This is a complete list of players who played for the Montreal Maroons in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Montreal Maroons while the team was a member of the NHL from 1924 until 1938. Founded in 1924 as an expansion team along with the Boston Bruins, 88 different players, 8 goaltenders and 80 skaters, played with the Maroons. The Maroons won the Stanley Cup twice, in 1926 and 1935, while eleven players have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The "Seasons" column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 1924–25 season would be listed as playing with the team from 1924–25, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.


      Stanley Cup winner

Nat Nationality
GP Games played
SC Stanley Cup winner
HHOF Hockey Hall of Fame inductee

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T Ties

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenceman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes


Nat Seasons Regular Season Playoffs Notes
Benedict, ClintFlag of Canada 1924–1930204808525391.9519105480.94SC1926
HHOF — 1965
Beveridge, BillFlag of Canada 1935–193810138491442.45523002.00
Chabot, LorneFlag of Canada 1935–19361683522.08303003.84
Connell, AlexFlag of Canada 1934–1935
HHOF — 1958
Cox, AbbieFlag of Canada 1929–1930110002.00
Kerr, DaveFlag of Canada 1930–1931
Smith, NormieFlag of Canada 1931–193221512402.94
Walsh, JamesFlag of Canada 1926–1928


Nat Pos Seasons Regular Season Playoffs Notes
Ayres, Vern Flag of Canada D1933–19341700019
Bellemer, Andy Flag of Canada D1932–1933160000
Berlinquette, Louis Flag of Canada LW1924–19252942622
Blake, Mickey Flag of Canada LW1932–193310000
Blake, Toe Flag of Canada LW1934–193580000SC1935
HHOF — 1966
Blinco, Russ Flag of Canada C1933–1938220565411022193364SC1935
Calder Trophy1934
Boucher, Georges Flag of Canada D1928–19318237108530002HHOF — 1960
Broadbent, Punch Flag of Canada RW1924–192710836145027520000Captain, 1924–1925
HHOF — 1962
Brophy, Bernie Flag of Canada LW1925–1926100000SC1926
Brown, Fred Flag of Canada LW1927–19289101090000
Brydson, Glen Flag of Canada LW1930–19341462535609390004
Cain, Francis Flag of Canada D1924–19263840427
Cain, Herb Flag of Canada LW1933–1938212536111471192242SC1935
Carroll, George Flag of Canada D1924–192540000
Carson, Frank Flag of Canada RW1925–19287945928110002SC1926
Carson, Gerry Flag of Canada D1936–1937421342850004
Conacher, Lionel Flag of Canada D1930–1933
2603365983312302220Captain, 1936–1937
HHOF — 1994
Cook, Tom Flag of Canada C1937–1938202460
Croghan, Maurice Flag of Canada D1937–1938160004
Dinsmore, Chuck Flag of Canada C1924–1927
Donnelly, Babe Flag of Canada D1926–1927340111410000
Duguid, Lorne Flag of Canada LW1931–19346648124420004
Dutton, Red Flag of Canada D1926–19301721526414391510137HHOF — 1958
Emms, Hap Flag of Canada LW1926–19281601110
Evans, Stewart Flag of Canada D1933–19382162332552591800012Captain, 1937–1938
Frew, Irv Flag of Canada D1933–1934302134140006
Gainor, Dutch Flag of Canada C1934–1935400442
Gallagher, John Flag of Canada D1930–193340044220000
Gracie, Bob Flag of Canada C1934–1938174446611089151564SC1935
Graham, Ted Flag of Canada D1933–19341921310
Haynes, Paul Flag of Canada C1930–193513324315536100114
Hicks, Henry Flag of Canada D1928–19294420227
Holway, Albert Flag of Canada D1925–1927300008SC1926
Horne, George Flag of Canada RW1925–1927150002SC1926
Huggins, Al Flag of Canada LW1930–1931201122
Jenkins, Roger Flag of the United StatesD1936–193710000
Kaminsky, Max Flag of Canada C1936–193760000
Kilrea, Wally Flag of Canada LW1932–1934505712960000
Kitchen, Hobie Flag of Canada C1925–19263052716SC1926
Lamb, Joe Flag of Canada RW1927–1929
Lowrey, Fred Flag of Canada RW1924–1926381018
MacKenzie, Bill Flag of Canada D1933–1935
Marker, Gus Flag of Canada RW1934–193818537438085152246SC1935
McBride, Cliff Flag of Canada RW1928–192910000
McCabe, Stan Flag of Canada LW1932–193490004
McManus, Sammy Flag of Canada RW1934–193525011810000SC1935
McVicar, Jack Flag of Canada D1930–1932882466360002
Miller, Bill Flag of Canada C1934–193630303270000SC1935
Munro, Dunc Flag of Canada D1924–19311912717441561522416Captain, 1925–1928
Munro, Gerry Flag of Canada D1924–19252910122
Noble, Reg Flag of Canada D1924–1927
HHOF — 1962
Northcott, Baldy Flag of Canada LW1928–193840112810523326431851314SC1935
Oatman, Russell Flag of Canada LW1926–19298016824781110118
Parkes, Ernie Flag of Canada RW1924–1925170002
Phillips, Bill Flag of Canada C1926–1927
Phillips, Merlyn Flag of Canada C1925–19332785124752222021313SC1926
Plaxton, Hugh Flag of Canada LW1932–1933151234
Radley, Yip Flag of Canada D1936–19371701113
Robinson, Earl Flag of Canada RW1928–1930
Roche, Des Flag of Canada RW1930–1931
Roche, Earl Flag of Canada LW1930–19334920218
Rothschild, Sam Flag of Canada LW1924–19278286142060000
Runge, Paul Flag of Canada C1936–193871917262750004
Scott, Ganton Flag of Canada RW1924–1925281120
Shannon, Charles Flag of Canada D1936–193750110
Shannon, Gerry Flag of Canada LW1936–1938689101933
Shields, Allan Flag of Canada D1934–1936
Siebert, Babe Flag of Canada LW1925–193228783741576192031438SC1926
HHOF — 1964
Skinner, Alf Flag of Canada RW1924–192591126
Smith, Des Flag of Canada D1937–19384131447
Smith, Hooley Flag of Canada D1927–1936388130151281632Captain, 1932–1936
HHOF — 1972
Starr, Harold Flag of Canada C1931–1932
Stewart, Nels Flag of Canada D1925–1932290185682536472144827Captain, 1928–1932
Hart Trophy1926, 1930
HHOF — 1962
Touhey, Bill Flag of Canada LW1927–1928222022
Trottier, Dave Flag of Canada LW1928–19384351201122325013143739SC1935
Voss, Carl Flag of the United StatesC1936–193824022451010
Ward, Jimmy Flag of Canada LW1927–19384961431242674653544826SC1935
Webster, Aubrey Flag of Canada RW1934–193590116
Wentworth, Marvin Flag of Canada D1932–1938283213859192214592SC1935
Wilcox, Archie Flag of Canada D1929–193418581321156121018
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