The Madison Capitols were a Junior "A" team that played in Madison, Wisconsin. They played in the United States Hockey League from 1984 to 1995. From 1991 on they were known as the Wisconsin Capitols.

History Edit

Madison Capitols 84-5

original Madison Logo circa 1984

Start of a Franchise (1984–91) Edit

The Madison Capitols began as a team in 1984, also competing in the USHL at the time, and played for 11 consecutive seasons. During this time, the Capitols played in the Hartmeyer Ice Arena, posting a 207-278-16 record, playing a total of 530 games.

The team was coached by Bob Suter from 1984-1986, posting a 35-48-3-10 record. Following what was a mild start to the Franchise, Scott Owens took over coaching duties in 1986 and started a winning franchise, posting a 136-85-9-10 record through 1991. Owens would then move on to coach the Des Moines Buccaneers and Colorado College, thus ending the age of the Madison Capitols.

Wisconsin Capitols (1991–95) Edit

Wisconsin Capitols

logo circa 1994-95

With the departure of Owens, the Madison Capitols also re-branded themselves as The Wisconsin Capitols in 1991. Hiring Steve Huglen as the head coach for the 1991-1992 campaign, a University of Illinois Defensemen, the Capitols looked to continue their winning ways. Unfortunately, after posting an 11-37-0 season, the writing was on the wall.

The 1992-1993 campaign saw the departure of Huglen, and the addition of Mike Dibble as head coach, who would not last long. The team posted a 2-21-2 record and Dibble was replaced by Rob Andriga mid-season, who would coach the Capitols to a 4-19-1 record, finishing at 6-39-2-1 season record.

In the 1993-1994 season, Duffy was still coaching the Wisconsin Capitols, along with the additions of Don Granato, and Brian Duffy, at the time of writing, individual statistics for each coach throughout the season were not available. The Capitols would post a 9-37-1-3 record this season, second to their worst. The end of the Wisconsin Capitols and USHL hockey in Madison was close to an end.

The final season of the Capitols in Madison in 1995-1996, saw the return of Duffy, who would post a 3-8-0 record as head coach. The replacement coach, Len Semplice would finish the season with a 7-29-1 record, totaling a team season record of 10-37-1. The Wisconsin Capitols would no longer be a USHL team after this season. The team folded in 1995.

Awards Edit

Scott Owens was named the USHL General Manager of the year for the 1986-1987 season and USHL Coach of the year for the 1987-1988 season.

Notable players Edit

Brian Rafalski played for the Madison Capitols during the 1990–1991 season, and would go on to play in the NHL for 11 seasons, winning the Stanley Cup three times with the New Jersey Devils and Detroit Red Wings.

Derek Plante played for the Madison Capitols during the 1989–1990 season. and would go on to play in the NHL for 8 seasons, winning the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999.

Notable draft picks Edit

The Madison Capitols have been host to a few NHL players at some point in their career, listed below are all players that have been drafted into the NHL, and had played at some point with the Capitols.

Year Drafted Player Name Drafted By Round Drafted
1985 Tim Sweeney Calgary Flames 6th round, 122nd overall
1987 Mark Osiecki Calgary Flames 11th round, 240th overall
1987 Roger Rougelot Winnipeg Jets 11th round, 226th overall
1987 Dan Brettschneider Washington Capitals 11th round, 240th overall
1989 Derek Plante Buffalo Sabres 8th round, 161st overall
1989 Joe Frederick Detroit Red Wings 12th round, 242nd overall
1994 Rocky Welsing Anaheim Ducks 7th round, 158th overall

Capitols who played in the NHLEdit

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