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This is a list of men's national ice hockey teams in the world. There are fewer than 100 national ice hockey teams than for any other sports,[1] with teams representing all UN member states as well as several dependent territories, sub-national entities and states who are not members of the United Nations.

Current national ice hockey teams[]

Map of the world with current members of the IIHF. (Red indicates full members, blue indicates associate members and green indicates affiliate members.)

This section lists the current:

IIHF Full members[]

Teams have participated in the IIHF-sanctioned World Championships and matches between them are recognized as official international matches. Based on their match results over the previous four-year period, the IIHF World Ranking.

The current holders of the 2019 IIHF World Championship are marked by ♠.
The current participants for the 2020 IIHF World Championship Top Division are marked by ♣.
The current medalists of the 2018 Winter Olympics are marked by the appropriate medals.
^ Note 1: Since 2013, Mongolia has only participated in the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia, a regional tournament for lower-tier hockey nations in Asia. When the IIHF enacted new "minimum participation standards", stipulating that the country must have at least one functional, full-sized indoor rink.
^ Note 2: The Russian Olympic Committee was disqualified by the International Olympic Committee for doping, but they were allowed to participate as the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR).

IIHF Associate members[]

Teams did not enter in any IIHF World Championships, but have limited participation in the IIHF World Championships.


1. Asian teams have only participated in the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia as of 2019.[3]
2. Europe and North America have only participated in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.[4]
^  Note 3: Iran was disqualified from the 2017 Asian Winter Games due to a number of Iranian players were deemed ineligible in the regional games.[5]

IIHF Affiliate members[]

Teams have only participated in the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championships.[6]

Former national ice hockey teams[]

These national teams no longer exist through the years.

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