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This article is about the junior league that played from 1968 to 1971. For the present Junior A hockey league please see Maritime Hockey League.

Canadian Junior A Outline


This league was set up in 1968 around the Halifax Canadiens. They were an independent junior A team set up by the Montreal Canadiens which enjoyed some success in 1966-67 and 1967-68.

The league did quite well in 1968-69 and looked forward to 1969-70. Two things happened which doomed it. First, the province of New Brunswick withdrew from the Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association which meant that no team from that province could be in this league. Second, the Montreal Canadiens sold the Halifax team after the NHL changed sponsorship rules and then concentrated on getting an American Hockey League team into the city, which eventually led to the formation Nova Scotia Voyageurs, who were previously the Montreal Voyageurs

It survived for two more seasons. In 1969-70 it was eligible for the Memorial Cup. In 1970-71 it played for the Centennial Cup. After that it folded.

Playoff Champions

Maritime Junior Playoffs Champions

  • 1969 Halifax Canadiens (MJHL was only eligible league in region)
  • 1970 Charlottetown Islanders

Eastern Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs

Eastern Canadian Champions

Hewitt-Dudley Memorial Trophy

Centennial Cup

Franchise timeline

  • Halifax Canadiens (1968-1969) renamed Atlantics, when sold by Montreal Canadiens
  • Moncton Beavers (1968-1969) withdraw from league; join New Brunswick Junior Hockey League