A list of the top 30 most attended IIHF World Championships (out of 73 total). The tournament in 2004, in the Czech Republic holds both the record for overall attendance at 552,097, and the record for the most average spectators per game at, 9,858.[1] Not included are the Olympic tournaments, which though they are run as an IIHF tournament, are separate from the World Championships since 1964.

Also, it should be considered that because of a changing pool-size of teams through the years, the number of games contested at the IIHF World Championships can range from 32 in 1979, to 56 in 2009, therefore "attendance per game" is an equally important statistic to measure the success of a given tournament. Only four tournaments have had averages over 9,000 spectators per game, 1986, 1989, 1997, and 2004.

There are 3 countries with 4 of the top 30 most attended tournaments; Sweden, Finland, and Austria, and 3 countries with 3 of the top 30 most attended tournaments; Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, and Germany. There are 13 separate nations who have hosted the championships at least once, and are represented on the top 30.


RankYearHost CountryTotal AttendanceNumber of GamesAttendance Per Game
1. 2004Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic552,097569,858
2. 2010Flag of Germany Germany548,768569,799
3. 1997Flag of Finland Finland504,943529,710
4. 2008Flag of Canada Canada477,040548,834
5. 2003Flag of Finland Finland454,693568,119
6. 2001Flag of Germany Germany407,547567,277
7. 1989Flag of Sweden Sweden388,190409,704
8. 2009Flag of Switzerland Switzerland379,044566,768
9. 1986Flag of the Soviet Union USSR*362,710409,067
10. 2007Flag of Russia Russia330,708565,905
11. 1985Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia*327,146408,178
12. 1995Flag of Sweden Sweden325,571408,139
13. 2006Flag of Latvia Latvia324,794565,799
14. 2005Flag of Austria Austria323,974565,785
15. 2000Flag of Russia Russia318,449565,686
16. 1991Flag of Finland Finland310,627407,765
17. 2002Flag of Sweden Sweden305,541565,456
18. 1978Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia248,920406,223
19. 1992Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia246,173396,312
20. 1979Flag of the Soviet Union USSR*244,819327,650
21. 1990Flag of Switzerland Switzerland236,150405,903
22. 1998Flag of Switzerland Switzerland231,748495,903
23. 1993Flag of Germany Germany224,892415,485
24. 1981Flag of Sweden Sweden221,515326,922
25. 1987Flag of Austria Austria216,125405,403
26. 1983Flag of Germany West Germany211,523405,288
27. 1982Flag of Finland Finland208,910346,144
28. 1996Flag of Austria Austria186,830404,670
29. 1999Flag of Norway Norway180,394493,681
30. 1994Flag of Italy Italy148,620393,810
* = indicates teams who won the championship as hosts

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