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Lord Stanley of Preston was the Governor-General of Canada, based in the national capital of Ottawa, from 1888-1893.

Stanley Cup

A statue of Lord Stanley stands in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

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Derby's sons became avid ice hockey players in Canada, playing in amateur leagues in Ottawa, and in consequence Lord and Lady Derby became staunch hockey fans. In 1892, Derby gave Canada a treasured national icon — the Stanley Cup. He originally donated the trophy as a challenge cup for Canada's best amateur hockey club but in 1909 it became contested by professional teams exclusively. Since 1926, only teams of the National Hockey League have competed for the trophy. This now famous cup bears Derby's name as tribute to his encouragement and love of outdoor life and sport in Canada. In recognition of this, Derby was inducted into the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame in 1945 in the "Honoured Builders" category. The original size of the Stanley Cup was 7 inches and now is around 36 inches and 35 pounds. Unlike other sport trophies, the Cup is not remade every year.