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The Listowel Arena was an indoor arena located in Listowel, Ontario.

The arena was destroyed in a roof collapse at 920AM on Saturday morning February 28, 1959.  A peewee team was on the ice practicing with parents watching from the stands and an other team in the locker room waiting their turn to take the ice. The roof collapsed with no warning. The collapse killed seven 10 to 12 year old boys and their coach who was also the town's recreation director; six other boys were hospitalized and 11 walked out of the arena. The cause of the collapse was due to heavy snow on the roof and poor construction. A new arena was built on the same location which opened in 1961. A memorial to the dead was dedicated in the newer arena. A stain glass window was also done as a memorial in one of the community's churches.[1]

The dead were recreation director Kenneth McLeod and players Jimmy Hastings, Kenneth Hymers, Ricky Kaufman, Jack Rheubottom, Barry Smith, Bryan Seehaver and Keith Wight.[2]

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