The Metropolitan Amateur Hockey League was a hockey league that existed around New York City from 1933-1952. Previously, the Manhattan Amateur Hockey League had operated from 1928-1933.

The Lester Patrick Trophy was usually given to the winner of the MAHL playoffs. At first the playoffs were a two round championship, the first round was a one game playoff, with the second round sometimes a two game total goals series, other times best-of-three.

From 1938 through World War II, the trophy was sometimes presented to the regular season winner in the absence of playoffs. After the war a four team round robin series, with a final, was played. The trophy was given to the league by Lester Patrick, the New York Rangers head coach.


Season Lester Patrick Trophy winner Runner-up
1933-34 Jamaica Red Wings Sands Point Tigers
1934-35 Jamaica Hawks Bayside-Summit Bears
1935-36 Stock Exchange Brokers
& Van Cortlandt Broncos
1936-37 Manhattan Arrows New York Curb Exchange
1937-38 Westchester Rangers  ?
1938-39 Jamaica Hawks ?
1939-40 Sands Point Tigers Jamaica Hawks
1940-41 Exchange Club Brokers ?
1941-42 Boston Olympic Juniors Sands Point Tigers
1942-43 Brooklyn Arma Torpedoes Jamaica Hawks
1943-44 Sands Point Tigers Brooklyn Arma Torpedoes
1944-45 Jamaica Hawks Brooklyn Torpedoes
1945-46 Brooklyn Torpedoes Manhattan Arrows
1946-47 Manhattan Arrows Jamaica Hawks
1947-48 Brooklyn Torpedoes
& Manhattan Arrows
1948-49 Jamaica Hawks Manhattan Arrows
1949-50 Manhattan Arrows Sands Point Tigers
1950-51 Sands Point Tigers (RS) Manhattan Arrows (RS)
1951-52 Jamaica Hawks Sands Point Tigers


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