In 1961, St. Michaels Majors, the Junior A team of St Michaels College, announced that it was folding. The school felt that its students could no longer play the strenous season and do well on their studies.

The Toronto Maple Leafs. their parent team, still wanted the Majors to play. The team was a big draw for parents of young hockey players who wanted their sons to get a high school education as well as good hockey training for a career.

The Leafs therefore pulled their Toronto Marlboros team out of the Ontario Hockey Association Junior A series and set up a Junior A league in and around Toronto. This cut down on the travel that the Majors would have to do and persuaded the school to stay in. The other teams in the league were built around local Junior B teams.

The Majors won the league title in 1961-62 but the school left after the season. They were replaced by the Neil McNeil Maroons from another high school.

The league could not survive. The level of play was much lower than the Ontario Hockey Association's (OHA) league and attendance was lower. In 1963 the Toronto Marlboros and the Oshawa Generals rejoined the OHA and the league folded.

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