Men's Division II is not officially recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Men's Division II hockey championship was canceled following the 1998-99 season. Most Division II schools that have men's hockey programs now play up to Division I, although some play down to Division III, where they are ineligible for postseason play.

Many of those Division II teams that still have men's hockey programs are members of the Northeast Ten conference in their other sports. This conference decided to begin sponsoring men's hockey in 2003-04. The NE10 members that play up to Division I are not involved, but the six that play down to Division III now schedule intra-conference games, compete for a regular-season title, and hold a post-season tournament. These teams remain in their Division III conferences as well, meaning each is actually a member of two men's ice hockey conferences. Since the NCAA no longer supports postseason play at the Division II level, this is allowed.

This one conference represents six of the seven teams that compete at the Division II level in men's hockey. (The Minnesota-Crookston Golden Eagles are the seventh.) Division II represents a middle ground between Division I and Division III, allowing athletic scholarships to be granted but maintaining a strong focus on academic performance.

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