's State High School Football Tournament and the Indiana State High School Basketball Tournament.

Neal Broten, Herb Brooks, Phil Housley, Reed Larson, Tom Preissing, Doug Zmolek, John Mayasich, Craig Norwich, Mike Antonovich, Henry Boucha, Steve Janaszak, Brian Lee, John Pohl, Dave Spehar, Chris Locker Mark Parrish, TJ Oshie, and Blake Wheeler are among the many notable players that participated in Minnesota high school hockey.

Since 1994, the MSHSL's process to determine section assignments for boys' hockey is based on school enrollments and activity classifications. The basic premise is to place the largest 64 schools into Class AA and the remaining high schools in Class A. Both Classes are then divided into 8 Sections each. Teams are placed into their section assignments with geographic location as a primary consideration. High schools initially placed in Class A have the option to play at the Class AA level.

Beginning with the 2007 state tournament, the top four teams in each class will be seeded. Coaches of the participating schools will vote to determine the seeded teams the Sunday before the state tournament. The four teams are then bracketed so that if the seeded teams advance, the top seed will play the fourth seed while the second and third seeds will play each other. The quarterfinal opponents of the seeded teams will be determined by a blind draw.

Historical timeline Edit

  • 1905 – Saint Paul Academy fields what is believed to be the oldest varsity team in the state[1]
  • 1930s – High school hockey played at approximately 25 schools in Minnesota.
  • 1945 – First MSHSL Boys State High School Hockey Tournament (the first of its kind in the United States) held at St. Paul Auditorium.
  • 1949–1964 – Prep. School Hockey Tournament (for Private Schools)
  • 1965–1970 – Catholic School Hockey Tournament
  • 1969 – The tournament moves to Met Center in Bloomington, home of the Minnesota North Stars NHL team.
  • 1970–1974 – Independent School Hockey Tournament
  • 1974–Present public schools and private schools can play in the same tournament
  • 1976 – The tournament moves to the St. Paul Civic Center.
  • 1992 – Tier I and Tier II structure adopted; the Target Center in Minneapolis hosted the Tier II tournament.
  • 1994 – Class AA and A structure adopted.
  • 1999 – The tournament moved to the Target Center in Minneapolis.
  • 2001 – The tournament moved to the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, home of the new Minnesota Wild NHL team.
  • 2003 – Period length changed from 15 to 17 minutes.
  • 2007 – Coaches seed top four teams in each class.[2]
  • 2008 – 19,559 fans attended the 2008 State Boys' Hockey Tournament Class AA semifinals at Xcel Energy Center, March 7, setting a new record for the largest crowd to ever attend a hockey game in the state of Minnesota.[3]
  • 2015 – 21,609 fans attended the 2015 State Boys' Hockey Tournament Class AA semifinals at Xcel Energy Center, March 6, setting a new record for the largest crowd to ever attend a hockey game in the state of Minnesota.[4]
  • 2016 – 22,244 fans attended the 2016 State Boys' Hockey Tournament Class AA semifinals at Xcel Energy Center, March 4, setting a new record for the largest crowd to ever attend a hockey game in the state of Minnesota.[5]

Championship games Edit

Legend for "Championship Games" Tables Below
Indicator Meaning
* Game was decided in an overtime period
** Game was decided in two overtime periods
*** Game was decided in three overtime periods
Record Win-Loss-Tie record entering championship game
Single Class/Tier I/Class AA Championship Games
Year Record Winning Team Score Losing Team Record Third Place Consolation
194511-0 Eveleth4–3Thief River FallsSaint Paul WashingtonWhite Bear Lake
194623-4 Roseau6–0RochesterEvelethSaint Cloud
194734-1 St. Paul Johnson2–1RoseauMinneapolis WestSouth Saint Paul
194815-0 Eveleth8–2WarroadSaint CloudSaint Paul Harding
194913-0 Eveleth4–1WilliamsWarroadMinneapolis Washburn
195022-0 Eveleth4–3WilliamsSaint Paul MurrayInternational Falls
195119-0 Eveleth4–1St. Paul JohnsonThief River FallsSaint Paul Murray
195212-2 Hibbing4–3EvelethMinneapolis SouthwestThief River Falls
195329-2 St. Paul Johnson4–1WarroadEvelethSaint Paul Humboldt
195420-0 Thief River Falls4–1EvelethSaint Paul JohnsonSaint Paul Harding
195526-1-2 St. Paul Johnson3–1Minneapolis SouthwestSouth Saint PaulThief River Falls
195619-1 Thief River Falls3–2International FallsEvelethSaint Paul Johnson
195723-2International Falls 3–1Roseau19–4–1Minneapolis SouthEdina Morningside
195822-4-1Roseau 1–0St. Paul Harding 13–7–2South Saint PaulMinneapolis Roosevelt
195930-0Roseau4–2Minneapolis Washburn 12–6International FallsThief River Falls
196023-3Duluth East 3–1St. Paul Washington 11–4Minneapolis Patrick Henry Minneapolis Roosevelt
196121-3-2Roseau1-0 South Saint Paul 17-2-2 Duluth EastSaint Paul Johnson
196223-2-1International Falls 4–0Roseau 19–2–1South Saint Paul Edina Morningside
196324-2-1St. Paul Johnson 4–3*International Falls 19–0–2Roseau Roseville-Alexander Ramsey
196422-3-1International Falls 7–3St. Paul Johnson 20–0–1Minneapolis Patrick Henry Roseau
196526-0International Falls 7–0Bloomington Lincoln 8–8–4Saint Paul Johnson Roseville-Alexander Ramsey
196626–0International Falls 5–0Roseau 18–3–1South Saint Paul Greenway of Coleraine
196720-4-2Greenway of Coleraine 4–2St. Paul Johnson 21–0Hibbing Roseau
196823-3Greenway of Coleraine 6–1South St. Paul 15–6–1Saint Paul Johnson Roseau
196926–1Edina 5–4*Warroad 18–3South Saint Paul Greenway of Coleraine
197024-0-1Minneapolis Southwest 1–0*Edina 21–0–1Hibbing North Saint Paul
197122–2–3Edina 1–0Roseau 19–3International Falls Hastings
197222–3–1International Falls 3–2Grand Rapids 20–7Minneapolis Southwest Edina
197321–4–2Hibbing 6–3Roseville Alexander Ramsey16–10International Falls Minneapolis Southwest
197423–0Edina East 6–0Bemidji 19–1–3Grand Rapids Hibbing
197523–4Grand Rapids 6–1Minneapolis Southwest 21–5Hill-Murray Duluth East
197622-5 Grand Rapids4–3RichfieldHill-Murray Bloomington Kennedy
197725–2Rochester John Marshall 4–2Edina East 24–1Grand Rapids Hill-Murray
197825–1Edina East 5–4**Grand Rapids 19–3–2Roseau Hill-Murray
197922–4Edina East 4–3*Rochester John Marshall 21–4–1Roseau Grand Rapids
198021–5Grand Rapids 2–1Hill–Murray 27–0Bloomington Jefferson Irondale
198117–8–1Bloomington Jefferson 3–2Irondale 20–6South Saint Paul Grand Rapids
198222–4Edina 6–0White Bear Mariner22–4–1Hibbing Cloquet
198328–0Hill–Murray 4–3Burnsville 20–5–1Henry Sibley Edina
198421–4–1Edina 4–2Bloomington–Kennedy 16–8–1Hibbing Roseau
198524–1–1Burnsville 4–3Hill–Murray 21–4–1Anoka Hibbing
198620–5–1Burnsville 4–1Hill–Murray 24–2Duluth Denfeld Bemidji
198725–1Bloomington Kennedy 4–1Burnsville 19–6Greenway of Coleraine South Saint Paul
198821–5–1Edina 5–3Hill–Murray 22–5Bloomington Jefferson Duluth Denfeld
198925–3Bloomington Jefferson 5–4*Rochester John Marshall 23–4–1Duluth Denfeld Edina
199026–2Roseau 3–1Grand Rapids 26–1Minnetonka White Bear Lake
199123–6Hill–Murray 5–3Duluth East 22–6Burnsville Richfield
199225–2–2Bloomington Jefferson 6–3Moorhead 24–3Blaine Apple Valley
199328–0Bloomington Jefferson 4–0Hill–Murray 23–3Moorhead Cloquet/Esko/Carlton
199428-0Bloomington Jefferson 3–1Moorhead 25–2Duluth East White Bear Lake
199525–3Duluth East 5–3Moorhead 24–3Edina Bloomington Jefferson
199627–1Apple Valley 3–2Edina 18–7–2Duluth East Alexandria
199725–3Edina 1–0Duluth East 26–0–1Moorhead Anoka
199825–3Duluth East 3–1Anoka 22–3–2Bloomington Jefferson Hastings
199927–1Roseau 4–0Hastings23–4Elk River Area Blaine
200021–5–2Blaine 6–0Duluth East 23–4Hastings Roseau
200129–1–1Elk River Area 8–1Moorhead 22–6–1Greenway of Coleraine Eastview
200226–4–1Academy of Holy Angels 4–2Hill–Murray 23–5–2Roseville/Saint Anthony Village Elk River Area
200325–4–1Anoka 3–1Roseville 25–3–2Academy of Holy Angels White Bear Lake Area
200430–1Centennial 1–0Moorhead 26–2Duluth East Academy of Holy Angels
200526-3-1Academy of Holy Angels 6–4Moorhead 25–2–2Duluth East White Bear Lake
200627–4Cretin–Derham Hall 7–0Grand Rapids 21–8Blaine Minnetonka
200728–2Roseau 5–1Grand Rapids 19–7–4Rochester Century Edina
200827–3–1Hill–Murray 3–0Edina 28–2Benile-Saint Margaret's Woodbury
200928–3Eden Prairie 3–0Moorhead 17–9–3Blaine Edina
201022–6–2Edina 4–2Minnetonka 27–1–2Hill-Murray Duluth East
201123–5–2Eden Prairie 3–2***Duluth East 24–5Eagan Lakeville North
201225–6Benilde–St. Margaret's 5–1Hill–Murray 24–6Lakeville South Duluth East
201327–6Edina 4–2Hill–Murray 27–2–1Duluth East Moorhead
201425–4–1Edina 8–2Lakeville North 20–4–1Eagan Roseau
201531–0Lakeville North4–1Duluth East16–10–4Edina Saint Thomas Academy
2016 22–8–1Wayzata5–3Eden Prairie18–8–2Grand Rapids Bemidji
2017 23–7–1Grand Rapids6–3Moorhead19–4–3Eden Prairie Saint Thomas Academy
2018 24-2-2 Minnetonka 5-2 Duluth East 22-2-3 Edina Saint Thomas Academy
Single Class/Tier II/Class A Championship Games
Year Record Winning Team Score Losing Team Record Third Place Consolation
199216–12Greenway of Coleraine 6–1Rosemount 6–20–1Orono Minneapolis Roosevelt
199314–14Eveleth 3–2*Lake Of The Woods 19–7Henry Sibley Orono
199424–4Warroad 5–3Hibbing 20–7Mahtomedi Minneapolis Edison
199520–7–1International Falls 3–2Totino-Grace 26–1Warroad Hutchinson
199624–4Warroad 10–3Red Wing 24–3Breck School Simley
199728–0Red Wing 4–3Warroad 23–4Procter Breck School
199822–6Eveleth 4–2Hermantown 22–4–1Red Wing East Grand Forks
199926–2Benilde–St. Margaret's 4–2East Grand Forks 16–10–2Fergus Falls Saint Thomas Academy
200024–3–1Breck 3–2Warroad 21–5–2International Falls Farmington
200122–9Benilde–St. Margaret's 2–1Rochester Lourdes 24–5Hermantown East Grand Forks
200227–2–1Totino-Grace 3–2Red Wing 24–5–1Rochester Lourdes/Plainview East Grand Forks
200328-1-1Warroad 3–1Simley 19–10–1Orono Hibbing
200428–1–2Breck 7–2Orono 26–3–1Hibbing Warroad
200526–0–2Warroad 4–3**Totino-Grace 27–3Duluth Marshall Albert Lea
200624–5–1St. Thomas Academy 4–3Duluth Marshall 27–1–1Hermantown The Blake School
200729-0-1Hermantown 4–1Duluth Marshall 24–4–2Saint Thomas Academy Orono
200826–5St. Thomas Academy 5–1Duluth Marshall 25–5Warroad Little Falls
200927–3–1Breck 7–3Warroad 28–2Little Falls Rochester Lourdes
201028–2Breck 2–1Hermantown 27–3Warroad Rochester Lourdes
201124–6St. Thomas Academy 5–4*Hermantown 25–3–2Thief River Falls Rochester Lourdes
201226–4St. Thomas Academy 5–1Hermantown 30–0Breck School Little Falls
201327–2–2St. Thomas Academy 5–4Hermantown 25–4–1Breck School Duluth Marshall
201428–2–1East Grand Forks 7–3Hermantown 18–4–2New Prague Totino-Grace
201526-4East Grand Forks 5–4*Hermantown 27–3–1Mahtomedi New Prague
201627–2–1Hermantown5–0Breck23–4–1Thief River Falls Saint Cloud Cathedral
201729–1–1Hermantown 4–3**Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake21–6–1Saint Cloud Cathedral Delano
2018 20-7-1 Orono 2-1 Alexandria 16-10-1 Hermantown Thief River Falls
Minnesota Prep School Tournament(1949-1964)/State Catholic School Tournament (1965-9)/State Independent Tournament (1970-4)
Year Winning Team Score Losing Team Third Place Consolation
1949Cretin5-3Saint Thomas AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1950Cretin7-1The Blake SchoolNot PlayedNot Played
1951Saint Thomas Academy5-3CretinNot PlayedNot Played
1952Cretin6-1Saint Thomas AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1953Cretin7-3Saint Paul AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1954Cretin2-1*Minnehaha AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1955Saint Thomas Academy6-1Breck SchoolNot PlayedNot Played
1956Cretin4-2The Blake SchoolNot PlayedNot Played
1957Cretin5-1Minnehaha AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1958Cretin6-2Saint Thomas AcademyNot PlayedNot Played
1959Cretin3-2*Breck SchoolThe Blake SchoolNot Played
1960Cretin8-3Minnehaha AcademyDe La SalleNot Played
1961Saint Paul Academy2-1CretinMinnehaha AcademyThe Blake School
1962Saint Paul Academy5-1The Blake SchoolMinnehaha AcademyCretin
1963Cretin9-2Saint Paul AcademyThe Blake SchoolNot Played
1964The Blake School4-2HillCretinNot Played
1965Duluth Cathedral3-2*HillNot PlayedNot Played
1966Duluth Cathedral9-0Saint BernardBenildeHill
1967Duluth Cathedral4-2BenildeSaint AgnesSaint Bernard
1968Duluth Cathedral4-3Saint AgnesSaint BernardCretin
1969Duluth Cathedral6-1HillCretinNot Played
1970Hill5-4*Duluth CathedralThe Blake SchoolSaint Thomas Academy
1971The Blake School4-2HillBenildeDuluth Cathedral
1972Hill-Murray3-2Duluth CathedralArchbishop BradyThe Blake School
1973The Blake School5-3CretinHill-MurraySaint Paul Academy and Summit School
1974Saint Paul Academy and Summit School2-1Hill-MurrayThe Blake SchoolDuluth Cathedral

List of state champions Edit

List of Single Class/Tier I/Class AA Champions
Rank School Championships Last
1Edina / Edina East122014
3International Falls61972
4Bloomington Jefferson51994
6Grand Rapids42017
6St. Paul Johnson41963
8Duluth East31998
10Eden Prairie22011
10Holy Angels22005
10Thief River Falls21956
16Apple Valley11996
16Benilde-St. Margaret's12012
16Bloomington Kennedy11987
16Cretin-Derham Hall12006
16Elk River12001
16Lakeville North12015
16Minneapolis Southwest11970
16Rochester John Marshall11977
16 Minnetonka 1 2018
List of Tier II/Class A Champions
Rank School Championships Last
1St. Thomas Academy52013
5Benilde-St. Margaret's22001
5East Grand Forks22015
8International Falls11995
8Red Wing11997
8Totino Grace12002
8 Orono 1 2018
Minnesota Prep School Tournament(1949-1964)/State Catholic School Tournament (1965-9)/State Independent Tournament (1970-4)
Rank School Championships Last
1Cretin 11 1963
2 Duluth Cathedral 5 1969
3 The Blake School 3 1973
3 Saint Paul Academy 3 1974
5 Hill-Murray 2 1972

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