This is a complete list of players who played for the Kansas City Scouts in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that had played at least one match in the NHL regular season. Fifty different players have played on the Scouts. The Scouts never won the Stanley Cup, or even got into the playoffs, during their time in Kansas City.

This list does not include data from the Colorado Rockies and the New Jersey Devils. The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. Statistics correct as of the time the Scouts moved to Colorado and became the Colorado Rockies, after the end of the 1975–76 NHL season.


Nat Seasons Regular Season Playoffs SC winner
Herron, DenisFlag of Canada 1974–19768615521503.95
McDuffe, PeterFlag of Canada 1974–197536725404.23
McKenzie, BillFlag of Canada 1975–197622116105.20
Oleschuk, BillFlag of Canada 1975–1976101004.00
Plasse, MichelFlag of Canada 1974–197524416304.06



There are no save percentages in this list because save percentage was not an official NHL statistic until 1984.


Nat Pos Seasons Regular Season Playoffs SC winner
Arnason, ChuckFlag of Canada RW1975–19763914102421
Baumgartner, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1974–1975170000
Bergman, GaryFlag of Canada D1975–1976755333882
Boland, MikeFlag of Canada D1974–197510000
Boucha, HenryFlag of the United StatesC1974–197628471114
Buhr, DougFlag of Canada LW1974–197560224
Burdon, GlenFlag of Canada D1974–1975110220
Burns, RobinFlag of Canada LW1974–1976149313364107
Cairns, DonFlag of Canada LW1975–197670000
Charron, GuyFlag of Canada C1974–1976129407311333
Coalter, GaryFlag of Canada C1974–1975302462
Crashley, BartFlag of Canada D1974–19752736910
Croteau, GaryFlag of Canada LW1974–197615627255228
Deadmarsh, ButchFlag of Canada LW1974–19752032519
Dube, NormFlag of Canada LW1974–1976578101854
Dupere, DenisFlag of Canada LW1975–197643681416
Durbano, SteveFlag of Canada D1975–19763711112209
Evans, ChrisFlag of Canada D1974–197520222
Gagnon, GermainFlag of Canada LW1975–19763119106
Gilbert, EdFlag of Canada C1974–197612120305022
Giroux, LarryFlag of Canada D1974–19752106624
Harvey, FredFlag of Canada RW1975–197639512176
Harvey, HughFlag of Canada LW1974–1976181124
Horbul, DougFlag of Canada LW1974–197541012
Houde, ClaudeFlag of Canada D1974–19765936940
Hudson, DaveFlag of Canada C1974–197614420527239
Hughes, BrentFlag of Canada D1974–1975661181943
Johnston, LarryFlag of Canada D1974–19768621719122
Lagace, Jean-GuyFlag of Canada D1974–19768851924130
Lefley, BryanFlag of Canada D1974–1975290336
Lehvonen, JankFlag of Canada D1974–197540000
Lemelin, RogerFlag of Canada D1974–1976190116
Lemieux, RichardFlag of Canada C1974–19768110203064
McDonald, TerryFlag of Canada D1975–197680116
McElmury, JimFlag of the United StatesD1974–19761167233031
Murray, KenFlag of Canada D1974–19763104438
Nolet, SimonFlag of Canada RW1974–197611336478346
Paiement, WilfFlag of Canada RW1974–1976135473582222
Patrick, CraigFlag of the United StatesC1975–19768017183514
Patterson, DennisFlag of Canada D1974–19761356212767
Powis, LynnFlag of Canada C1974–19757311203119
Roberto, PhilFlag of Canada RW1975–1976377152242
Rota, RandyFlag of Canada LW1974–197615127325944
Snell, TedFlag of Canada RW1974–1975293258
Wright, JohnFlag of Canada C1974–197540002


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