This is a list of ice hockey players who have played only one game in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1917–18 to the present.


      Active during the 2008–09 season

Nat Nationality

Pos Position C Centre RW Right Wing LW Left Wing D Defenceman

G Goals
A Assists
P Points
PIM Penalty minutes

Min Minutes played GA Goals allowed


Name Nationality Pos Team Season G A P PIM Dec Min GA
Abbott, GeorgeGeorge Abbott Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins1943–19440000Loss607
Abel, GerryGerry Abel Flag of the United StatesLWDetroit Red Wings1966–19670000
Aiken, JohnJohn Aiken Flag of the United StatesGMontreal Canadiens1957–19580000Loss346
Anderson, BillBill Anderson Flag of CanadaDBoston Bruins1942–19430000
Andrascik, SteveSteve Andrascik Flag of CanadaRWNew York Rangers1971–19720000
Andrijevski, AlexanderAlexander Andrijevski Flag of BelarusRWChicago Blackhawks1992–19930000
Anholt, DarrellDarrell Anholt Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1983–19840000
Armstrong, BillBill Armstrong Flag of CanadaLWPhiladelphia Flyers1990–19910110
Baranka, IvanIvan Baranka Flag of SlovakiaDNew York Rangers2007–20080110
Barbe, AndyAndy Barbe Flag of CanadaRWToronto Maple Leafs1950–19510002
Barnes, BlairBlair Barnes Flag of CanadaRWLos Angeles Kings1982–19830000
Beckford-Tseu, ChrisChris Beckford-Tseu Flag of CanadaGSt. Louis Blues2007–20080000None271
Bell, HarryHarry Bell Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1946–19470110
Bennett, MaxMax Bennett Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1935–19360000
Binette, AndreAndre Binette Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1954–19550000Win604
Bittner, DickDick Bittner Flag of the United StatesGBoston Bruins1949–19500000Tie603
Blaine, GarryGarry Blaine Flag of CanadaWMontreal Canadiens1954–19550000
Blair, ChuckChuck Blair Flag of Great BritainRWToronto Maple Leafs1948–19490000
Block, KenKen Block Flag of CanadaDVancouver Canucks1970–19710000
Bois, DannyDanny Bois Flag of CanadaRWOttawa Senators2006–20070007
Bouchard, DickDick Bouchard Flag of CanadaRWNew York Rangers1954–19550000
Bouvrette, LionelLionel Bouvrette Flag of CanadaGNew York Rangers1942–19430000Loss606
Boyko, DarrenDarren Boyko Flag of CanadaCWinnipeg Jets1988–19890000
Bradley, BartonBarton Bradley Flag of CanadaCBoston Bruins1949–19500000
Brochu, StephaneStephane Brochu Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1988–19890000
Broderick, LenLen Broderick Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1957–19580000Win602
Brown, CamCam Brown Flag of CanadaLWVancouver Canucks1990–19910007
Brown, KenKen Brown Flag of CanadaGChicago Black Hawks1970–19710000None181
Buchanan, MikeMike Buchanan Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1951–19520000
Byers, GordGord Byers Flag of CanadaDBoston Bruins1949–19500110
Caley, DonDon Caley Flag of CanadaGSt. Louis Blues1967–19680000None303
Campbell, DarcyDarcy Campbell Flag of CanadaDColumbus Blue Jackets2006–20070000
Cardin, ClaudeClaude Cardin Flag of CanadaLWSt. Louis Blues1967–19680000
Centomo, SebastienSebastien Centomo Flag of CanadaGToronto Maple Leafs2001–20020000None403
Chalmers, WilliamWilliam Chalmers Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers1953–19540000
Chartier, DaveDave Chartier Flag of CanadaCWinnipeg Jets1980–19810000
Chernoff, MikeMike Chernoff Flag of CanadaLWMinnesota North Stars1968–19690000
Cherry, DonDon Cherry Flag of CanadaDBoston Bruins1954–19550000
Chisholm, ColinColin Chisholm Flag of CanadaDBuffalo Sabres1986–19870000
Chouinard, MathieuMathieu Chouinard Flag of CanadaGLos Angeles Kings2003–20040000None20
Cierny, JozefJozef Cierny Flag of SlovakiaLWEdmonton Oilers1993–19940000
Clark, DeanDean Clark Flag of CanadaLWEdmonton Oilers1983–19840000
Colley, TomTom Colley Flag of CanadaCMinnesota North Stars1974–19750002
Collings, NormanNorman Collings Flag of CanadaFMontreal Canadiens1934–19350110
Colvin, LesLes Colvin Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins1948–19490000Loss604
Cormier, RogerRoger Cormier Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1925–19260000
Coulter, TomTom Coulter Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1933–19340000
Cowley, WayneWayne Cowley Flag of CanadaGEdmonton Oilers1993–19940000Loss573
Crozier, GregGreg Crozier Flag of CanadaLWPittsburgh Penguins2000–20010000
Cunningham, JimJim Cunningham Flag of the United StatesLWPhiladelphia Flyers1977–19780004
Currie, HughHugh Currie Flag of CanadaDMontreal Canadiens1950–19510000
Cyr, ClaudeClaude Cyr Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1958–19590000None201
D'Alessio, CorrieCorrie D'Alessio Flag of CanadaGHartford Whalers1992–19930000None110
Damore, NickNick Damore Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins1941–19420000Win603
Davies, KenKen Davies Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers1947–19480000
Davison, MurrayMurray Davison Flag of CanadaDBoston Bruins1965–19660000
Daw, JeffJeff Daw Flag of CanadaCColorado Avalanche2001–20020110
DeCourcy, BobBob DeCourcy Flag of CanadaGNew York Rangers1947–19480000Loss296
Delisle, JonathanJonathan Delisle Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1998–19990000
Delmonte, ArmandArmand Delmonte Flag of CanadaRWBoston Bruins1945–19460000
Delory, ValVal Delory Flag of CanadaLWNew York Rangers1948–19490000
Deziel, MichelMichel Deziel Flag of CanadaLWBuffalo Sabres1974–19750000
Dickie, BillBill Dickie Flag of CanadaGChicago Black Hawks1941–19420000Win603
Doherty, FredFred Doherty Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1918–19190000 - - -
Donaldson, GaryGary Donaldson Flag of CanadaWChicago Black Hawks1973–19740000
Draper, BruceBruce Draper Flag of CanadaFToronto Maple Leafs1962–19630000
Duffus, ParrisParris Duffus Flag of the United StatesGPhoenix Coyotes1996–19970000None291
Duggan, KenKen Duggan Flag of CanadaDMinnesota North Stars1987–19880000
Dupuis, BobBob Dupuis Flag of CanadaGEdmonton Oilers1979–19800000Loss604
Dyck, HenryHenry Dyck Flag of CanadaLWNew York Rangers1943–19440000
Eatough, JeffJeff Eatough Flag of CanadaRWBuffalo Sabres1981–19820000
Eklund, BrianBrian Eklund Flag of the United StatesGTampa Bay Lightning2005–20060000Loss583
Fahey, TrevorTrevor Fahey Flag of CanadaLWNew York Rangers1964–19650000
Farrant, WaltWalt Farrant Flag of CanadaRWChicago Black Hawks1943–19440000
Fast, BradBrad Fast Flag of CanadaDCarolina Hurricanes2003–20041010
Fillion, MarcelMarcel Fillion Flag of CanadaRWBoston Bruins1944–19450000
Fiorentino, PeterPeter Fiorentino Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1991–19920000
Fitzgerald, ZackZack Fitzgerald Flag of the United StatesDVancouver Canucks2007–20080000
Forsyth, AlexAlex Forsyth Flag of CanadaFWashington Capitals1976–19770000
Fortier, CharlesCharles Fortier Flag of CanadaMontreal Canadiens1923–19240000
Fraser, JackJack Fraser Flag of CanadaDHamilton Tigers1923–19240000
Fritsch, JamieJamie Fritsch Flag of the United StatesDPhiladelphia Flyers2008–20090000
Garner, RobRob Garner Flag of CanadaCPittsburgh Penguins1982–19830000
Gauthier, PaulPaul Gauthier Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1937–19380000Tie702
Gauthier, SeanSean Gauthier Flag of CanadaGSan Jose Sharks1998–19990000None30
Geale, RobRob Geale Flag of CanadaCPittsburgh Penguins1984–19850002
Goldmann, ErichErich Goldmann Flag of GermanyDOttawa Senators1999–20000000
Gray, HarrisonHarrison Gray Flag of CanadaGDetroit Red Wings1963–19640000Loss405
Gron, StanislavStanislav Gron Flag of SlovakiaLWNew Jersey Devils2000–20010000
Groulx, WayneWayne Groulx Flag of CanadaCQuebec Nordiques1984–19850000
Guay, FrancoisFrancois Guay Flag of CanadaCBuffalo Sabres1989–19900000
Haidy, GordonGordon Haidy Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Red Wings1949–19500000
Harlow, ScottScott Harlow Flag of the United StatesLWSt. Louis Blues1987–19880110
Hauser, AdamAdam Hauser Flag of the United StatesGLos Angeles Kings2005–20060000None516
Hawryliw, NeilNeil Hawryliw Flag of CanadaLWNew York Islanders1981–19820000
Hayek, PeterPeter Hayek Flag of the United StatesDMinnesota North Stars1981–19820000
Hayes, ChrisChris Hayes Flag of CanadaLWBoston Bruins1971–19720000
Hazlett, SteveSteve Hazlett Flag of CanadaLWVancouver Canucks1979–19800000
Head, GalenGalen Head Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Red Wings1967–19680000
Healey, RichRich Healey Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1960–19610002
Heaphy, ShawnShawn Heaphy Flag of CanadaCCalgary Flames1992–19930000
Helenius, RikuRiku Helenius Flag of FinlandGTampa Bay Lightning2008–20090000None70
Herbert, SammySammy Herbert Ottawa Senators1917–19180000
Heroux, YvesYves Heroux Flag of CanadaRWQuebec Nordiques1986–19870000
Herter, JasonJason Herter Flag of CanadaDNew York Islanders1995–19960110
Hickey, GregGreg Hickey Flag of CanadaLWNew York Rangers1977–19780000
Hocking, JustinJustin Hocking Flag of CanadaDLos Angeles Kings1993–19940000
Homenuke, RonRon Homenuke Flag of CanadaFVancouver Canucks1972–19730000
Houle, MartinMartin Houle Flag of CanadaGPhiladelphia Flyers2006–20070000None21
Huard, RolandRoland Huard Flag of CanadaCToronto Maple Leafs1930–19311010
Hunt, JamieJamie Hunt Flag of CanadaDWashington Capitals2006–20070000
Hurlburt, BobBob Hurlburt Flag of CanadaLWVancouver Canucks1974–19750002
Hurley, PaulPaul Hurley Flag of the United StatesDBoston Bruins1968–19690110
Huska, RyanRyan Huska Flag of CanadaCChicago Blackhawks1997–19980000
Irons, RobbieRobbie Irons Flag of CanadaGSt. Louis Blues1968–19690000None30
Jacobs, PaulPaul Jacobs Flag of CanadaDToronto Arenas1918–19190000
Jaks, PauliPauli Jaks Flag of SwitzerlandGLos Angeles Kings1994–19950000None402
Jamieson, JamesJames Jamieson Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1943–19440110
Jarrett, ColeCole Jarrett Flag of CanadaDNew York Islanders2005–20060110
Järventie, MarttiMartti Järventie Flag of FinlandDMontreal Canadiens2001–20020000
Johansen, BillBill Johansen Flag of NorwayCToronto Maple Leafs1949–19500000
Johansson, JonasJonas Johansson Flag of SwedenRWWashington Capitals2005–20060002
Johnson, EarlEarl Johnson Flag of CanadaCDetroit Red Wings1953–19540000
Jokela, MikkoMikko Jokela Flag of FinlandDVancouver Canucks2002–20030000
Joliat, BobbyBobby Joliat Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1924–19250000
Junkin, JoeJoe Junkin Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins1968–19690000None80
Kaese, TrentTrent Kaese Flag of CanadaRWBuffalo Sabres1988–19890000
Keating, MikeMike Keating Flag of CanadaLWNew York Rangers1977–19780000
Keenan, DonDon Keenan Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins1958–19590000Loss604
Keetley, MattMatt Keetley Flag of CanadaGCalgary Flames2007–20080000None90
Kelleher, ChrisChris Kelleher Flag of the United StatesDBoston Bruins2001–20020000
Kemp, StanStan Kemp Flag of CanadaDToronto Maple Leafs1948–19490002
Kiessling, UdoUdo Kiessling Flag of GermanyDMinnesota North Stars1981–19820002
Klimovich, SergeiSergei Klimovich Flag of RussiaCChicago Blackhawks1996–19970002
Klymkiw, JuliusJulius Klymkiw Flag of CanadaGNew York Rangers1958–19590000None192
Knox, PaulPaul Knox Flag of CanadaRWToronto Maple Leafs1954–19550000
Koehler, GregGreg Koehler Flag of CanadaCCarolina Hurricanes2000–20010000
Konstantinov, EvgenyEvgeny Konstantinov Flag of RussiaGTampa Bay Lightning2002–20030002None201
Krahn, BrentBrent Krahn Flag of CanadaGDallas Stars2008–20090000None203
Kuznik, GregGreg Kuznik Flag of CanadaDCarolina Hurricanes2000–20010000
Kwong, LarryLarry Kwong Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers1947–19480000
LaFerriere, RickRick LaFerriere Flag of CanadaGColorado Rockies1981–19820000None201
Lafleur, ReneRene Lafleur Flag of CanadaMontreal Canadiens1924–19250000
Laird, RobRob Laird Flag of CanadaLWMinnesota North Stars1979–19800000
Lajeunesse, SimonSimon Lajeunesse Flag of CanadaGOttawa Senators2001–20020000None240
Larter, TylerTyler Larter Flag of CanadaCWashington Capitals1989–19900000
Latos, JamesJames Latos Flag of CanadaRWNew York Rangers1988–19890000
Lavigne, EricEric Lavigne Flag of CanadaDLos Angeles Kings1994–19950000
LeBlanc, RayRay LeBlanc Flag of the United StatesGChicago Blackhawks1991–19920000Win601
Lee, BobbyBobby Lee Flag of CanadaCMontreal Canadiens1942–19430000
Lehman, ScottScott Lehman Flag of CanadaDAtlanta Thrashers2008–20090000
Lehtonen, MikkoMikko Lehtonen Flag of FinlandRWBoston Bruins2008–20090000
Levasseur, Jean-LouisJean-Louis Levasseur Flag of CanadaGMinnesota North Stars1979–19800000Loss607
Lewis, GrantGrant Lewis Flag of the United StatesDAtlanta Thrashers2008–20090000
Libby, JeffJeff Libby Flag of the United StatesDNew York Islanders1997–19980000
Locke, CoreyCorey Locke Flag of CanadaCMontreal Canadiens2007–20080000
Loustel, RonRon Loustel Flag of CanadaGWinnipeg Jets1980–19810000Loss295
Lovsin, KenKen Lovsin Flag of CanadaDWashington Capitals1990–19910000
Lucas, DaveDave Lucas Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1962–19630000
Lundberg, BrianBrian Lundberg Flag of CanadaDPittsburgh Penguins1982–19830002
MacDonald, BrettBrett MacDonald Flag of CanadaDVancouver Canucks1987–19880000
MacDonald, KevinKevin MacDonald Flag of CanadaDOttawa Senators1993–19940002
MacDougall, KimKim MacDougall Flag of CanadaDMinnesota North Stars1974–19750000
MacEachern, ShaneShane MacEachern Flag of CanadaCSt. Louis Blues1987–19880000
MacKasey, BlairBlair MacKasey Flag of CanadaDToronto Maple Leafs1976–19770002
Mäki, TomiTomi Mäki Flag of FinlandRWCalgary Flames2006–20070000
Mann, KenKen Mann Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Red Wings1975–19760000
Marjamäki, MasiMasi Marjamäki Flag of FinlandLWNew York Islanders2005–20060000
Martin, JackJack Martin Flag of CanadaCToronto Maple Leafs1960–19610000
Mayer, PatPat Mayer Flag of the United StatesDPittsburgh Penguins1987–19880004
McBurney, JimJim McBurney Flag of CanadaLWChicago Black Hawks1952–19530110
McCahill, JohnJohn McCahill Flag of CanadaDColorado Rockies1977–19780000
McCully, BobBob McCully Flag of CanadaRW/DMontreal Canadiens1934–19350000
McCutcheon, DarwinDarwin McCutcheon Flag of CanadaDToronto Maple Leafs1981–19820002
McDill, JeffJeff McDill Flag of CanadaRWChicago Black Hawks1976–19770000
McDonald, BobBob McDonald Flag of CanadaRWNew York Rangers1943–19440000
McFarlane, GordGord McFarlane Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1926–19270000
McGibbon, IrvingIrving McGibbon Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1942–19430002
McGratton, TomTom McGratton Flag of CanadaGDetroit Red Wings1947–19480000None81
McKay, DougDoug McKay Flag of CanadaLWDetroit Red Wings1949–19500000
McKay, RossRoss McKay Flag of CanadaGHartford Whalers1990–19910000None353
McKay, ScottScott McKay Flag of CanadaRWAnaheim Mighty Ducks1993–19940000
McKichan, SteveSteve McKichan Flag of CanadaGVancouver Canucks1990–19910000None202
McMorrow, SeanSean McMorrow Flag of CanadaRWBuffalo Sabres2002–20030000
McNaughton, GeorgeGeorge McNaughton Flag of CanadaRWQuebec Bulldogs1919–19200000
McVicar, RobertRobert McVicar Flag of CanadaGVancouver Canucks2005–20060000None30
Menard, HillaryHillary Menard Flag of CanadaLWChicago Black Hawks1953–19540000
Michaluk, JohnJohn Michaluk Flag of CanadaLWChicago Black Hawks1950–19510000
Michaud, OlivierOlivier Michaud Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens2001–20020000None180
Minard, MikeMike Minard Flag of CanadaGEdmonton Oilers1999–20000000Win603
Mitchell, BillBill Mitchell Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1963–19640000
Mohns, LloydLloyd Mohns Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1943–19440000
Moravec, DavidDavid Moravec Flag of the Czech RepublicRWBuffalo Sabres1999–20000000
Morissette, Jean-GuyJean-Guy Morissette Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1963–19640000Loss364
Mormina, JoeyJoey Mormina Flag of CanadaDCarolina Hurricanes2007–20080000
Morton, DeanDean Morton Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1989–19901012
Mrazek, JeromeJerome Mrazek Flag of CanadaGPhiladelphia Flyers1975–19760000None61
Murphy, BrianBrian Murphy Flag of CanadaCDetroit Red Wings1974–19750000
Murphy, CurtisCurtis Murphy Flag of CanadaDMinnesota Wild2002–20030000
Murphy, HalHal Murphy Flag of CanadaGMontreal Canadiens1952–19530000Win604
Murray, MikeMike Murray Flag of CanadaCPhiladelphia Flyers1987–19880000
<span id="N"/>Nicholson, EddieEddie Nicholson Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1947–19480000
Nikulin, IgorIgor Nikulin Flag of RussiaRWAnaheim Mighty Ducks1996–19970000
<span id="O"/>Olesevich, DannyDanny Olesevich Flag of CanadaGNew York Rangers1961–19620000Tie292
Olsen, DarrylDarryl Olsen Flag of CanadaDCalgary Flames1991–19920000
Ouimet, TedTed Ouimet Flag of CanadaGSt. Louis Blues1968–19690000None602
<span id="P"/>Pageau, PaulPaul Pageau Flag of CanadaGLos Angeles Kings1980–19810000Loss608
Payer, EvaristeEvariste Payer Flag of CanadaC/LWMontreal Canadiens1917–19180000
Peer, BertBert Peer Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Red Wings1939–19400000
Pelletier, RogerRoger Pelletier Flag of CanadaDPhiladelphia Flyers1967–19680000
Pivko, LiborLibor Pivko Flag of the Czech RepublicLWNashville Predators2003–20040000
Pletka, VaclavVaclav Pletka Flag of the Czech RepublicLWPhiladelphia Flyers2001–20020000
Pletsch, CharlesCharles Pletsch Flag of CanadaDHamilton Tigers1920–19210000
Poeta, TonyTony Poeta Flag of CanadaRWChicago Black Hawks1951–19520000
Price, BobBob Price Ottawa Senators1919–19200000
Pusey, ChrisChris Pusey Flag of CanadaGDetroit Red Wings1985–19860000None403
Raduns, NateNate Raduns Flag of the United StatesRWPhiladelphia Flyers2008–20090000
<span id="R"/>Ralph, BradBrad Ralph Flag of CanadaCPhoenix Coyotes2000–20010000
Ram, JamieJamie Ram Flag of CanadaGNew York Rangers1995–19960000None270
Ramholt, TimTim Ramholt Flag of SwitzerlandDCalgary Flames2007–20080000
Rathwell, JakeJake Rathwell Flag of CanadaLWBoston Bruins1974–19750000
Ratushny, DanDan Ratushny Flag of CanadaDVancouver Canucks1992–19930112
Raymond, AlainAlain Raymond Flag of CanadaGWashington Capitals1987–19880000Loss402
Redquest, GregGreg Redquest Flag of CanadaGPittsburgh Penguins1977–19780000None133
Reid, GordonGordon Reid Flag of CanadaDNew York Americans1936–19370002
Ring, BobBob Ring Flag of the United StatesGBoston Bruins1965–19660000None334
Ritson, AlexAlex Ritson Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers1944–19450000
Robinson, MoeMoe Robinson Flag of CanadaDMontreal Canadiens1979–19800000
Robinson, ScottScott Robinson Flag of CanadaRWMinnesota North Stars1989–19900002
Rochefort, DaveDave Rochefort Flag of CanadaCDetroit Red Wings1966–19670000
Rosati, MikeMike Rosati Flag of CanadaGWashington Capitals1998–19990000Win280
Rudkowsky, CodyCody Rudkowsky Flag of CanadaGSt. Louis Blues2002–20030000Win300
Rupp, PatPat Rupp Flag of the United StatesGDetroit Red Wings1963–19640000Loss604
Ryan, PrestinPrestin Ryan Flag of CanadaDVancouver Canucks2005–20060002
<span id="S"/>Sabourin, BobBob Sabourin Flag of CanadaLWToronto Maple Leafs1951–19520002
Salvian, DaveDave Salvian Flag of CanadaLWNew York Islanders1976–19770112
Sceviour, DarinDarin Sceviour Flag of CanadaFChicago Blackhawks1986–19870000
Scott, TravisTravis Scott Flag of CanadaGLos Angeles Kings2000–20010000None253
Sellars, LukeLuke Sellars Flag of CanadaDAtlanta Thrashers2001–20020002
Selmser, SeanSean Selmser Flag of CanadaLWColumbus Blue Jackets2000–20010005
Semchuk, BrandyBrandy Semchuk Flag of CanadaRWLos Angeles Kings1992–19930002
Sharples, WarrenWarren Sharples Flag of CanadaGCalgary Flames1991–19920000Tie654
Sigalet, JonathanJonathan Sigalet Flag of CanadaDBoston Bruins2006–20070004
Sigalet, JordanJordan Sigalet Flag of CanadaGBoston Bruins2005–20060000None10
Skaare, BjornBjorn Skaare Flag of NorwayCDetroit Red Wings1978–19790000
Skilton, RaymieRaymie Skilton Flag of the United StatesDMontreal Wanderers1917–19181010
Skolney, WadeWade Skolney Flag of CanadaDPhiladelphia Flyers2005–20060002
Sloane, DavidDavid Sloane Flag of the United StatesRWPhiladelphia Flyers2008–20090000
Smith, VernVern Smith Flag of CanadaDNew York Islanders1984–19850000
Sobchuk, GeneGene Sobchuk Flag of CanadaLWVancouver Canucks1973–19740000
Soucy, ChristianChristian Soucy Flag of CanadaGChicago Blackhawks1993–19940000None30
Spooner, RedRed Spooner Flag of CanadaGPittsburgh Pirates1929–19300000Loss606
St. Amour, MartinMartin St. Amour Flag of CanadaLWOttawa Senators1992–19930002
Staley, AlanAlan Staley Flag of CanadaFNew York Rangers1948–19490110
Stanfield, JackJack Stanfield Flag of CanadaLWChicago Black Hawks1965–19660000
Stapleton, BrianBrian Stapleton Flag of CanadaRWWashington Capitals1975–19760000
Steele, FrankFrank Steele Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Falcons1930–19310000
Stefanski, BudBud Stefanski Flag of CanadaFNew York Rangers1977–19780000
Stein, PhilPhil Stein Flag of CanadaGToronto Maple Leafs1939–19400000Tien/an/a
Stewart, JimJim Stewart Flag of the United StatesGBoston Bruins1979–19800000Loss205
Sullivan, BarryBarry Sullivan Flag of CanadaRWDetroit Red Wings1947–19480000
Sundin, RonnieRonnie Sundin Flag of SwedenDNew York Rangers1997–19980000
<span id="T"/>Tatchell, SpenceSpence Tatchell Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1942–19430000
Taylor, DanielDaniel Taylor Flag of Great BritainGLos Angeles Kings2007–20080000None202
Teal, AlanAlan Teal Flag of CanadaCBoston Bruins1954–19550000
Teal, VicVic Teal Flag of CanadaCNew York Islanders1973–19740000
Tenute, JoeyJoey Tenute Flag of CanadaCWashington Capitals2005–20060000
Tepper, StephenStephen Tepper Flag of the United StatesRWChicago Blackhawks1992–19930000
Thompson, KennethKenneth Thompson Flag of Great BritainLWMontreal Wanderers1917–19180000
Tomalty, GlennGlenn Tomalty Flag of CanadaLWWinnipeg Jets1979–19800000
Tomlinson, KirkKirk Tomlinson Flag of CanadaLWMinnesota North Stars1987–19880000
Toomey, SeanSean Toomey Flag of the United StatesCMinnesota North Stars1986–19870000
Tredway, BrockBrock Tredway Flag of CanadaWLos Angeles Kings1981–19820000
Turnbull, RandyRandy Turnbull Flag of CanadaDCalgary Flames1981–19820002
Turner, JoeJoe Turner Flag of CanadaGDetroit Red Wings1941–19420000Tie703
<span id="U"/>Ulmer, LayneLayne Ulmer Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers2003–20040000
Underhill, MattMatt Underhill Flag of CanadaGChicago Blackhawks2003–20040000Loss604
<span id="V"/>Vachon, NicholasNicholas Vachon Flag of CanadaLWNew York Islanders1996–19970000
Vallis, LindsayLindsay Vallis Flag of CanadaRWMontreal Canadiens1993–19940000
Van Drunen, DavidDavid Van Drunen Flag of CanadaDOttawa Senators1999–20000000
Varis, PetriPetri Varis Flag of FinlandLWChicago Blackhawks1997–19980000
Vasiliev, AlexeiAlexei Vasiliev Flag of RussiaDNew York Rangers1999–20000002
Vauclair, JulienJulien Vauclair Flag of SwitzerlandDOttawa Senators2003–20040002
Veysey, SidSid Veysey Flag of CanadaCVancouver Canucks1977–19780002
<span id="W"/>Waddell, DonDon Waddell Flag of the United StatesDLos Angeles Kings1980–19810000
Watt, JimJim Watt Flag of the United StatesGSt. Louis Blues1973–19740000None202
Weiman, TylerTyler Weiman Flag of CanadaGColorado Avalanche2007–20080000None160
Wellington, AlexanderAlexander Wellington Flag of CanadaRWQuebec Bulldogs1919–19200000
Wesenberg, BrianBrian Wesenberg Flag of CanadaRWPhiladelphia Flyers1998–19990005
Wharton, LenLen Wharton Flag of CanadaDNew York Rangers1944–19450000
Whitlock, BobBob Whitlock Flag of CanadaLWMinnesota North Stars1969–19700000
Willard, RodRod Willard Flag of CanadaFToronto Maple Leafs1982–19830000
Willis, JordanJordan Willis Flag of CanadaGDallas Stars1995–19960000Loss191
Wilson, BobBob Wilson Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1953–19540000
Wing, MurrayMurray Wing Flag of CanadaDDetroit Red Wings1973–19740110
Wood, BobBob Wood Flag of CanadaRWNew York Rangers1950–19510000
Woods, AlexAlex Woods Flag of Great BritainGNew York Americans1936–19370000Loss703
Wright, KeithKeith Wright Flag of CanadaRWPhiladelphia Flyers1967–19680000
Wylie, BillBill Wylie Flag of CanadaCNew York Rangers1950–19510000
<span id="Y"/>Yablonski, JeremyJeremy Yablonski Flag of CanadaRWSt. Louis Blues2003–20040005
Young, B.J.B.J. Young Flag of the United StatesRWDetroit Red Wings1999–20000000
<span id="Z"/>Zoborosky, MartinMartin Zoborosky Flag of CanadaDChicago Black Hawks1944–19450002


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