Long-time captain Joe Sakic stands beside Paul Stastny before a game.

The Colorado Avalanche are a professional ice hockey team based in Denver, Colorado, United States. They are members of the Northwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Avalanche arrived in Denver in 1995 after playing since 1972 as the Quebec Nordiques. Since their arrival, over 150 players have played at least one NHL game for the Avalanche.[1] Forty-one of those players have won a Stanley Cup championship with the Avalanche. Six of those players—Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg, Jon Klemm, Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic and Stephane Yelle—were members of both Cup-winning teams in 1996 and 2001.[2] Joe Sakic is the franchise leader in goals, assists and points. He is the only player to have served as the captain of the team in Colorado, though he is the eighth player in franchise history to do so.[3]

Two former players have had their number retired by the Avalanche. Ray Bourque's #77 was retired in 2001,[4] and Patrick Roy's #33 was retired in 2003.[5] Three players have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame: Jari Kurri, Ray Bourque and Patrick Roy.[6] Kurri and Bourque played only the final season of their careers in Colorado, while Roy arrived in the team's first season in Denver, remaining with the Avalanche until his retirement in 2003 as the NHL's all-time wins leader.[7]


     Appeared in an Avalanche game during the 2008–09 NHL season
     Stanley Cup winner, retired jersey or elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Nat Nationality
GP Games played
SC Won Stanley Cup
Ret Jersey number retired
HHOF Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T/OTL Ties and Overtime Losses SV% Save percentage

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenceman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes

This list does not include data from the Quebec Nordiques. The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2000–01 season would be listed as playing with the team from 2000–01, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.

Statistics are complete to the end of the 2008–09 NHL season.


Patrick Roy 1999

Patrick Roy, goalie for the Avalanche between 1995 and 2003, won two Stanley Cups with the team.

Name Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Aebischer, DavidFlag of Switzerland2000–2006174895814132.35.915136512.07.922SC 2001
Billington, CraigFlag of Canada1996–1999673023722.61.91030004.00.895
Budaj, PeterFlag of Slovakia2005–200918281652172.75.90130003.35.908
Denis, MarcFlag of Canada1996–2000281010432.55.916
Fiset, StephaneFlag of Canada1995–199637226712.93.89810000.001.000SC 1996
Kolesnik, VitalyFlag of Kazakhstan2005–2006833003.24.888
Raycroft, AndrewFlag of Canada2008–2009311216003.14.892
Roy, PatrickFlag of Canada1995–200347826214065372.27.9181338152182.18.922SC 1996, 2001
Ret #33
HHOF 2006
Salo, TommyFlag of Sweden2003–2004513102.37.91210000.001.000
Sauve, PhilippeFlag of the United States2003–20041777303.04.896
Tabaracci, RickFlag of Canada1999–2000210002.00.889
Theodore, JoseFlag of Canada2005–2008914239532.76.9021981103.09.904
Thibault, JocelynFlag of Canada1995–19961034203.01.874
Weiman, TylerFlag of Canada2007–2008100000.01.000



Andrew Brunette played with the Avalanche from 2005 to 2008.

Chris Drury

Chris Drury, here seen playing for the Buffalo Sabres, was part of the 2001 Stanley Cup winning roster and played in nearly 400 games with the Avalanche.


Scott Hannan signed as a free agent in July 2007.


Kyle Cumiskey was drafted in 2005 and debuted with the Avalanche in the 2006–07 season.


Ian Laperriere was with the Avalanche from the '05/'06 - '08-'09 seasons.


Joe Sakic has played his entire career in the Nordiques/Avalanche organization and has been the only captain of the Avalanche. He has played over 1000 games with the team, winning two Stanley Cups and several individual trophies.


Teemu Selanne, here seen playing for the Anaheim Ducks, signed with the Avalanche in 2003 and played in Colorado for one season.


Chris Simon, here seen playing for the Calgary Flames, was part of the 1996-Stanley-Cup-winning roster.


Ryan Smyth signed as a free agent in July 2007.


Paul Stastny was drafted in 2005 by the Avalanche and played his first season in the NHL in 2006–07, when he was one of three finalists for the Calder Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the best rookie.


Stephane Yelle, here seen playing for the Calgary Flames, was part of both Avalanche Stanley Cup winning rosters and played more than 600 games for the team.

Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Andreychuk, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1999–20001412321732518
Arnason, TylerFlag of the United StatesC2006–2009223317110256102352
Aubin, SergeFlag of CanadaC1998-2000
Babenko, YuriFlag of RussiaC2000–200130000
Barnaby, MatthewFlag of CanadaRW2003–200413459371102227
Battaglia, BatesFlag of the United StatesLW2002–2004171671470224
Belak, WadeFlag of CanadaD1996–199935112109
Berry, RickFlag of CanadaD2000–20027604498
Blake, RobFlag of CanadaD2000–2006322621462082786816274354SC 2001
Bonvie, DennisFlag of CanadaRW2003–200410000
Boughner, BobFlag of CanadaD2003–20065216762110446
Bourque, RayFlag of CanadaD1999–20019415587354345141920SC 2001
Ret #77
HHOF 2004
Boychuk, JohnnyFlag of CanadaD2007–200840000
Brennan, RichFlag of the United StatesD1996–199720000
Brigley, TravisFlag of CanadaLW2003–20043634710
Brisebois, PatriceFlag of CanadaD2005–20071131138497790114
Brousseau, PaulFlag of CanadaRW1995–199681122
Brule, SteveFlag of CanadaRW2002–200320000
Brunette, AndrewFlag of CanadaLW2005–2008246701352059819891710
Buchanan, JeffFlag of CanadaD1998–199960006
Clark, BrettFlag of CanadaD2003–2009307278311017792242
Corbet, ReneFlag of CanadaLW1995–19992303947862912754931 SC 1996
Crowley, TedFlag of the United StatesD1998–199970112
Cumiskey, KyleFlag of CanadaD2006–20095316718
Cummins, JimFlag of the United StatesRW2003–20045512347
Daw, JeffFlag of CanadaC2001–200210110
Deadmarsh, AdamFlag of CanadaRW1995–20014051291422716678222335594SC 1996
de Vries, GregFlag of CanadaD1998–2003379226082311756121848SC 2001
Dingman, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW1998–200111094132471604414SC 2001
Donovan, SheanFlag of CanadaRW1997–20001331319329350002
Dowd, JimFlag of the United StatesC2005–2006182132923520
Drury, ChrisFlag of the United StatesLW1998–2002314851372221898026245026SC 2001
Dupuis, PhilippeFlag of CanadaC2008–200980004
Durno, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW2008–200920000
Fairchild, KellyFlag of the United StatesC2001–2002102022
Finger, JeffFlag of the United StatesD2006–200894915245150224
Fitzgerald, TomFlag of the United StatesRW1997–19981121322701120
Fleury, TheoFlag of CanadaRW1998–19991510142418185121717
Foote, AdamFlag of CanadaD1995–2004
6464815620485115273239272SC 1996, 2001
Forsberg, PeterFlag of SwedenC1995–2004
5422025037055361345697153141SC 1996, 2001
Galiardi, T. J.Flag of CanadaC2008–2009113146
Gaul, MikeFlag of CanadaD1998–199910000
Gill, ToddFlag of CanadaD2001–20023604425
Gratton, ChrisFlag of CanadaC2003–200413213181100027
Guite, BenFlag of CanadaC2006–2009168192645931010114
Gusarov, AlexeiFlag of RussiaD1995–2001292165066166500131334SC 1996
Hahl, RikuFlag of FinlandC2001–200492581338342464
Hannan, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1995–199641012130222SC 1996
Hannan, ScottFlag of CanadaD2007–2009163328318190114
Healey, PaulFlag of CanadaW2005–2006200014
Hejduk, MilanFlag of the Czech RepublicRW1998–200978331234565727410933427528SC 2001
Helenius, SamiFlag of FinlandD1999–20003300046
Hendricks, MattFlag of the United StatesC2008–2009400013
Hendrickson, DarbyFlag of the United StatesC2003–200420134661012
Hensick, T. J.Flag of the United StatesC2007–2009921022321620110
Hinote, DanFlag of the United StatesC1999–200635327286525469691563SC 2001
Hlinka, JaroslavFlag of the Czech RepublicC2007–200863820281610000
Hunter, DaleFlag of CanadaC1998–199912246171913438
Jones, DavidFlag of CanadaRW2007–2009671091916100116
Jones, KeithFlag of CanadaRW1996–19991022829571471333617
Kamensky, ValeriFlag of RussiaLW1995–19992891061552612115624345866SC 1996
Kariya, PaulFlag of CanadaLW2003–2004511125362210110
Kasparaitis, DariusFlag of LithuaniaD2001–200211000192103318
Keane, MikeFlag of CanadaRW1995-1997
22327376415363771450SC 1996
Klee, KenFlag of the United StatesD2006–2007813161968
Klemm, JonFlag of CanadaD1995–200139328558320694661241SC 1996, 2001
Konowalchuk, SteveFlag of the United StatesLW2003–200697252954841340416
Kovalenko, AndreiFlag of RussiaRW1995–19962611112216
Krestanovich, JordanFlag of CanadaLW2001–2004220226
Krupp, UweFlag of GermanyD1995–199814413425590294131737SC 1996
Kuleshov, MikhailFlag of RussiaLW2003–200430000
Kurri, JariFlag of FinlandRW1997–199870517221240000HHOF 2001
Laaksonen, AnttiFlag of FinlandLW2005–20071221919385690222
Lacroix, EricFlag of CanadaLW1996–19991703433671102414525
Laperriere, IanFlag of CanadaC2005–200930740721125521912346
Lapointe, ClaudeFlag of CanadaC1995–199630000
Larsen, BradFlag of CanadaLW1997–20049241216602111213
Laukkanen, JanneFlag of FinlandD1995–199631010
Ledin, PerFlag of SwedenLW2008–200930002
Lefebvre, SylvainFlag of CanadaD1995–1999303950591756506653SC 1996
Lemieux, ClaudeFlag of CanadaRW1995–200029710610621238162243155121SC 1996
Leopold, JordanFlag of the United StatesD2006–20091221325385270330
Leroux, FrancoisFlag of CanadaD1997–199850123140
Leschyshyn, CurtisFlag of CanadaD1995–1997884202479171238SC 1996
Liles, John-MichaelFlag of the United StatesD2003–2009388561421981533036912
Macias, RayFlag of the United StatesD2008–200960110
MacKenzie, AaronFlag of CanadaD2008–200950000
Marchment, BryanFlag of CanadaD2002–2003140333370004
Marha, JosefFlag of the Czech RepublicC1995–1998192794
Matte, ChristianFlag of CanadaRW1996–20002223510
May, BradFlag of CanadaLW2005–2007643699030000
McAllister, ChrisFlag of CanadaD2002–2004480118810000
McAmmond, DeanFlag of CanadaLW2002–2003411081810
McCormick, CodyFlag of CanadaC2003–20091909213025040117
McLean, BrettFlag of CanadaC2005–20071602451758780114
McLeod, CodyFlag of CanadaLW2007–20091281910292821011236
Messier, EricFlag of CanadaD1996–20033852547721306935822SC 2001
Miller, AaronFlag of the United StatesD1995–200130117436017360381136
Moore, SteveFlag of CanadaFW2001–200469571241
Morris, DerekFlag of CanadaD2002–200414417597611570336
Muir, BryanFlag of CanadaD2000–20036213432240002SC 2001
Murray, TroyFlag of CanadaC1995–1996637142122800019SC 1996
Myrvold, AndersFlag of NorwayD1995–199640116
Nedorost, VaclavFlag of the Czech RepublicC2001–200367671322
Nieminen, VilleFlag of FinlandLW1999–20021042422466823461020SC 2001
Nikolishin, AndreiFlag of RussiaC2003–200449571224110224
Nolan, OwenFlag of CanadaRW1995–199694489
Nycholat, LawrenceFlag of CanadaD2008–200950000
O'Neill, WesFlag of CanadaD2008–200930004
Obsut, JaroslavFlag of SlovakiaRW2001–200230000
Odgers, JeffFlag of CanadaRW1997–2000205813216342510139
Ozolinsh, SandisFlag of LatviaD1995–200033372811532718218476596SC 1996
Parker, ScottFlag of the United StatesRW1998–2003
2375111653850004SC 2001
Parros, GeorgeFlag of the United StatesFW2006–200720000
Paul, JeffFlag of CanadaD2002–200320007
Peltier, DerekFlag of the United StatesD2008–2009110002
Podein, ShjonFlag of the United StatesLW1998–200223934367016059841234SC 2001
Pratt, NolanFlag of CanadaD2000–20014612340SC 2001
Prpic, JoelFlag of CanadaC2000–200130002
Reid, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1999–200113812162849351786SC 2001
Reinprecht, StevenFlag of CanadaC2000–20031654064104385010102010SC 2001
Ricci, MikeFlag of CanadaC1995–1998131194463113398152335SC 1996
Richardson, BradFlag of CanadaC2005–20081361921404891016
Rolston, BrianFlag of the United StatesLW1999–2000508101812
Rucinsky, MartinFlag of the Czech RepublicLW1995–1996224111514
Russell, CamFlag of CanadaD1998–19993512384
Rychel, WarrenFlag of CanadaLW1995–1996
8864102333011261SC 1996
Rycroft, MarkFlag of CanadaRW2006–200766661231
Sakic, JoeFlag of CanadaC1995–200987039162410154311607710017776SC 1996, 2001
Salei, RuslanFlag of BelarusD2007–2009877212895101454
Sarault, YvesFlag of CanadaLW1996–199830314650002
Sauer, KurtFlag of the United StatesD2003–2008153216181082210112
Selanne, TeemuFlag of FinlandRW2003–20047816163232100332
Severyn, BrentFlag of CanadaD1996–199766145193800012
Shantz, JeffFlag of CanadaC2002–2003743693560004
Shearer, RobFlag of CanadaC2000–200120000
Simon, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW1995–1996641618342501212311SC 1996
Skoula, MartinFlag of the Czech RepublicD1999–20043832786113198681131418SC 2001
Skrastins, KarlisFlag of LatviaD2003–2008275933421412003312
Slaney, JohnFlag of CanadaD1995–199670334
Smith, DanFlag of CanadaD1998–2000150009
Smith, D. J.Flag of CanadaD2002–20033410155
Smith, WyattFlag of the United StatesC2007–200825033810000
Smyth, RyanFlag of CanadaLW2007–200913240569611282352
Stastny, Paul[8]Flag of the United StatesC2006–2009193631221858892136
Stephens, CharlieFlag of CanadaC2002–200480224
Stewart, ChrisFlag of CanadaRW2008–2009531181954
Svatos, MarekFlag of SlovakiaRW2003–20092628964153172111562
Tanguay, AlexFlag of CanadaC1999–20064501372634002198318325028SC 2001
Tjarnqvist, DanielFlag of SwedenD2008–2009372248
Trepanier, PascalFlag of CanadaD1997-1998
Tucker, DarcyFlag of CanadaRW2008–200963881667
Turgeon, PierreFlag of CanadaC2005–2007792033534250226
Vaananen, OssiFlag of FinlandD2003–2007139210121271201118
Vernace, MichaelFlag of CanadaD2008–2009120008
Vrbata, RadimFlag of the Czech RepublicRW2001–20031182931603090000
White, BrianFlag of the United StatesD1998–199920000
Willsie, BrianFlag of CanadaRW1999–2003
Wilson, LandonFlag of the United StatesRW1995–19971622429
Wolanin, CraigFlag of the United StatesD1995–199675720275071018SC 1996
Wolski, Wojtek[9]Flag of CanadaLW2005–2009240569014660153694
Worrell, PeterFlag of CanadaLW2003–200449314179
Yelle, StephaneFlag of CanadaC1995–200250552891412521115172254SC 1996, 2001
Young, ScottFlag of the United StatesRW1995–199715339589764397142124SC 1996



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