2010-11 Mestis season
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2000
No. of teams 12
Country(ies) Flag of Finland Finland
Most recent champion(s) Jokipojat Joensuu (2009-10)
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The Mestis is the second highest ice hockey league of Finland. For a long time the highest level that could be reached via the promotion and relegation system since the SM-liiga adopted the North American format, where leagues keep the same teams years after year, the Mestis was reopened to promotion and relegation with the SM-Liiga for 2008-09.



2010-11 Mestis teams
Team City/Area Arena Capacity Founded
Flag of Finland D Team Jyväskylä Hippos-areena 4,500 1974
Flag of Finland HeKi Heinola Versowood Areena 2,975 1984
Flag of Finland Hokki Kajaani Kajaanin jäähalli 1,600 1968
Flag of Finland Jokipojat Joensuu Mehtimäki Ice Hall 4,800 1953
Flag of Finland Jukurit Mikkeli Kalevankankaan jäähalli 4,487 1970
Flag of Finland Kiekko-Laser Oulu Oulun Energia Areena 6,614 2005
Flag of Finland Kiekko-Vantaa Vantaa Tikkurilan jäähalli 2,004
Flag of Finland LeKi Lempäälä Masku Areena 900
Flag of Finland KooKoo Kouvola Kouvolan jäähalli 6,000
Flag of Finland SaPKo Savonlinna Talvisalon jäähalli 3,175 1929
Flag of Finland Vaasan Sport Vaasa Vaasa Arena 5,000 1962
Flag of Finland TuTo Turku Kupittaan jäähalli 3,000 1929

Past winnersEdit

Mestis winners
Season Winner Runner-up Bronze medal
2000-01 Jukurit TuTo Hermes
2001-02 Jukurit KooKoo KalPa
2002-03 Jukurit Kiekko-Vantaa KooKoo
2003-04 KalPa Jukurit Hermes
2004-05 KalPa Vaasan Sport TuTo
2005-06 Jukurit Vaasan Sport TuTo
2006-07 Hokki Jukurit Vaasan Sport
2007-08 TuTo Hokki Jukurit
2008-09 Vaasan Sport Jokipojat Hokki
2009-10 Jokipojat D Team KooKoo
2010-11 Vaasan Sport Jukurit D Team

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