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Downtown Macon.

Macon is a city of about 92,000 people in central Georgia, United States. Its metro area has about 230,000 people.


  1. Atlantic Coast Hockey League (2002-2003) join World Hockey Association 2 when league disolves
  2. World Hockey Association 2 (2003-2004) moved to Southern Professional Hockey League when league disbands
  3. Southern Professional Hockey League (2004-2005) folded
  1. Southern Hockey League  (1973-February 15, 1974) folded due to poor attendance
  2. Southern Hockey League (1996) league folded before play, join Central Hockey League
  3. Central Hockey League (1996-2001) join East Coast Hockey League as Tallahassee Tiger Sharks relocated to Macon
  4. East Coast Hockey League (2001-2002) became Lexington (KY) Men O' War


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