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Featured Article: Georgian Ice Hockey League

A new addition in the world of ice hockey in 2008, the Georgian Ice Hockey League is an amateur league set up in Georgia by Denis Davidov, president of the Georgian Ice Hockey Federation.

The third attempt of the kind to introduce ice hockey in the Caucasian country, the league consists of four teams, Bakurianis Mimino from the village of Bakuriani and Tsetskhlovani Jvarosnebi, Qinulis Raindebi and Rukhi Mglebi, all three based in the capital Tbilissi. Considering the lack of adequate facilities in the capital (the rink being too small), matches held in Tbilissi are played 3-on-3 plus one goaltender, while the games in the bigger rink of Bakuriani are played the standard way. President Davydov hopes to get an International Ice Hockey Federation accreditation and get a Georgian National Team to compete at the international level.

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