Marguerite Norris, on the left.

Marguerite Norris (1927 - May 1994) was the first female executive in NHL history.

Marguerite Norris was the team president of the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL from 1952 - 1955. She was the first female chief executive in the history of the National Hockey League. She was the first woman to have her name engraved on the Stanley Cup (in 1954 and 1955). The team finished first in all three seasons she was at the helm. She became president of the Red Wings after her father James Norris, Sr. died in 1952. She was the sister of James D. Norris and Bruce Norris. Her father and two brothers are all members of the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Norris Trophy awarded to the NHL's Best Defenceman is named after her father. Marguerite resigned as President of the Detroit Red Wings in 1955, and her brother Bruce took over running the team.

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