This is a complete list of players for the Edmonton Oilers of the World Hockey Association (WHA). It includes players that have played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Edmonton Oilers (or the Alberta Oilers, as they were known in their inaugural season) as a franchise in the World Hockey Association between 1972 and 1979.

A total of 130 skaters and 14 goalies played for the Oilers in the seven seasons between 1972–73 and 1978–79. Of those, 16 also played for the Oilers after they joined the National Hockey League for the 1979–80 NHL season.

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Four ex-Oilers from the WHA era were later elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame: Jacques Plante (1978), Norm Ullman (1982), and Wayne Gretzky (1999) as players, and Glen Sather (1997) in the builder category.


      Also played with the Oilers in the NHL.

All players
Nat Nationality
Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom
Flag of the United States United States
GP Games Played
W Wins
L Losses
T Ties
SO Shutouts
GAA Goals against average
SV% Save percentage
GP Games Played Pos Position
G Goals C Centre
A Assists LW Left Wing
P Points RW Right Wing
PIM Penalty minutes D Defenceman


Name Nat Seasons Regular Season Playoffs
Broderick, KenFlag of Canada.svg1976–1978492023143.77.86531203.40n/a
Brown, KenFlag of Canada.svg1972–1973
Doyle, GaryFlag of Canada.svg1973–1974110004.00.895
Dryden, DaveFlag of Canada.svg1975–19791979487973.42.883186110n/an/a
Kamppuri, HannuFlag of Finland1978–1979201006.67.792
Levasseur, LouisFlag of Canada.svg1976–197721612304.35.86620204.50n/a
McLeod, DonFlag of Canada.svg1977–1978331510123.55.86441314.64n/a
Mio, EddieFlag of Canada.svg1978–197922710013.99.85330004.00n/a
Norris, JackFlag of Canada.svg1972–19741175153433.13.9014030n/an/a
Plante, JacquesFlag of Canada.svg1974–1975401514113.32.890
Turnbull, FrankFlag of Canada.svg1975–1976
Walsh, EdFlag of the United States1978–197922710003.75.836
Wilkie, IanFlag of Canada.svg1973–1974531102.11.93010105.85n/a
Worthy, ChrisFlag of Great Britain1973–1976812739433.97.8854120n/an/a


Top   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N P R S T U V W Z
Name Nat Pos Seasons Regular Season Playoffs
Ahrens, ChrisFlag of Canada.svgD1977–1978400015
Alexander, ClaireFlag of Canada.svgD1978–1979548233116
Anderson, RonFlag of Canada.svgRW1972–1974921917364920000
Antonovich, MikeFlag of Canada.svgC1976–197771120
Arndt, DannyFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–197710000
Bailey, "Ace"Flag of Canada.svgLW1978–1979385492220004
Baird, KenFlag of Canada.svgD1972–197827677921694671052729
Barrie, DougFlag of Canada.svgD1972–1977350371221596201311253
Beaton, FrankFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–1977684913274502221
Benzelock, JimFlag of Canada.svgRW1972–19732611210
Berry, DougFlag of Canada.svgC1978–1979296394
Blanchette, BernieFlag of Canada.svgRW1972–1973235492
Boddy, GreggFlag of Canada.svgD1976–1977461171841412314
Buchanan, RonFlag of Canada.svgC1974–19752269154
Busniuk, RonFlag of Canada.svgC1976–197888420242401002255
Butters, BillFlag of the United StatesD1976–1977702217
Callighen, BrettFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–19791806085145239239132238
Campbell, BryanFlag of Canada.svgC1976–19781191955743053140
Carleton, WayneFlag of Canada.svgC1975–19762651621641122
Carlin, BrianFlag of Canada.svgLW1972–197470132235610000
Carlson, JackFlag of the United StatesLW1975–1976101123140004
Carlson, SteveFlag of the United StatesC1978–197973182240501111212
Carlyle, SteveFlag of Canada.svgD1972–197621811597010960114
Chipperfield, RonFlag of Canada.svgC1977–1979135658915495181011218
Climie, RonFlag of Canada.svgLW1973–197512553631163750000
Colborne, HowieFlag of Canada.svgLW1973–197420000
Connelly, WayneFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–1977381315281850110
Cote, RogerFlag of Canada.svgD1972–197411938118030000
Cross, JimFlag of Canada.svgD1977–197820000
Cunningham, GaryFlag of Canada.svgD1973–197420000
Deadmarsh, ButchFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–19782013432
DeMarco, AbFlag of Canada.svgD1977–19784768142010000
Driscoll, PeterFlag of Canada.svgLW1978–197969172340115131678
Evo, BillFlag of the United StatesLW1975–197680440
Falkenberg, BobFlag of Canada.svgD1972–1974
Ferguson, NormFlag of Canada.svgC1977–197871262147250000
Fisher, JohnFlag of Great BritainC1972–1973400550
Fitchner, BobFlag of Canada.svgC1973–19743112321
Flett, BillFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–19791951038418768155494
Fonteyne, ValFlag of Canada.svgLW1972–1974149164561461010
Fortunato, JoeFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–197710000
George, WesFlag of Canada.svgLW1978–1979300011
Gilmore, TomFlag of Canada.svgRW1973–1975131314273248514515
Goldsworthy, BillFlag of Canada.svgRW1978–19791742614411211
Gretzky, WayneFlag of Canada.svgC1978–197972436110419131010202
Guite, PierreFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–19797213223579511220
Gustafsson, BengtFlag of SwedenRW1978–197921230
Hall, DelFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–197810000
Hamilton, AlFlag of Canada.svgD1972–197945553258311492275111631
Harker, DerekFlag of Canada.svgD1972–197310000
Harrison, JimFlag of Canada.svgC1972–1974113639215519210112
Herriman, DonFlag of Canada.svgLW1974–19753312321
Hicke, BillFlag of Canada.svgRW1972–1973731424382010000
Holland, JerryFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–19782221314
Hornung, LarryFlag of Canada.svgD1976–1977212130
Hughes, JohnFlag of Canada.svgD1978–19794121517821310135
Hunter, DaveFlag of Canada.svgLW1978–197972725321341323542
Hurley, PaulFlag of the United StatesD1975–1976261451440000
Inkpen, DaveFlag of Canada.svgD1977–19781901116
Jarry, PierreFlag of Canada.svgRW1977–19781841014451014
Joyal, EddieFlag of Canada.svgC1972–197623957551122662024
Kassian, DennisFlag of Canada.svgLW1972–19735067131410110
Kennett, MurrayFlag of Canada.svgD1974–1976787182531
Kerslake, DougFlag of Canada.svgRW1974–19762351614
Ketter, KerryFlag of Canada.svgD1975–197648191020
Kirk, GavinFlag of Great BritainC1976–197752828361651014
Krake, SkipFlag of Canada.svgC1975–197641881655
Laframboise, PeteFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–19771705512
Laing, BillFlag of Canada.svgC1974–1976961016269940114
Langevin, DaveFlag of the United StatesD1976–19792161959782602324644
Lloyd, OwenFlag of Canada.svgD1977–197830114
Long, BarryFlag of Canada.svgD1974–1977158307310318440004
Lunde, LenFlag of Canada.svgLW1973–197472262248850110
MacDonald, BlairFlag of Canada.svgRW1973–1976
MacGregor, BruceFlag of Canada.svgC1974–19761353738752340110
MacGregor, GaryFlag of Canada.svgC1977–1978371121329
Mayer, JimFlag of Canada.svgD1978–197920000
McAneeley, BobFlag of Canada.svgLW1972–1974
McAneeley, TedFlag of Canada.svgD1975–197679217197140000
McCrimmon, JimFlag of Canada.svgD1973–19751093811156
McKay, RayFlag of Canada.svgD1974–1975
McKenzie, BrianFlag of Canada.svgC1973–1974781820386650110
McMullen, DaleFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–197810000
Merrell, BarryFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–1977101340
Micheletti, JoeFlag of the United StatesD1977–197912828679514118011116
Miller, WarrenFlag of the United StatesRW1977–19781824618
Morris, BillFlag of Canada.svgC1974–19753648126
Morris, PeterFlag of Canada.svgLW1975–197778713203630117
Morris, RickFlag of Canada.svgLW1975–1978117303363135902210
Muloin, WayneFlag of Canada.svgD1975–197610112010000
Neilson, JimFlag of Canada.svgD1978–19793505518
Nevin, BobFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–1977133250
Patenaude, "Rusty"Flag of Canada.svgRW1972–19773551361122482971117826
Patrick, GlennFlag of the United StatesD1976–1977230446220000
Patterson, DennisFlag of Canada.svgD1976–1977230222
Peacosh, GeneFlag of Canada.svgC1976–19771154914
Perkins, RossFlag of Canada.svgC1972–197522544931379561344
Pinder, GerryFlag of Canada.svgRW1977–197850110
Prentice, BillFlag of Canada.svgD1976–197730002
Primeau, KevinFlag of Canada.svgRW1977–19787011220002
Rogers, JohnFlag of Canada.svgRW1975–197644981734
Rogers, MikeFlag of Canada.svgC1974–1976122476311012
Rota, RandyFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–19789317284520104374
Russell, BobFlag of Canada.svgC1975–19771152024446051010
Sandbeck, CalFlag of the United StatesD1977–19791712341500010
Sather, GlenFlag of Canada.svgLW1976–1977811934537751122
Scharf, TedFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–1977502214
Schraefel, JimFlag of Canada.svgC1973–197434112050330
Semenko, DaveFlag of Canada.svgLW1977–19791421620362981642637
Sheehan, BobbyFlag of the United StatesC1973–1975872042621451340
Sheehy, TimFlag of Canada.svgRW1974–197713857591162542240
Shmyr, PaulFlag of Canada.svgD1977–197916017799621918281034
Siltanen, RistoFlag of FinlandD1978–1979203474110994
Simpson, TomFlag of Canada.svgRW1976–19771532516
Sobchuk, DennisFlag of Canada.svgC1977–197987324072351776138
Spring, DanFlag of Canada.svgC1975–197675121123821120
St. Sauveur, ClaudeFlag of Canada.svgC1976–1977155712251010
Stewart, PaulFlag of the United StatesLW1976–197720002
Tajcnar, RudyFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1978–197920000
Topolnisky, CraigFlag of Canada.svgD1977–1978100224
Troy, JimFlag of the United StatesRW1977–19784720212420000
Ullman, NormFlag of Canada.svgC1975–197714447831304091672
Wall, BobFlag of Canada.svgD1972–19741522260826660332
Walters, RonFlag of Canada.svgC1972–1973782826543711010
Weir, StanFlag of Canada.svgC1978–19796831306120132572
Widing, JuhaFlag of SwedenC1977–197871182442850110
Wilkins, BarryFlag of Canada.svgD1976–197751424287540112
Williams, "Butch"Flag of the United StatesRW1976–1977293101316
Zuk, WayneFlag of Canada.svgC1973–197420000
Zuke, MikeFlag of Canada.svgC1977–1978712334574752350


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