This is an exhaustive list of all hockey leagues worldwide, level junior and above.

North America[edit | edit source]

Major professional[edit | edit source]

Minor professional[edit | edit source]

Semi-Pro[edit | edit source]

Junior[edit | edit source]

Main article: Junior ice hockey

Major junior[edit | edit source]

Note: that the major junior level is considered professional by some authorities, including the NCAA, as its players earn a small stipend.

Junior A[edit | edit source]

Hockey Canada junior A leagues[edit | edit source]
USA Hockey junior leagues[edit | edit source]
Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
United Hockey Union (AAU) junior leagues[edit | edit source]
Independent junior leagues[edit | edit source]

Junior B[edit | edit source]

Hockey Canada junior B leagues[edit | edit source]

(*) Quebec Junior "AA" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "B"

Junior C[edit | edit source]

Hockey Canada junior C leagues[edit | edit source]

(*) Quebec Junior "A" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "C"

Junior D[edit | edit source]

(*) Quebec Junior "B" is roughly equal to Ontario Junior "D"

College[edit | edit source]

U Sports hockey (Canada)[edit | edit source]

NCAA hockey (United States)[edit | edit source]

Note: The Northeast-10 sponsors a championship for its members that play ice hockey, but the NCAA doesn't currently sponsor a national championship at Division II level.

NAIA hockey (United States)[edit | edit source]

Note: there are also independent teams outside of the WHAC.

ACHA hockey (United States and Canada)[edit | edit source]

Note: there are also many independent teams in all three ACHA divisions in addition to the many within the hockey conferences and leagues.

Women's[edit | edit source]

Senior[edit | edit source]

Sanctioned by Hockey Canada or USA Hockey[edit | edit source]

Canada[edit | edit source]
United States[edit | edit source]

Defunct leagues[edit | edit source]

Africa and Middle-East[edit | edit source]

Dubai League (Flag of the United Arab Emirates.gif )
Gaunteng League (Flag of South Africa.gif )
Qatar Ice Hockey League (Flag of Qatar.gif )

Asia[edit | edit source]

Asia League (Flag of China.gif , Flag of Korea.gif , Flag of Japan.gif )

Japan[edit | edit source]

All-Japan Championship (Flag of Japan.gif )
J-Ice North League (Flag of Japan.gif )
J-Ice West League (Flag of Japan.gif )
Chubu University Ice Hockey League (Flag of Japan.gif )
Hokkadio University Ice Hockey League (Flag of Japan.gif )
Kansai University Ice Hockey League (Flag of Japan.gif )
Kanto University Ice Hockey League (Flag of Japan.gif )

Kazakhstan[edit | edit source]

Kazakhstan Championship (Flag of Kazakhstan.png )

Kyrgyzstan[edit | edit source]

Kyrgyzstan Championship (Flag of Kyrgyzstan)

Malaysia[edit | edit source]

Subang Jaya Ice Hockey League (Flag of Malaysia.jpg )

Mongolia[edit | edit source]

Mongolia Hockey League (Flag of Mongolia.gif )

North Korea[edit | edit source]

North Korean Championship (Flag of North Korea)

Singapore[edit | edit source]

Singapore National Ice Hockey League (Flag of Singapore.gif )

South Korea[edit | edit source]

All-Korea Championship (Flag of Korea.gif )
Korean Championship (Flag of Korea.gif )

Taiwan[edit | edit source]

Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League

Thailand[edit | edit source]

Thai World Hockey League (Flag of Thailand)

Europe[edit | edit source]

Armenia[edit | edit source]

Armenian League (Flag of Armenia.gif )

Austria[edit | edit source]

Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (Flag of Austria.jpg , Flag of Slovenia.jpg , Flag of Croatia.gif , Flag of Hungary.jpg , Flag of Czech Republic.jpg )
Österreichische Nationalliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Österreichische Oberliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Eishockey OST (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Kärntner Eishockey (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Wiener Landesliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Wiener Unterliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Eishockey Steiermark (Flag of Austria.jpg )
NÖ Landesliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )
Tiroler Eishockey Eliteliga (Flag of Austria.jpg )

Belarus[edit | edit source]

Belarus Open League (Flag of Belarus.gif )

Belgium[edit | edit source]

Belgian Championship (Flag of Belgium.gif )
Belgian Division I (Flag of Belgium.gif )
Belgian Division II (Flag of Belgium.gif )

Bulgaria[edit | edit source]

Bulgarian National League (Flag of Bulgaria.gif )

Croatia[edit | edit source]

Croatian National League (Flag of Croatia.gif )

Czech Republic[edit | edit source]

Czech Extraliga (Flag of Czech Republic.jpg )
Czech 1.Liga (Flag of Czech Republic.jpg )
Czech 2.Liga (Flag of Czech Republic.jpg

Czechoslovakia[edit | edit source]

Czechoslovak Extraliga (Flag of Czech Republic.jpg )

Denmark[edit | edit source]

Oddset Ligaen (Flag of Denmark.jpg )
Danish Division 1 (Flag of Denmark.jpg )
Danish U20 (Flag of Denmark.jpg )

Estonia[edit | edit source]

Meistriliiga (Flag of Estonia.png )
Esiliiga (Flag of Estonia.png )

Finland[edit | edit source]

SM-Liiga (Flag of Finland.jpg )
Mestis (Flag of Finland.jpg )
Suomi-sarja (Flag of Finland.jpg )
II.Divisioona (Flag of Finland.jpg )
III.Divisioona (Flag of Finland.jpg )

France[edit | edit source]

Ligue Magnus (Flag of France.jpg )
French Division 1 (Flag of France.jpg )
French Division 2 (Flag of France.jpg )
French Division 3 (Flag of France.jpg )

Georgia[edit | edit source]

Georgian Championship (Flag of Georgia (country))

Germany[edit | edit source]

Deutsche Eishockey Liga (Flag of Germany)
2.Bundesliga (Flag of Germany)
Oberliga (Flag of Germany)
Bayernliga (Flag of Germany)
Baden-Württembergliga (Flag of Germany)
Landesliga (Flag of Germany)
Bezirksliga (Flag of Germany)
Hessenliga (Flag of Germany)
Nordrhein-Westfalenliga (Flag of Germany)
Nordliga (Flag of Germany)
Ostliga (Flag of Germany)
Baden-Württemberg Landesliga (Flag of Germany)
Regionalliga (Flag of Germany)

Great Britain[edit | edit source]

Elite Ice Hockey League (Flag of Great Britain.gif )
English Premier Ice Hockey League (Flag of Great Britain.gif )
English National Hockey League (Flag of Great Britain.gif )
Scottish National League (Flag of Great Britain.gif )
Northern League (2005-) (Flag of Great Britain.gif )

Greece[edit | edit source]

Greek Championship (Flag of Greece)

Hungary[edit | edit source]

OB I Bajnokság (Flag of Hungary.jpg )
OB II bajnokság (Flag of Hungary.jpg )
Interliga A (Flag of Hungary.jpg , Flag of Slovenia.jpg , Flag of Croatia.gif )
Interliga B (Flag of Slovenia.jpg , Flag of Croatia.gif )
MOL Liga (Flag of Hungary.jpg , Flag of Romania.gif , Flag of Slovakia.gif )

Iceland[edit | edit source]

Meistaraflokki Karla (Flag of Iceland.gif )

Israel[edit | edit source]

Israeli League (Flag of Israel.gif )

Italy[edit | edit source]

Serie A (Flag of Italy.jpg )
Serie A2 (Flag of Italy.jpg )
Serie C (Flag of Italy.jpg )
Leghe amatoriali altoatesine di hockey su ghiaccio (Flag of Italy.jpg )

Ireland[edit | edit source]

Irish Ice Hockey League (Flag of Ireland.png )
Irish Ice Hockey Association Development Division  (Flag of Ireland.png )

Latvia[edit | edit source]

Premjerlīga (Flag of Latvia.png )

Enthusiast hockey league
Latvian amateur hockey league (Flag of Latvia.png )
Riga Open Championship (Flag of Latvia.png )
Independent Amateur hockey league (Flag of Latvia.png )

Lithuania[edit | edit source]

Lithuanian Championship (Flag of Lithuania.gif )

Netherlands[edit | edit source]

Eredivisie (Flag of Netherlands)
Eerste Divisie (Flag of Netherlands)
Tweede Divisie (Flag of Netherlands)
Derde Divisie (Flag of Netherlands)
Vierde Divisie (Flag of Netherlands)

Norway[edit | edit source]

GET-Ligaen (Flag of Norway.png )
Norwegian 1.Division (Flag of Norway.png )
Norwegian 2.Division (Flag of Norway.png )
Norwegian 3.Division (Flag of Norway.png )
Norwegian 4.Division (Flag of Norway.png )

Poland[edit | edit source]

Polska Liga Hokejowa (Flag of Poland)
Polish 1. Liga (Flag of Poland)

Romania[edit | edit source]

Liga Naţională de Hochei (Flag of Romania.gif )
Borsodi Liga (Flag of Romania.gif )
MOL Liga

Russia[edit | edit source]

Continental Hockey League (Flag of Russia.gif , Flag of Slovakia.gif , Flag of Belarus.gif , Flag of Ukraine.gif , Flag of Latvia.png , Flag of Kazakhstan.png , Flag of Czech Republic.jpg )
Vysshaya Liga (Flag of Russia.gif , Flag of Belarus.gif , Flag of Kazakhstan.png )
Pervaya Liga (Flag of Russia.gif )
Vtoraya Liga (Flag of Russia.gif )
Minor Hockey League (Flag of Russia.gif )

Serbia[edit | edit source]

Serbian League (Flag of Serbia.gif )

Slovakia[edit | edit source]

Slovak Extraliga (Flag of Slovakia.gif )
Slovak 1.Liga (Flag of Slovakia.gif )
Slovak 2.Liga(Flag of Slovakia.gif )
Slovak U20 Extraliga(Flag of Slovakia.gif )
Slovak U18 Extraliga(Flag of Slovakia.gif )
Slovak Women's 1.Liga(Flag of Slovakia.gif )

Slovenia[edit | edit source]

Slovenian League (Flag of Slovenia.jpg )
Mariborska Hokejska Liga (Flag of Slovenia.jpg )

Spain[edit | edit source]

Superliga Española de Hockey Hielo (Flag of Spain.gif )

Sweden[edit | edit source]

Elitserien (Flag of Sweden.gif )
Allsvenskan (Flag of Sweden.gif )
Swedish Division 1 (Flag of Sweden.gif )
J20 Superelit (Flag of Sweden.gif )
J18 Elit (Flag of Sweden.gif )
Swedish Division 2 (Flag of Sweden.gif )
Swedish Division 3 (Flag of Sweden.gif )
Swedish Division 4 (Flag of Sweden.gif )

Switzerland[edit | edit source]

National League A (Flag of Switzerland.png )
National League B (Flag of Switzerland.png )
Swiss 1.Liga (Flag of Switzerland.png )
Swiss 2.Liga (Flag of Switzerland.png )
Swiss 3.Liga (Flag of Switzerland.png )
Swiss 4.Liga (Flag of Switzerland.png )
Swiss Elite Junior League (Flag of Switzerland.png )

Turkey[edit | edit source]

Turkish Ice Hockey League (Flag of Turkey.gif )
Turkish Ice Hockey League Division 1 (Flag of Turkey.gif )

Ukraine[edit | edit source]

Vyscha Liha (Flag of Ukraine.gif )
Ukrainian Hockey League (Flag of Ukraine.gif )

Yugoslavia[edit | edit source]

Yugoslav Ice Hockey League

U.S.S.R.[edit | edit source]

Soviet League (Flag of the U.S.S.R..png )

Oceania[edit | edit source]

Australian Ice Hockey League (Flag of Australia.jpg )
New Zealand National Ice Hockey League (Flag of New Zealand.gif )

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