University Cup

The University Cup is given to the champion men's university hockey team in Canadian Interuniversity Sport, now called U Sports. This is a list of the University Cup playoffs.

List of University Cups and ChampionsEdit

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Year Location Champion Score Runner Up Format notes
1963 Kingston McMaster Marlins 3-2 UBC Thunderbirds 4 teams, sudden-death, winners of WIAA QOAA OSLC AIAA
1964 Kingston Alberta Golden Bears 9-1 SGW Georgians
1965 Winnipeg Manitoba Bisons 9-2 St. Dunstan's Saints 4 teams, sudden-death, winners of WIAA OIAA OSLC AIAA
1966 Sudbury Toronto Varsity Blues 8-1 Alberta Golden Bears 5 teams, sudden-death, winners of WIAA OIAA QOAA OSLC AIAA
1967 Calgary Toronto Varsity Blues 16-2 Laurentian Voyageurs
1968 Montreal Alberta Golden Bears 5-4 Loyola Warriors
1969 Edmonton Toronto Varsity Blues 4-2 SGW Georgians
1970 Charlottetown Toronto Varsity Blues 3-2 Saint Mary's Huskies
1971 Sudbury Toronto Varsity Blues 5-4 Saint Mary's Huskies
1972 Sherbrooke Toronto Varsity Blues 5-0 Saint Mary's Huskies 4 teams, sudden-death, winners of WIAA OUAA QUAA AUAA
1973 Toronto Toronto Varsity Blues 3-2 Saint Mary's Huskies 5 teams, winners of CWUAA GPAC OUAA QUAA AUAA, one QF and two SF best-of-3 series, sudden-death final
1974 Toronto Waterloo Warriors 6-5 SGW Georgians
1975 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 Toronto Varsity Blues
1976 Toronto Toronto Varsity Blues 7-2 Guelph Gryphons 10 teams, 8 in regionals, 2 had byes, final 4 bizarre rules tournament
1977 Edmonton Toronto Varsity Blues 4-1 Alberta Golden Bears 6 teams, 4 in regionals, 2 had byes, final 4 tournament
1978 Moncton Alberta Golden Bears 6-5 Toronto Varsity Blues 6 teams, 2 pools, 5 conference winners and host/wild-card
1979 Montreal Alberta Golden Bears 5-1 Dalhousie Tigers
1980 Regina Alberta Golden Bears 7-3 Regina Cougars
1981 Calgary Moncton Aigles Bleus 4-2 Saskatchewan Huskies
1982 Moncton Moncton Aigles Bleus 3-2 Saskatchewan Huskies
1983 Moncton Saskatchewan Huskies 6-2 Concordia Stingers
1984 Trois-Rivières Toronto Varsity Blues 9-1 Concordia Stingers 6 teams, 4 in regionals, 2 had byes, final 4 tournament
1985 Toronto York Yeomen 3-2 Alberta Golden Bears
1986 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 UQTR Patriotes
1987 Edmonton UQTR Patriotes 6-3 Saskatchewan Huskies reverted back to 6 teams, 2 pools, final year of QUAA
1988 Toronto York Yeomen 5-3 Western Ontario Mustangs 4 teams sudden-death, CWUAA, AUAA, and 2 from OUAA
1989 Toronto York Yeomen 5-2 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks
1990 Toronto Moncton Aigles Bleus 2-1 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks
1991 Toronto UQTR Patriotes 7-2 Alberta Golden Bears
1992 Toronto Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 Acadia Axemen
1993 Toronto Acadia Axemen 12-1 Toronto Varsity Blues
1994 Toronto Lethbridge Pronghorns 5-2 Guelph Gryphons
1995 Toronto Moncton Aigles Bleus 5-1 Guelph Gryphons
1996 Toronto Acadia Axemen 3-2 Waterloo Warriors
1997 Toronto Guelph Gryphons 4-3 UNB Varsity Reds
1998 Saskatoon UNB Varsity Reds 6-3 Acadia Axemen 6 teams, 2 pools, added berths for host and rotating wild-card
1999 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 6-2 Moncton Aigles Bleus
2000 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 5-4 UNB Varsity Reds
2001 Waterloo UQTR Patriotes 5-4 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2002 Waterloo Western Ontario Mustangs 4-3 UQTR Patriotes
2003 Fredericton UQTR Patriotes 3-0 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2004 Fredericton St. Francis Xavier X-Men 3-2 (2ot) UNB Varsity Reds
2005 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 4-3 (ot) Saskatchewan Huskies
2006 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 3-2 Lakehead Thunderwolves
2007 Moncton UNB Varsity Reds 3-2 (ot) Moncton Aigles Bleus
2008 Moncton Alberta Golden Bears 3-2 UNB Varsity Reds
2009 Thunder Bay UNB Varsity Reds 4-2 Western Ontario Mustangs
2010 Thunder Bay Saint Mary's Huskies 3-2 (ot) Alberta Golden Bears
2011 Fredericton UNB Varsity Reds 4-0 McGill Redmen
2012 Fredericton McGill Redmen 4–3 (ot) Western Ontario Mustangs
2013 Saskatoon UNB Varsity Reds 2-0 Saint Mary's Huskies
2014 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 3-1 Saskatchewan Huskies final season of 6 teams, 2 pools format
2015 Halifax Alberta Golden Bears 6-3 UNB Varsity Reds first season of 8 teams knockout format
2016 Halifax UNB Varsity Reds 3-1 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2017 Fredericton UNB Varsity Reds 5-3 Saskatchewan Huskies
2018 Fredericton Alberta Golden Bears 4-2 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2019 Lethbridge UNB Varsity Reds 4-2 Alberta Golden Bears
2020 Halifax - - - Event cancelled during quarterfinals due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021 Charlottetown

Inter-Conference Records From 2000 To 2019Edit

Conference v AUS v CWUAA v OUA Total  %
AUS - 24-12 27-16 51-28.646
CWUAA 12-24 - 26-11 38-35.521
OUA 16-27 11-26 - 27-53.338

Allan Cup YearsEdit

Canadian university teams formerly competed for the Allan Cup against senior teams. The Cup was won by Queen's University in 1909 and St. Michael's College in 1910 (both during the "challenge" period) and then by the University of Toronto in 1921 and by the University of Manitoba in 1928 through "normal" channels. That U of M team then won the IIHF World Championship in 1931. The links include the years in which university teams reached the Allan Cup final.


Competition University Opponent Outcome
1909 Allan Cup Queen's Golden Gaels Ottawa Cliffsides won challenge 5-4
1910 Allan Cup St. Michael's College Sherbrooke won challenge 8-3
1920 Allan Cup Toronto Varsity Blues Winnipeg Falcons lost 11-5 on aggregate
1921 Allan Cup Toronto Varsity Blues Brandon Wheat Cities won 8-3 on aggregate
1923 Allan Cup Saskatchewan Huskies Toronto Granites lost 11-2 on aggregate
1925 Allan Cup Toronto Varsity Blues Port Arthur Bearcats lost 7-2 on aggregate
1926 Allan Cup Toronto Varsity Blues Port Arthur Bearcats lost series 2-1-1
1928 Allan Cup Manitoba Bisons Montreal Victorias won series 2-1
1931 Worlds Manitoba Grads round-robin 5-0-1 won gold

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