This is a list of teams that once played in the National Hockey League but no longer exist. This includes franchises which have relocated to different cities. The years of operation only reflect the time in which that team was in the NHL; it does not take into account any time in which the franchise operated in another league (such as the World Hockey Association).

Defunct teams before the Original Six Era

Team Seasons Relocated to
Montreal Wanderers 1917-1918 disband after arena fire during 1917-18 NHL season
Ottawa Senators
(original era)
1917-1934 become St. Louis Eagles
Quebec Bulldogs 1919-1920 become Hamilton Tigers
Hamilton Tigers 1920-1925 form nucleus of New York Americans
Montreal Maroons 1924-1938 suspend operations; franchise formally cancelled in 1947
New York Americans 1925-1942 suspend operations; franchise formally cancelled in 1946
Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-1930

become Philadelphia Quakers

Philadelphia Quakers 1930-1931 suspend operations; franchise formally cancelled in 1936
St. Louis Eagles 1934-1935 League purchased team and dispersed players through draft

Relocated teams after 1967 expansion

Team Seasons Relocated to
California Golden Seals 1967-1976 Cleveland Barons
Kansas City Scouts 1974-1976 Colorado Rockies
Cleveland Barons 1976-1978

merged with Minnesota North Stars; would later end merger to form San Jose Sharks

Atlanta Flames 1972-1980 Calgary Flames
Colorado Rockies 1976-1982 New Jersey Devils
Minnesota North Stars 1967-1993 Dallas Stars
Quebec Nordiques 1979-1995 Colorado Avalanche
Winnipeg Jets 1979-1996 Phoenix Coyotes
Hartford Whalers 1979-1997 Carolina Hurricanes
Atlanta Thrashers 1999-2011 Winnipeg Jets
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