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A view of Madison.

Madison is the second-largest city in Wisconsin. It has a population of about 231,000 and a metro area of about 561,000.

It is the home of the University of Wisconsin.



  1. United States Hockey League, 1973-1974) join Continental Hockey League
  2. (Continental Hockey League, (1974-1977)
  1. (USHL, 1984-1991) renamed Wisconsin Capitols
  2. USHL, 2014-Present)
  1. (All-American Hockey League, 2009-2009) folded after 2 weeks of play
  2. (All-American Hockey League, 2010-2010) became Wooster Korn Kings October 27
  1. (Colonial Hockey League, 1995-1997) league renamed United Hockey League
  2. (United Hockey League, 1997-1999) became Knoxville Speed
  1. (Western Collegiate Hockey Association, 1969-2013) joining Big Ten Conference
  2. Big Ten Conference (2013-Charter member)

The United States Hockey League announced on August 5, 2013 that Madison was awarded an expansion team for the 2014-15 season


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