This is a complete list of ice hockey players who have played for the Las Vegas Wranglers in the ECHL. It includes players that have played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Las Vegas Wranglers since the franchise was established in 2003. Founded in 2003 as an expansion team, 123 different players have played with the Wranglers. The Wranglers won the Pacific Division and the National Conference, ending as Kelly Cup runner-ups, and reached the playoffs for the fourth time in team history in 2008.

As of November 08, 2008, 16 goaltenders and 107 skaters (forwards and defencemen) have appeared in at least one regular-season and/or playoff game with the Las Vegas Wranglers since the team joined the league in the 2003-04 season. The 123 all-time members of the Wranglers are listed below, with statistics complete through the end of the 2007-08 season.

The "Seasons" column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2004-05 season would be listed as playing with the team from 2004-2005, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.


      Appeared in a Wranglers game during the 2008-09 season

Nat Nationality
GP Games Played

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T Ties SV% Save percentage

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenceman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes


Note: Stats are updated through to the end of the 2007-08 season.

Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Tim Boron Flag of Canada2007-08421002.14.926
Bryan Bridges Flag of Canada2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
John Ceci Flag of Canada2007-08310202.21.911
Sebastien CentomoFlag of Canada2004-05311312422.60.923
John Curry Flag of Canada2007-08641002.81.905
John DeCaro Flag of the United States2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Martin Houle Flag of Canada2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Brent KrahnFlag of Canada2003-04
Kevin Lalande Flag of Canada2007-0827175432.05.9322013732.52.908
Marc MagliarditiFlag of the United States2003-0714683451472.45.920157822.189.28
Daniel Manzato Flag of Switzerland2007-0833225632.39.91821002.48.905
Dave MarlinFlag of the United States2003-04210003.30.867
Mike McKennaFlag of the United States2005-0763466862.17.925104402.71.911
Kevin NastiukFlag of Canada2006-0732168612.54.91543111.68.947
Jason RiveraFlag of the United States2004-05100000.00.000
Dany SabourinFlag of Canada2003-041063102.35.93710102.07.944
Colin ZulianelloFlag of Canada2004-05211002.50.89


Note: Stats are updated through to the end of the 2007-08 season.

Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Chris AbbottFlag of CanadaC2006-0710002
Todd AlexanderFlag of CanadaLW2005-0660161531911342610
Nick AndersonFlag of the United StatesRW2004-0711522375910182026
Morten AskFlag of NorwayC2003-05136814810002
P.J. AthertonFlag of the United StatesD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Jeff AttardFlag of CanadaC2003-0513832558715450224
Blaine BablitzFlag of CanadaC2003-0423561116
Gord BaldwinFlag of CanadaD2007-08120119
Nathan BarrettFlag of CanadaC2007-08742610
Matt BeaudoinFlag of CanadaF2007-0910110
Thomas BellemareFlag of CanadaRW2005-0651639115
Garett BembridgeFlag of CanadaRW2003-04134371220000
Michael BeynonFlag of CanadaD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Kevin BerginFlag of CanadaF2005-06402211
Ryan BonniFlag of CanadaD2006-074642933801012316
Jason BonsignoreFlag of the United StatesC2004-0518481251
Steve BrudzewskiFlag of the United StatesF2007-08120112
Cam BristowFlag of CanadaRW2003-047213243710251010
Gerry BurkeFlag of the United StatesD2007-0816347202125722
Christian ChartierFlag of CanadaD2004-061271555706171454
Ryan ChristieFlag of CanadaLW2003-046016112714243142
Brad ColeFlag of CanadaD2007-081904411
David CousineauFlag of CanadaD2003-04601715328650004
Adam CracknellFlag of CanadaRW2006-0831814223583366
Steve CramptonFlag of CanadaLW2005-071234368111271239122150
Kelly CzuyFlag of CanadaF2006-0839114157850004
Regan DarbyFlag of CanadaD2004-0541123155
Greg DayFlag of CanadaF2003-04672044643651452
Jason DestFlag of the United StatesD2007-09500448291012
Ryan DonallyFlag of CanadaLW2006-08333587930004
Justin DonatiFlag of CanadaC2007-0814011118
Matt DzieduszyckiFlag of CanadaC2004-06763946851331245931
Derek EdwardsonFlag of the United StatesC2005-07122437011389235162120
Deryk EngellandFlag of CanadaD2003-051077273420120000
Chris FerraroFlag of the United StatesC2007-09461239519530116
Peter FerraroFlag of the United StatesRW2007-096836377390208132112Captain, 2007-09
Curtis FraserFlag of CanadaF2007-085381151671826
Joe FrederickFlag of the United StatesRW2004-0520110
Ryan GaucherFlag of CanadaD2004-055413263994
Lee GreenFlag of the United StatesD2005-078941418155100228
Tim HamblyFlag of the United StatesD2004-0639914232793254
Mike HamiltonFlag of CanadaF2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Jaakko HarikkalaFlag of FinlandD2006-07601119
Nathan HorneFlag of the United StatesD2003-052411222
Adam HuxleyFlag of CanadaLW2004-06577815299
Dustin JohnerFlag of CanadaC2004-066024285250
Jim JorgensenFlag of the United StatesD2007-09812310
Jason JozsaFlag of CanadaD2006-0811413375078315121725
Brandon KalenieckiFlag of the United StatesRW2007-09601614305652132
Mike KatzFlag of the United StatesF2005-0620000
Mike KautzFlag of the United StatesD2005-0650002
Joff KehlerFlag of CanadaLW2003-044202450004
Justin KellyFlag of CanadaRW2003-04311211232021010
Chris KenadyFlag of the United StatesRW2003-06782141621581141510
Jimmy KilpatrickFlag of the United StatesF2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Jon KrallFlag of the United StatesD2003-05620775830002
Chris KorchinskiFlag of CanadaC2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Jason KrischukFlag of the United StatesD2006-0812994756134301111224
Matt LalondeFlag of CanadaLW2004-0550112
Dana LatteryFlag of CanadaLW2004-053211142537
Mick LawrenceFlag of CanadaLW2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Lucas LawsonFlag of CanadaLW2006-07336111735
Shawn LimprightFlag of CanadaLW2004-091873992131479329132254
Charles LingletFlag of CanadaLW2005-06165914151254920
Darren LynchFlag of CanadaRW2004-069822204256
Mike MadillFlag of CanadaLW2007-09684101450211676
Steve MarrFlag of CanadaD2005-062313424
Jeff MayFlag of CanadaD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Jason McBainFlag of CanadaD2003-0513719769513750224Captain, 2003-05
Mike McBainFlag of CanadaD2003-082581163742702804432Captain, 2005-07
Matt McKnightFlag of CanadaC2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Arpad MihalyFlag of RomaniaLW2006-07281013231091122
Adam MillerFlag of the United StatesC2007-09935814204121622
Gerard MillerFlag of the United StatesD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Tyler MosienkoFlag of CanadaC2006-0913540711111603113162920
Bruce MulherinFlag of CanadaLW2007-08501520359017371031
Chris NeisznerFlag of CanadaC2005-07
Tom NelsonFlag of the United StatesC2003-04431020304241342
Patrik NilsonFlag of SwedenC2004-053036921
Sean O'ConnorFlag of CanadaRW2005-0749191433751224629
Kevin O'FlahertyFlag of CanadaC2003-04324111524
Sean OwensFlag of CanadaD2007-093959144220002
Adam PardyFlag of CanadaD2005-064111112551021312
Darren PartchFlag of the United StatesF2003-042085136
Marco PelusoFlag of the United StatesLW2004-08154385795234346162241
Aaron PowerFlag of CanadaD2006-08110214061102313141732
Matt SchmidtFlag of CanadaRW2004-05101124
Eric SchneiderFlag of CanadaF2003-04442120413050002
Scott SchoneckFlag of CanadaD2005-0711512566812623191026
Evan SchwabeFlag of CanadaC2005-0610002
Josh ScibaFlag of the United StatesF2007-08226178
Aki SeitsonenFlag of FinlandC2006-08129323668302675126
Jonathon ShockeyFlag of CanadaD2003-04662101218150114
Kayle ShortFlag of CanadaD2003-041705518
Tyler SloanFlag of CanadaD2005-064841620711304427
Jason SpenceFlag of CanadaLW2004-0558981765
Tim SpencerFlag of CanadaLW2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Chris StanleyFlag of CanadaC2004-0612540428290103368
Tyson StrachanFlag of CanadaD2007-0825279681604412
Rejean StringerFlag of CanadaF2004-0519311140
Joe TallariFlag of CanadaF2006-07491615315490116
Bryce ThomaFlag of CanadaD2006-07531564310000
Billy TibbettsFlag of the United StatesRW2004-0513145132
Dan TudinFlag of CanadaLW2004-0613054651191241334713
Bret TylerFlag of the United StatesD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Riku VarjamoFlag of FinlandD2003-046834744500016
J.D. WattFlag of CanadaD2008-09Made Wranglers debut during 2008-09 season
Chris WheatonFlag of CanadaLW2003-04687132021430008
Doug WrightFlag of CanadaC2003-0510927235014040110


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