Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews is the current captain of the Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks are a professional ice hockey team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference in the National Hockey League (NHL). The club was founded in 1926 as one of the league's first American franchises, joining in the same year as the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings (then known as the Detroit Cougars). Owing to the Blackhawks' long history, they are considered one of the NHL's "Original Six" teams—a term reserved for the six teams that comprised the NHL from the 1942–43 season until the league expanded in 1967.[1] As of March 19, 2009, 806 players have played at least one game for the franchise, either in the NHL regular season or in the playoffs.

The Blackhawks, known as the Black Hawks from their inception until 1986, have won the Stanley Cup four times in their 83-year history. Charlie Gardiner, the team's goaltender for its first Stanley Cup win in 1934, became the first European-born captain—and still the only goaltender captain—to win the Stanley Cup. Johnny Gottselig became the second European-born captain to do so when the team won its second championship in 1938. Stan Mikita is the franchise leader in assists (926) and points (1467), and Bobby Hull is the leader in goals (604). Chris Chelios is the franchise leader in penalty minutes (1495).[2] Goaltender Tony Esposito is the club's all-time leader in wins (873) and shutouts (74).[3]

The franchise has had 34 players selected as captains. Each NHL team may select a captain, who has the "sole privilege of discussing with the referee any questions relating to interpretation of rules which may arise during the progress of a game".[4][5] Captains are required to wear the letter "C" on their uniform for identification, which is 3 inches in height.[4] Dick Irvin was named the first captain in 1926. The current captain, Jonathan Toews, was the third-youngest captain in NHL history at the time of his selection.[6]


  *  Won Stanley Cup while with the Blackhawks.
  †  Appeared in a Blackhawks game during the 2009–10 season.

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Nat Nation of birth[7]
Flag of Brunei Brunei
Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of France France
Flag of Italy Italy
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Nat Nation of birth[7]
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Russia Russian Empire
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Flag of the United States United States
GP Games played
W Wins
L Losses
T Ties
OTL Overtime loss
SO Shutouts
GAA Goals against average
SV%[a] Save percentage
Pos Position
C Center
D Defenseman
LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing
GP Games played
G Goals
A Assists
P Points
PIM Penalty minutes


Name Nat Jersey # Seasons


Regular season Playoffs Notes
Almas, Ralph "Red"Flag of Canada11950–1951101005.00
Anderson, CraigFlag of the United States312002–20065612292423.19.892
Bannerman, MurrayFlag of Canada301980–19872881161253383.8340201804.26
Bassen, HankFlag of Canada11954–195633618913.12
Belfour, EdFlag of Canada1, 30, 311988–199741520113856302.65.90368352832.50.912
Bibeault, PaulFlag of Canada11946–1947411325314.15
Boucher, BrianFlag of the United States312006–200715110313.27.884
Brimsek, FrankFlag of the United States11949–19507022381053.49
Brown, KenFlag of Canada301970–1971100003.33
Caron, SebastienFlag of Canada302006–2007110001.00.960
Chabot, LorneFlag of Canada11934–1935482617581.80201110.48
Chevrier, AlainFlag of Canada301988–1990662925503.88.863169702.61.909
Clifford, ChrisFlag of Canada34, 501984–1989200000.001.000
Cloutier, JacquesFlag of Canada311989–1991532018213.16.89040202.74.907
Crawford, Corey
Cude, WilfFlag of the United Kingdom11931–19321000013.17
DeJordy, Denis
Desjardins, GerryFlag of Canada1, 301969–197232178602.5811005.00
Dickie, BillFlag of Canada11941–1942110003.00
Dryden, DaveFlag of Canada1, 301965–1969682123843.2110000.00
Dumas, MichelFlag of Canada1, 301974–1977821203.9810003.16
Esposito, TonyFlag of Canada1, 351969–1983873418302147742.9399455363.07
Fitzpatrick, MarkFlag of Canada301998–19992768602.74.906
Francis, EmileFlag of Canada11946–1948732443613.93
Frederick, RayFlag of Canada11954–1955504104.40
Gardiner, BertFlag of Canada11942–19435017181513.58
Gardiner, Chuck
Gelineau, JackFlag of Canada11953–1954202009.00
Goodman, Paul
Hackett, JeffFlag of Canada29, 311993–1998173637525142.45.91392504.32.867
Hall, Glenn
Hasek, DominikFlag of Czechoslovakia31, 341990–199225134212.58.89760202.91.899
Henry, JimFlag of Canada11948–1949602131803.52
Highton, HecFlag of Canada11943–1944241014004.50
Huet, Cristobal
Jackson, DougFlag of Canada11947–1948632107.00
Janecyk, BobFlag of the United States311983–1984823104.08.882
Johnston, EddieFlag of Canada301977–1978413004.25
Karakas, Mike
Khabibulin, NikolaiFlag of the Soviet Union39, 532005–200920290802462.81.904158602.93.898
Lalime, PatrickFlag of Canada402006–20084420180322.89.897
Lamothe, MarcFlag of Canada311999–2000211005.17.800
Larocque, MichelFlag of Canada302000–2001302003.55.847
LeBlanc, RayFlag of the United States501991–1992110001.00.955
Lehman, HughFlag of Canada1, 161926–1928482024462.69201105.00
Leighton, MichaelFlag of Canada302002–2004428211032.96.902
LoPresti, SamFlag of the United States311940–1942743038643.1383511.92
Lumley, HarryFlag of Canada11950–195213429851953.67
Marois, JeanFlag of Canada11953–1954202005.50
Mason, BobFlag of the United States311987–1988411318804.15.88210103.00.903
Meloche, GillesFlag of Canada301970–1971220003.00
Millen, GregFlag of Canada291989–19911355103.41.893146603.92.867
Moore, Alfie
Munro, AdamFlag of Canada302003–2004
Niemi, Antti
Norris, JackFlag of Canada301967–19691033014.42
Passmore, SteveFlag of Canada29, 371999–2000
Pang, DarrenFlag of Canada34, 401984–1989812735704.05.88261304.32.886
Pelletier, MarcelFlag of Canada11950–1951615004.90
Roberts, Moe
Rollins, AlFlag of Canada11952–19573088117156173.04.89060604.01.883
Sauve, BobFlag of Canada31, 401985–1987843832713.7473402.54
Skorodenski, WarrenFlag of Canada11981–1987321210123.34.903200010.91.786
Smith, GaryFlag of Canada11971–1973512415802.9441213.60
Soucy, ChristianFlag of Canada501993–1994100000.00N/A
Stevenson, DougFlag of Canada11944–1946422004.75
Tallas, RobFlag of Canada322000–20011227003.35.868
Terreri, ChrisFlag of the United States401996–1998281211422.47.90420004.09.893
Thibault, JocelynFlag of Canada411998–200333113714237282.62.90531202.64.909
Trefilov, AndreiFlag of the Soviet Union29, 451997–1999715003.89.873
Underhill, MattFlag of Canada402003–2004101003.93.879
Veisor, MikeFlag of Canada11973–19806220241533.3030104.71
Villemure, GillesFlag of Canada11975–197721211604.60
Waite, JimmyFlag of Canada29, 30, 36, 49, 601988–1993


Name Nat Pos Seasons[b] Jersey # Regular season Playoffs Notes
Abel, Clarence "Taffy" Flag of the United StatesD1929–19342223812202122100028SC 1934
Abel, SidFlag of CanadaLW1952–195419, 20, 21425491010000
Adams, CraigFlag of BruneiRW2007–20092871481246
Adams, KevynFlag of the United StatesC2007–2008172702213
Adams, StewartFlag of CanadaLW1929–1932168892433601033614
Ahlin, RudyFlag of the United StatesLW1937–193810000
Aitken, JohnathanFlag of CanadaD2003–2004564101170
Alexeev, NikitaFlag of the Soviet UnionLW2006–20073420220
Allen, GeorgeFlag of CanadaLW1939–19466269699516415723871522
Allum, BillFlag of CanadaD1939–1940 10000
Allison, JamieFlag of CanadaD1998–200133, 381424812217
Amonte, TonyFlag of the United StatesRW1994–2002106272682735414684013122532Captain 2000–2002
Andrijevski, AlexanderFlag of the Soviet UnionRW1992–19935610000
Angotti, LouFlag of CanadaC/RW1965–1967
Anholt, DarrellFlag of CanadaD1983–19843310000
Arbour, Al
Arbour, TyFlag of CanadaLW1927–19318159212041102111016Captain 1930–1931
Archambault, MichelFlag of CanadaLW1976–19772730000
Arkhipov, DenisFlag of the Soviet UnionC2006–2007197910172754
Arnason, TylerFlag of the United StatesC2002–20063924557821398030000
Ashworth, FrankFlag of CanadaC1946–19476185492
Atcheynum, BlairFlag of CanadaRW1999–200115, 346669158
Aucoin, AdrianFlag of CanadaD2005–200733925172288Captain 2005–2007
Babando, PeteFlag of CanadaLW1950–19531014734377181
Babchuk, AntonFlag of the Soviet UnionD2003–200682225718
Backstrom, RalphFlag of CanadaC1972–1973141663921656110
Bailey, BobFlag of CanadaRW1957–1958202836938
Baldwin, DougFlag of CanadaD1947–1948350002
Balfour, Earl
Balfour, Murray
Bancroft, SteveFlag of CanadaD1992–19934210000
Barinka, MichalFlag of CzechoslovakiaD2003–2006423402226
Barker, Cam
Barkley, DougFlag of CanadaD1957–19606, 1960002
Barnaby, MatthewFlag of CanadaRW2005–2006368282028178
Bartovic, MilanFlag of CzechoslovakiaRW2005–200626241678
Bassen, BobFlag of CanadaC1988–199015, 225551318701111236
Baumgartner, NolanFlag of CanadaD2000–20013880006
Bedard, JimFlag of CanadaD1949–19512, 21221128
Bell, MarkFlag of CanadaC/LW2001–200628339727915145450008
Bennett, AdamFlag of CanadaD1991–1993472102220
Bentley, DougFlag of CanadaLW1939–19517, 1454521731453121523981712Captain 1942–1944, 1949–1950
Bentley, MaxFlag of CanadaC1940–19474, 5, 1823410914725628114376
Bentley, RegFlag of CanadaLW1942–194314, 19111232
Berard, BryanFlag of the United StatesD2003–20043, 45813344753
Berezin, SergeiFlag of the Soviet UnionLW2002–200394661813318
Bergevin, MarcFlag of CanadaD1984–19882, 32266122941283121344
Berti, AdamFlag of CanadaLW2007–20084520000
Bessler, PhilFlag of CanadaRW1938–1939141713416
Bicanek, RadimFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1998–2000321803310
Bickell, Bryan
Black, JamesFlag of CanadaLW1995–199834, 3812925194444132134
Black, SteveFlag of CanadaLW1950–19511739461022
Blade, HankFlag of CanadaC1946–194811, 18, 19242352
Blair, AndrewFlag of CanadaC1936–1937154303333
Blinco, RussFlag of CanadaLW1938–1939947312152
Blunden, MichaelFlag of CanadaRW2006–200844100000
Bochenski, BrandonFlag of the United StatesRW2005–2007203042610
Bodnar, GusFlag of CanadaC1947–19545, 123988714222911671122
Boldirev, IvanFlag of SFR YugoslaviaC1974–1979123841401953351861846104
Bolland, Dave
Bondra, PeterFlag of CzechoslovakiaRW2006–20071237591426
Bonvie, DennisFlag of CanadaRW1998–199937, 44, 461100044
Bordeleau, ChrisFlag of CanadaC1971–197223256814683690
Bordeleau, J. P.Flag of CanadaRW1972–198022, 23, 25519971262231434836912
Bostrom, Helge "Bulge"Flag of CanadaD1929–19323, 9, 10, 1790336581100016Captain 1932–1933
Boucher, George "Buck"Flag of CanadaD1931–193215431565020110
Boudreau, BruceFlag of CanadaC1985–19863271012
Boudrias, AndreFlag of CanadaC1968–19691820410144
Bourque, ReneFlag of CanadaLW2005–200812, 14183334275136
Bowman, KirkFlag of CanadaLW1976–197916, 28881117281971010
Boyd, RandyFlag of CanadaD1983–19852, 32260442230117
Boyer, WallyFlag of CanadaC1966–1967194256111510000
Boynton, Nick
Brayshaw, RussFlag of CanadaLW1944–19451643591414
Brenneman, JohnFlag of CanadaLW1964–196512171012
Brent, TimFlag of Canada.svgC2008–20095620002
Bretto, JoeFlag of the United StatesD1944–1945230004
Brink, MiltonFlag of the United StatesC1936–19371150000
Brouwer, Troy
Brown, AdamFlag of the United KingdomLW1946–195111, 18, 1921038619924621010
Brown, BradFlag of CanadaD1998–20002, 311811617318
Brown, CurtisFlag of CanadaLW2005–200637715101538
Brown, KeithFlag of CanadaD1979–19934, 258126426633085410343236184
Brown, MikeFlag of CanadaLW/RW2005–20065620119
Brown, RobFlag of CanadaRW1991–199322, 4440617236782464
Browne, CecilFlag of CanadaLW1927–19289132024
Brydson, GlenFlag of CanadaRW1935–19383711414285620004
Buchanan, MikeFlag of CanadaD1951–1952610000
Bulley, TedFlag of CanadaLW1977–1982293499410219664528551024
Burch, BillyFlag of the United StatesC1932–19334242022
Burish, Adam
Burns, BobbyFlag of CanadaLW1928–193016171018
Burke, MartyFlag of CanadaD1934–19374150381111240004
Buskas, RodFlag of CanadaD1991–199317, 2546044106
Butler, DickFlag of CanadaRW1947–1948872020
Buttrey, GordonFlag of CanadaRW1943–194416100000
Byfuglien, Dustin
Byram, ShawnFlag of CanadaLW1991–19924610000
Caffery, TerryFlag of CanadaC1969–19701460000
Calder, KyleFlag of CanadaLW2000–200619, 22, 253598512521018452022
Camazzola, JimFlag of CanadaLW1983–198715, 2530000
Campbell, Brian
Campbell, BryanFlag of CanadaC1970–197214167235174501914510
Campbell, DonFlag of CanadaC1943–19449171348
Campbell, JimFlag of the United StatesRW2001–20021591124
Carbol, LeoFlag of CanadaD1942–19431460114
Carney, KeithFlag of the United StatesD1993–199842711447612752616710
Carse, BillFlag of CanadaLW1939–194291212842703872130
Carse, BobFlag of CanadaLW1939–194316, 1914329528136100222
Cassidy, BruceFlag of CanadaD1983–19902, 3, 34, 3736413171010000
Chad, JohnFlag of CanadaRW1939–194616, 17, 197915223729100112
Chebaturkin, VladimirFlag of the Soviet UnionD2001–20024513022630002
Check, LudeFlag of CanadaC1944–19457266284
Chelios, ChrisFlag of the United StatesD1990–1999766492395487149567123648133Captain 1995–1999
Christian, DaveFlag of the United StatesRW1992–19942569417211220000
Chyzowski, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1996–19975480006
Ciccone, EnricoFlag of CanadaD1995–199739782352811310148
Ciesla, HankFlag of CanadaC1955–19572014018314950
Clark, WendelFlag of CanadaLW1999–2000171320213
Cleary, DanielFlag of CanadaLW1997–199925, 324145924
Cloutier, SylvainFlag of CanadaC1998–19991470000
Cochrane, GlenFlag of CanadaD1987–198957918921750002
Coffey, PaulFlag of CanadaD1998–199977100440
Coflin, HughFlag of CanadaD1950–195123103333
Cole, DantonFlag of the United StatesRW1995–19961920000
Conacher, JimFlag of the United KingdomC1948–195111, 14178497112071
Conacher, Lionel
Conacher, PeteFlag of CanadaLW1951–19559, 191312620463220000
Conacher, RoyFlag of CanadaLW1947–19518, 926410212522744
Conn, RobFlag of CanadaRW1991–19924220002
Connelly, Bert
Cook, Tom
Cooper, JoeFlag of CanadaD1939–194682602553783062324646
Corazzini, CarlFlag of the United StatesRW2006–20074970112
Corcoran, NormFlag of CanadaC1955–1956182313419
Costello, MurrayFlag of CanadaC1953–195420403256
Cote, SylvainFlag of CanadaD1999–20006456182414
Coulter, Arthur
Coulter, TommyFlag of CanadaD1933–19341520000
Couture, GerryFlag of CanadaC1952–1954151102523483671010
Couture, Rosario "Lolo"
Craven, MurrayFlag of CanadaLW1994–199732157305989502769158
Creighton, AdamFlag of CanadaC1988–19912222578871654804181321113
Creighton, DaveFlag of CanadaC1954–1955164977146
Crossman, DougFlag of CanadaD1981–19833, 23, 28, 3115925709572243101310
Cullen, Mark|Flag of the United StatesC2005–2006482979162
Cullimore, JassenFlag of CanadaD2005–2007511921214117
Cummins, JimFlag of the United StatesRW1994–1998151991113246743011230
Cunneyworth, RandyFlag of CanadaLW1993–199419164371360000
Cunningham, LesFlag of CanadaC1939–194033761117210000
Cushenan, IanFlag of CanadaD1956–19583, 672281080
Cyr, DenisFlag of CanadaRW1982–198411871921402110000
<span id="D"/>Dahlen, UlfFlag of SwedenRW1996–1997 3068141050110
Dahlstrom, Carl "Cully"
Daigle, AlainFlag of CanadaRW1974–1980173895650106122170110
Davis, LorneFlag of CanadaRW1954–19551480004
Daze, EricFlag of CanadaLW1995–2005556012261723981763757128
Dea, BillyFlag of CanadaRW1957–196717345813420002
Dean, KevinFlag of the United StatesRW1999–20016962192142
DeBrusk, LouieFlag of CanadaLW2002–20033340007
DeMarco, AbFlag of CanadaC1938–194016201561720000
Dempsey, NathanFlag of CanadaD2002–20044312513405356
Denneny, CorbettFlag of CanadaC1927–192862050512
Desilets, JoffreFlag of CanadaRW1938–1940197417203734
Desjardins, VictorFlag of the United StatesC1930–19311838312151190000
Dewsbury, AlFlag of CanadaD1950–19565,22323267510135171234
Dick, HarryFlag of CanadaD1954–195581201112
Dickens, ErnieFlag of CanadaD1947–19513, 42539394886
Diduck, GeraldFlag of CanadaRW1994–1995613101481613422
Dietrich, DonFlag of CanadaD1983–198432170550
Dineen, BillFlag of CanadaRW1957–1958204149138
Dirk, RobertFlag of CanadaD1993–19946, 32600026200015
Donaldson, GaryFlag of CanadaRW1973–19742610000
Donnelly, DaveFlag of CanadaC1986–19871071612188110000
Doraty, KenFlag of CanadaRW1926–192714200000
Dowd, JimFlag of the United StatesC2005–200634603121538
Dowell, Jake
Downey, AaronFlag of CanadaRW2000–200239391018240008
Doyon, MarioFlag of CanadaRW1988–1989271126
Droppa, IvanFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1993–19963, 6, 581901114
Dubinsky, SteveFlag of CanadaC/RW1994–1998
14, 16, 22, 29, 32, 422371626421321010114
Dumont, J. P.Flag of CanadaRW1998–200012, 177219143328
Dupont, JerryFlag of CanadaD1981–198625201729364452002256
Dutkowski, LSFlag of CanadaD1926–193131081115269440006Captain 1929–1930
Dye, Cecil "Babe"Flag of CanadaRW1926–1928450255301420002
Dykhuis, KarlFlag of CanadaD1991–199319, 45181894
Dyte, JackFlag of CanadaD1943–194482710131
<span id="E"/>Eager, Ben †*Flag of CanadaLW2007–20105514418153330835235107SC 2010
Eagles, MikeFlag of CanadaLW1988–199011706131978
Eastwood, MikeFlag of CanadaC2002–200320532101224
Ebbett, Andrew
Ellison, MattFlag of CanadaC2003–200616363101317
Emerson, NelsonFlag of CanadaRW1998–199911274101413
Erickson, AutryFlag of CanadaD1962–196412, 20340114260000
Eriksson, AndersFlag of SwedenD1998–20016, 8975364122
Esposito, PhilFlag of CanadaC1963–19677, 15235741001741352944824
Evans, Jack
<span id="F"/>Farrant, Walt "Whitey"Flag of CanadaRW1943–19441710000
Fashoway, GordFlag of CanadaLW1950–1951111332514
Feamster, DaveFlag of the United StatesD1981–19843, 321691324371543335861
Felsner, BrianFlag of the United StatesLW1997–199844, 541213412
Ferguson, LorneFlag of CanadaLW1957–1959111051319326862132
Fidler, MikeFlag of the United StatesLW1982–1983842134
Field, WilfFlag of CanadaD1944–19452, 113934722
Fielder, GuyleFlag of the United StatesC1950–19511630000
Finney, SidFlag of the United KingdomC1951–19547, 14, 155910717470220
Fitzgerald, TomFlag of the United StatesRW2001–200212, 2015134650004
Fleming, Reg
Fleury, TheorenFlag of CanadaRW2002–2003145412213377
Fogolin, LeeFlag of CanadaD1950–19563, 203025374243770114
Foley, RickFlag of CanadaD1970–1971242011840114
Fowler, TomFlag of CanadaLW1946–194762401118
Fox, GregFlag of CanadaD1978–19832, 18339969784504218959
Fraser, Colin
Fraser, CurtFlag of the United StatesLW1982–1988830394120214535381192090
Fraser, GordFlag of CanadaD1926–19281055157229921016
Fraser, HarveyFlag of CanadaC1944–194515215490
Frawley, DanFlag of CanadaRW1983–198510, 31, 32334376410000
Frig, LenFlag of CanadaD1972–19746664101435112130
<span id="G"/>Gamble, DickFlag of CanadaLW1954–195520142026
Gadsby, BillFlag of CanadaD1946–19544, 164685413118564870114Captain 1952–1954
Gagnon, GermainFlag of CanadaLW1973–1976149919496827192352
Gardiner, HerbFlag of CanadaD1928–1929250000
Gardner, BillFlag of CanadaC1981–1986
14, 31, 34354721061786445381117
Gardner, CalFlag of CanadaC1952–195316701124356070224
Gauthier, DanielFlag of CanadaC1994–19952350000
Gee, George "Hully"Flag of CanadaC1945–1948
9, 16, 17365941302242571123510
Gendron, MartinFlag of CanadaRW1997–19981620000
Gilbert, GregFlag of CanadaLW1989–1993142734264106204527172472
Gill, ToddFlag of CanadaD2002–20034650110
Gillis, PaulFlag of CanadaC1990–199212150555920002
Gilmour, DougFlag of CanadaC1998–2000931353874112107Captain 1999–2000
Glover, FredFlag of CanadaC1952–1953143142637
Glover, HowieFlag of CanadaRW1958–195918130112
Goldham, BobFlag of CanadaD1947–19502, 316552934138
Goldsworthy, Leroy
Gottselig, Johnny
Goulet, MichelFlag of CanadaLW1990–1994162769211520721026591412
Goyer, GerryFlag of CanadaC1967–1968840123430002
Gracie, BobFlag of CanadaC1938–19391831461027
Graham, DirkFlag of CanadaRW1988–19958, 335461521913436267514223681Captain 1989–1995
Graham, TeddyFlag of CanadaD1927–19333, 12186520251661300010
Grieve, BrentFlag of CanadaLW1994–199619, 2652391251
Gronman, TuomasFlag of FinlandD1996–1997461601113
Grigor, GeorgeFlag of the United KingdomC1943–1944172101010000
Grimson, StuFlag of CanadaLW1990–1993231673476102101160
Grosek, MichalFlag of CzechoslovakiaRW1999–2000171424612
Grosso, DonFlag of CanadaC1944–19466,116816163221400017
Guidolin, BepFlag of CanadaLW1948–1952162624691137292
<span id="H"/>Hall, MurrayFlag of CanadaRW1961–19647, 1925202440000
Hamill, Robert "Red"Flag of CanadaLW1941–19503, 12, 153601128019214071127Captain 1946–1947
Hamilton, JeffFlag of the United StatesRW2006–2007517018213922
Hamilton, RegFlag of CanadaD1945–1947458110113340112
Handzus, MichalFlag of CzechoslovakiaC2006–20072683586
Hankinson, CaseyFlag of the United StatesRW2000–200220, 40140119
Hanson, BrentFlag of the United StatesC1937–19381480000
Harms, JohnnyFlag of CanadaRW1943–1945943551021
Harrison, JimFlag of CanadaC1976–1979810724366015020000
Hassard, BobFlag of CanadaC1954–195512170004
Havlat, MartinFlag of CzechoslovakiaRW2006–20092417264971618016510158
Hay, Bill
Hay, GeorgeFlag of CanadaLW1926–1927 35148221221012
Helenius, SamiFlag of FinlandD2002–200341001128
Henderson, MattFlag of the United StatesLW2001–20021640110
Hendry, Jordan
Henry, BurkeFlag of CanadaD2002–2004443926833
Henry, CamilleFlag of CanadaC/LW1964–19658225382141012
Hergesheimer, Phil "Nip"Flag of CanadaRW1939–1943101212141621760002
Hergesheimer, WallyFlag of CanadaRW1956–1957741281012
Herperger, ChrisFlag of CanadaC1999–2001367010152525
Heyliger, VicFlag of the United StatesC1937–1938
9, 18332352
Hicks, DougFlag of CanadaD1977–19792857215171741012
Hicks, Wayne
Higgins, TimFlag of CanadaRW1978–1984153587910518433539471135
Hilbert, AndyFlag of the United StatesC2005–2006202854922
Hildebrand, IkeFlag of CanadaRW1953–195514101454
Hillman, Wayne
Hinton, DanFlag of CanadaLW1976–197714, 251400016
Hjalmarsson, Niklas
Hodge, KenFlag of the United KingdomRW1964–1967141321642581081100012
Hoffinger, VicFlag of RussiaD1927–192992601130
Hofmeyer, BobFlag of CanadaD1977–197926, 281103317
Hollingworth, Gordon "Bucky"Flag of CanadaD1954–19556703912135
Holmes, LouisFlag of the United KingdomC1931–1933956246820002
Holmqvist, MichaelFlag of SwedenRW2005–20071713516173347
Holt, RandyFlag of CanadaD1974–19782, 4, 6420446020007
Horacek, TonyFlag of CanadaLW1991–199534381569921012
Horeck, PeteFlag of CanadaLW/RW1944–1946
11, 19178535410711240002
Horvath, BroncoFlag of CanadaLW1961–196296817294621124156
Hossa, Marian
Housley, PhilFlag of the United StatesD2001–200361372147685850114
Hrkac, TonyFlag of CanadaC1991–19921118123630002
Hrymnak, SteveFlag of CanadaD1951–195219182134
Hudson, MikeFlag of CanadaC1988–199320, 4325738589627436491354
Hucul, FredFlag of CanadaD1950–19546, 11, 15, 191219172683610110
Hull, Bobby
Hull, DennisFlag of CanadaLW1964–19772, 109042983426402559733346728
Huska, RyanFlag of CanadaLW1997–19985610000
Hutchison, DaveFlag of CanadaD1980–19825163732394432212358
<span id="I"/>Ingram, FrankFlag of CanadaRW1929–1932159824164069110112
Ingram, RonFlag of CanadaD1956–19633, 19451672120000
Irvin, DickFlag of CanadaC1926–19292942923527822024Captain 1926–1929
<span id="J"/>Jackson, Harold *Flag of CanadaD1936–19383, 941134610002SC 1938
Jackson, JackFlag of CanadaD1946–1947 4825738
Jackson, JeffFlag of CanadaLW1991–19924210002
Jankowski, LouFlag of CanadaRW1953–195510, 1910718153315
Janssens, MarkFlag of CanadaC1998–200120124167171
Jarrett, DougFlag of CanadaD1964–19754, 2072138178216608997162382
Jenkins, Roger
Johansson, MagnusFlag of SwedenD2007–20086180444
Johansson, RogerFlag of SwedenD1994–199526111016
Johnson, AaronFlag of Canada.svgD2008–2009233835833
Johnson, GregFlag of CanadaC1997–1998226911223338
Johnson, NormFlag of CanadaC1958–196067101820000
Johnson, Virgil
Johnsson, Kim
Johnston, George "Wingy"Flag of CanadaRW1941–19476, 9582012322
Johnston, JoeyFlag of CanadaRW1975–19768320556
Jones, TyFlag of the United StatesRW1998–199927800012
<span id="K"/>Kachur, EddieFlag of CanadaRW1956–195889610142435
Kaleta, AlexFlag of CanadaLW1941–19484, 14205608414411871342
Kane, Patrick
Karpovtsev, Alexander[[Image:{{{flag alias-1955}}}|22x20px|border|Flag of Soviet Union]]D2000–200425, 521827394610551010
Keats, Gordon "Duke"Flag of CanadaC1927–19295351492355
Keith, Duncan
Keith, MattFlag of CanadaC2003–2007112423517
Kelly, BobFlag of CanadaLW1977–19792513891625180800017
Kelly, Regis "Pep"Flag of CanadaRW1936–1937
3, 1050187257
Kendall, Bill
Kennedy, ForbesFlag of CanadaC1956–1957106981321102
Kenny, ErnieFlag of CanadaRW1934–193510400018
Kerr, RegFlag of CanadaC/D1977–198210253669215816271017
Kilger, ChadFlag of CanadaC1997–1999158617193636
Kimble, DarinFlag of CanadaC1993–199520, 297942616310005
King, KrisFlag of CanadaLW2000–200112, 16131018
Klemm, JonFlag of CanadaD2001–2003421716313710650114
Klimovich, SergeiFlag of the Soviet UnionC1996–19971710002
Klingbeil, ErnestFlag of the United StatesD1936–1937551232
Koci, DavidFlag of CzechoslovakiaLW/D2006–20084827000156
Konroyd, SteveFlag of CanadaD1988–199252511046561794243737
Kontiola, PetriFlag of FinlandC2007–200834120556
Kopecky, Tomas
Korab, JerryFlag of CanadaD1970–1973221962534593413011262
Korolev, IgorFlag of the Soviet UnionC2001–2004221921635517250110
Koroll, CliffFlag of CanadaRW1969–1980208142082544623768519294867
Kravchuk, IgorFlag of the Soviet UnionD1991–19933567172434182688
Krivokrasov, SergeiFlag of the Soviet UnionRW1993–199825, 55, 582254241831462120214
Kryskow, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1972–197414, 17838122022102002
Kryzanowski, EdFlag of CanadaD1952–1953650000
Kucera, FrantisekFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1990–1994623214496316160000
Kukkonen, LasseFlag of FinlandD2003–2004
6, 47645101534
Kuryluk, MerveFlag of CanadaLW1961–19622020000
<span id="L"/>L'Abbe, MoeFlag of CanadaC1972–19731850110
Lacroix, AndreFlag of CanadaC1971–197218514711610000
Ladd, Andrew
Laflamme, ChristianFlag of CanadaD1996–19993, 4413822325131
Lafrance, LeoFlag of CanadaLW1927–192814141014
Laing, QuintinFlag of CanadaLW2003–20044530110
Lalande, HecFlag of CanadaC1953–195817, 19139213758120
Lang, RobertFlag of CzechoslovakiaC2007–2008207621335450
Lanz, RickFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1991–19924210002
Lapointe, MartinFlag of CanadaRW2005–200822164272855204Captain 2005–2007
LaPrarie, Ben "Bun"Flag of the United StatesRW1936–1937360000
Larmer, JeffFlag of CanadaLW1983–19861045913222051012
Larmer, SteveFlag of CanadaRW1981–199328, 31891406517923475107456611175
Larochelle, WildorFlag of CanadaRW1935–193714701111221420000
Lauer, BradFlag of CanadaLW1991–199311, 1513011671122
LaVarre, MarkFlag of the United StatesRW1985–19887, 1578916255810002
LeBlanc, Jean-PaulFlag of CanadaC1968–19692261230
Lecuyer, DougFlag of CanadaC1978–198176941014100740415
Ledingham, WaltFlag of CanadaLW1972–19732490114
Leier, EddieFlag of PolandC1949–195118162132
Lemieux, JocelynFlag of CanadaLW/RW1990–199426331445710142044591463
Leroux, Jean-YvesFlag of CanadaLW1997–200123, 37220162238146
Lesieur, ArtFlag of the United StatesD1928–19291220000
Leswick, Jack
Leswick, TonyFlag of CanadaLW1955–195687011112271
Levinsky, Alex
Lewicki, DannyFlag of CanadaLW1958–195985881422430000
Lindsay, TedFlag of CanadaLW1957–1960720644791233851035813
Litzenberger, Ed
Locking, NormFlag of CanadaLW1934–193695226826
Logan, DaveFlag of CanadaD1976–19792, 4, 6, 1417842428348800010
Loughlin, ClemFlag of CanadaD1928–192922401116
Low, ReedFlag of CanadaRW2006–200734600031
Lowrey, GerryFlag of CanadaC1931–193284883113221012
Ludzik, SteveFlag of CanadaC1982–198929, 31413469213832744481270
Lunde, LenFlag of CanadaLW1962–196618841029393440002
Lundy, PatFlag of CanadaC1950–19519, 14, 186199189
Lynn, VicFlag of CanadaLW1952–1954440110112571124
Lysiak, TomFlag of CanadaC1979–1986124741372754122406523335637
<span id="M"/>MacDonald, CraigFlag of CanadaC2006–2007272532514
MacKay, DavidFlag of CanadaD1940–19414, 11273032650112
MacKay, Duncan "Mickey"Flag of CanadaC1926–19286703112434620000
MacKenzie, Bill
Mackey, DavidFlag of CanadaLW1987–19892646257149
MacMillan, BobFlag of CanadaC1984–19851136571212
MacNeil, AlFlag of CanadaD1962–1966192601046563442804463
Madden, John
Maggs, DarrylFlag of CanadaD1971–19734, 17767411840000
Magnuson, KeithFlag of CanadaD1969–19793589141251391442683912164Captain 1976–1980
Maki, Chico" *Flag of CanadaRW1961–197516, 1884114329343634511317365343SC 1961
Maki, WayneFlag of CanadaLW1967–1969145055103221012
Maloney, DanFlag of CanadaLW1970–197319131253156237100118
Maloney, PhilFlag of CanadaC1958–196018458614660000
Maneluk, MikeFlag of CanadaLW1998–199914244378
Manson, DaveFlag of CanadaD1986–1991
3, 8, 11, 14, 224314511015513224721315193
March, Mush" *Flag of CanadaRW1928–194557591532303835404612152729SC 1934, 1938
Marchment, BryanFlag of CanadaD1991–199321491129405232010148
Marha, JosefFlag of CzechoslovakiaC1998–200111, 4411812203228
Mariucci, JohnFlag of the United StatesD1940–1942
2, 112231134453281203326Captain 1940–1942, 1945–1948
Marks, JohnFlag of CanadaD/RW1972–19811165711216327533057591460
Marotte, GillesFlag of CanadaD1967–197021921063732941131414
Marsh, PeterFlag of CanadaLW/RW1980–1983171972444681562615633
Martin, ClareFlag of CanadaD1951–19526311238
Martin, FrankFlag of CanadaD1954–19574, 19, 202008273578
Martin, Hubert "Pit"Flag of CanadaC1967–197777402433846274398026255138Captain 1975–1977
Masnick, PaulFlag of CanadaC1954–195518111018
Mason, CharlieFlag of CanadaRW1938–193914131340
Matte, JoeFlag of CanadaD1942–194311120228
Matteau, StephaneFlag of CanadaLW1991–19943216435427719821471126
Mazur, EddieFlag of CanadaLW1956–195719150114
McAlpine, ChrisFlag of the United StatesD2000–20024, 39900996810000
McAmmond, DeanFlag of CanadaLW
19, 3415425406511730002
McBurney, JimFlag of CanadaLW1952–19531810110
McCabe, BryanFlag of CanadaD1999–2000447961925139
McCaig, DougFlag of CanadaD1948–1951617131215138
McCalmon, EddieFlag of CanadaRW1927–192811232028
McCarthy, SteveFlag of CanadaD1999–200451343131645
McCormack, JohnFlag of CanadaC1954–1955176357128
McDill, JeffFlag of CanadaRW1976–19772710000
McDonald, Ab
McDonald, BrianFlag of CanadaC1967–19681780002
McDonald, Byron "Butch"Flag of CanadaLW1944–19451626613190
McFadden, JimFlag of the United KingdomC1951–1954181593648844973034
McFadyen, Don
McFarlane, GordFlag of CanadaD1926–19271210000
McGill, BobFlag of CanadaD1987–1991252811026366432900039
McGill, RyanFlag of CanadaD1991–199245902220
McIntyre, JackFlag of CanadaD1953–195711, 20231523991100
McKay, RayFlag of CanadaD1968–19715, 17280113510000
McKegney, IanFlag of CanadaD1976–19772430002
McKegney, TonyFlag of CanadaLW1990–1991119011420004
McKenzie, JohnFlag of CanadaRW1958–1959
18, 211282023431181702214
McKinnon, AlexFlag of CanadaRW1928–192964211251
McLean, BrettFlag of CanadaC2002–2004537811203154
McMahon, MikeFlag of CanadaD1968–19694200886
McMurchy, TomFlag of CanadaLW1983–198622, 234643757
McNeill, MikeFlag of the United StatesLW1990–199141232246
McRae, BasilFlag of CanadaRW1996–199717800012
McVeigh, CharlesFlag of CanadaC1926–19287811811293320000
Melnyk, GerryFlag of CanadaC1961–19651263516216130002
Menard, Hillary "Minnie"Flag of CanadaLW1953–19541910000
Menard, HowieFlag of CanadaC1969–19706192358
Michaluk, ArtFlag of CanadaD1947–19484, 2050000
Michaluk, JohnFlag of CanadaLW1950–19511710000
Mickey, LarryFlag of CanadaRW1964–1965610000
Mickoski, NickFlag of CanadaLW/RW1954–195792204964113138
Mikita, Stan
Miller, EarlFlag of CanadaLW1927–193216, 179516112711421017
Miller, JackFlag of CanadaLW1949–195111, 14170004
Miller, KevinFlag of the United StatesD1996–199816, 171061824424960110
Miller, KipFlag of the United StatesC1995–199614, 23101452
Mills, CraigFlag of CanadaRW1997–199922, 39, 462703336
Mironov, BorisFlag of the Soviet UnionD1999–20032, 322021699023110002
Miszuk, JohnFlag of PolandRW1965–19674, 105112250006
Mitchell, Bill "Red"Flag of CanadaD1941–19458, 208345967
Moen, TravisFlag of CanadaLW2003–20045982426142
Mohns, DougFlag of CanadaD/LW1964–19712, 11415116163279367435162160
Moran, AmbyFlag of CanadaD1927–1928122311214
More, JaysonFlag of CanadaD1997–19984170228
Moreau, EthanFlag of CanadaLW1996–199917, 19, 23, 4021033326528461019
Morenz, HowieFlag of CanadaC1934–19363711236484120000
Morgan, JasonFlag of CanadaC2005–20063871126
Morrison, DonFlag of CanadaC1950–1951559812206
Mortson, GusFlag of CanadaD1952–19582390258010564971126Captain 1954–1957
Mosdell, KenFlag of CanadaC1956–1957182524610
Mosienko, BillFlag of CanadaRW1942–19558, 10710258282540121221041415
Muir, BryanFlag of CanadaD1998–200037, 4564371063
Mulvey, GrantFlag of CanadaRW1974–198222574148133281797421051570
Muni, CraigFlag of CanadaD1992–19943180441240002
Murphy, JoeFlag of CanadaRW1992–1996172108396179304361682495
Murphy, Ron
Murray, BobFlag of CanadaD1975–199061008132382514871112193755106Captain 1985–1986
Murray, ChrisFlag of CanadaRW1998–199915400014
Murray, TroyFlag of CanadaC1982–1991
<span id="N"/>Nabokov, DmitriFlag of the Soviet UnionC1997–19984625741110
Nasreddine, AlainFlag of CanadaD1998–199932700019
Nattrass, RalphFlag of CanadaD1946–19505, 17223183856308
Nesterenko, Eric
Nichol, ScottFlag of CanadaC2003–2004127571118145
Nicholls, BernieFlag of CanadaC1994–199692107417011192263182112
Nicholson, Ivan "Hickey"Flag of CanadaLW1937–19381421010
Nickulas, EricFlag of the United StatesLW2003–200420211128
Nieminen, VilleFlag of FinlandLW2003–200420602111340
Nikolishin, AndreiFlag of the Soviet UnionC2002–200311606152126
Noonan, BrianFlag of CanadaRW1987–199410329638514830026991838
Nordqvist, JonasFlag of SwedenC2006–20073230226
Northcott, Lawrence "Baldy"Flag of CanadaLW1938–1939114657129
Nylander, MichaelFlag of SwedenC1999–200237, 922396311718011250332
Nylund, GaryFlag of CanadaD1986–198822179143751461902221
<span id="O"/>O'Callahan, JackFlag of the United StatesD1982–1987530315647939327381135
O'Connell, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1978–198014166186179106110114
O'Shea, DannyFlag of CanadaC1970–19721166101626381825715
Odelein, LyleFlag of CanadaD2001–2003777761318401125
Ogilvie, BrianFlag of CanadaC1972–197318121234
Olczyk, EdFlag of the United StatesC/RW1984–1987
Olmstead, BertFlag of CanadaRW1948–195114, 199422325444
Orban, BillFlag of CanadaLW1967–196968478155030000
Orr, BobbyFlag of CanadaD1976–19794266212729
Ouellette, EddieFlag of CanadaLW1935–193616432351110000
<span id="P"/>Pahlsson, SamuelFlag of SwedenC2008–200926132132172354
Palangio, Pete
Rob PalmerFlag of the United StatesC1973–197614160332
Papike, JoeFlag of the United StatesRW1940–194511, 1420336450220
Pappin, JimFlag of CanadaRW1968–197584882162284444476926265289
Parenteau, Pierre-AlexandreFlag of CanadaRW2006–20075850112
Paterson, RickFlag of CanadaC1979–19878, 26, 27430504393136617101751
Paynter, KentFlag of CanadaD1987–19897, 33, 3830004
Pelensky, PerryFlag of CanadaRW1983–19843440005
Pelletier, PascalFlag of CanadaC2008–20092770000
Peluso, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1989–199226, 44118124167432012310
Peluso, MikeFlag of the United StatesRW2001–2002173742619
Perreault, YanicFlag of CanadaC2007–20089453951424
Peters, JimmyFlag of CanadaRW1951–19547, 14, 151854344875770114
Phillipoff, HaroldFlag of CanadaLW1978–198019230442640117
Pilote, Pierre
Pinder, GerryFlag of CanadaLW/RW1969–19711814932387076170446
Plante, DerekFlag of the United StatesC1999–200012171122
Plante, PierreFlag of CanadaRW1977–197815771018285910000
Playfair, JimFlag of CanadaD1987–198920, 37, 391913449
Poapst, SteveFlag of CanadaD2000–20048, 422207233011850000
Poeta, TonyFlag of CanadaRW1951–19523410000
Poile, Norman "Bud"Flag of CanadaRW1947–194911, 195823295216
Portland, JackFlag of CanadaD1939–194111211452420000
Posa, VictorFlag of ItalyD1985–19863420002
Poulin, PatrickFlag of CanadaLW1993–199644141343670109204158
Powell, RayFlag of CanadaC1950–195112, 1831715222
Powis, GeoffFlag of CanadaC1967–1968520000
Powis, LynnFlag of CanadaC1973–1974125781321610000
Presley, WayneFlag of the United StatesRW1985–19911735593931864955117122998
Preston, RichFlag of CanadaRW1979–1984
11, 1642996127223257474182256
Price, JackFlag of CanadaD1951–19549, 195746402440000
Probert, BobFlag of CanadaLW1995–200224461497612512101823564
Prokopec, MikeFlag of CanadaRW1995–1997231500011
Prystai, MetroFlag of CanadaC1947–1950
4, 6, 172436056116111
Purpur, Fido[[Image:{{{flag alias-1912}}}|22x20px|border|Flag of the United States]]RW1941–19453, 41192433573891120
<span id="Q"/>Quackenbush, MaxFlag of CanadaD1951–195219, 20140114
Quint, DeronFlag of the United StatesD2003–2004251471118
Quintal, StephaneFlag of CanadaD2000–20014721181960
<span id="R"/>Radulov, IgorFlag of the Soviet UnionLW2002–20045043977622
Raglan, ClareFlag of CanadaD1951–19533, 6, 196718938
Ramsay, LesFlag of CanadaLW1944–194515142242
Ravlich, MattFlag of CanadaD1964–196952456547522542415616
Redmond, DickFlag of CanadaD1972–19771534171156227218387152214
Reekie, JoeFlag of CanadaD2001–200223170222810002
Reibel, Earl "Dutch"Flag of CanadaC1957–1958940412166
Reid, TomFlag of CanadaD1967–19694860773790002
Reise, LeoFlag of CanadaD1945–194782300024
Rheaume, PascalFlag of CanadaRW2001–200215190224
Ribble, PatFlag of CanadaD1978–19805352572240004
Richardson, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1965–1966630002
Richmond, DannyFlag of the United StatesD2005–2008443902268
Riley, JamesFlag of CanadaLW1926–1927141502214
Ripley, VicFlag of CanadaC/LW1928–19334177412465126132136
Robidas, StephaneFlag of CanadaD2003–200417452101233
Robinson, DougFlag of CanadaLW1963–19655, 14402911840000
Robinson, EarlFlag of CanadaRW1938–19391047961513
Rodden, EddieFlag of CanadaC1926–1928828358620110
Roenick, JeremyFlag of the United StatesC1988–199627, 515242673295965708235427753
Romanchych, LarryFlag of CanadaC1970–197128100222
Romnes, Elwyn "Doc"
Rota, DarcyFlag of CanadaLW1973–1979184481171102274502841539
Royer, RemiFlag of CanadaD1998–199961800067
Rucinski, MikeFlag of the United StatesC1987–1989361000020000
Ruskowski, TerryFlag of CanadaC1979–19828211301381686091814586Captain 1979–1982
Russell, CamFlag of CanadaD1990–19988, 52361819277884405516
Russell, PhilFlag of CanadaD1972–19795504531762291288391910132
Ruuttu, ChristianFlag of FinlandC1992–199522158286290208100004
Ruutu, TuomoFlag of FinlandC2003–200715176454893194
Rychel, WarrenFlag of CanadaLW1988–199112, 42200017
<span id="S"/>Salmelainen, TonyFlag of FinlandLW2006–2007 576111726
Samsonov, SergeiFlag of the Soviet UnionLW2007–20088230446
Sandford, EdFlag of CanadaLW1955–195610571292156
Sanipass, EverettFlag of CanadaLW1986–1990712617264330952024
Fred SasakamooseFlag of CanadaC1953–195421110006
Savard, DenisFlag of CanadaC1980–1990
18881377719109610051316184145209Captain 1988–1989
Savard, JeanFlag of CanadaC1977–197927427121929
Sceviour, DarinFlag of CanadaRW1986–19873210000
Schaefer, PaulFlag of the United StatesD1936–19371550006
Schmautz, BobbyFlag of CanadaRW1967–196919761292143112352
Sclisizzi, EnioFlag of CanadaLW1952–195314140220
Seabook, Brent
Secord, AlFlag of CanadaLW1980–199014, 20466213159372142668202747282
Sedlbauer, RonFlag of CanadaLW1979–198119842513382671126
Seibert, Earl
Shantz, JeffFlag of CanadaC1993–199811312368011615538581320
Sharp, Patrick
Sharpley, GlenFlag of CanadaC1980–19827711923422316651116
Shea, PatFlag of the United StatesD1931–193210101010
Sheehan, BobbyFlag of the United StatesC1975–197627781120311840000
Shelton, DougFlag of CanadaLW1967–19681950112
Sheppard, John
Shill, Jack
Shmyr, PaulFlag of CanadaD1968–197168421618751600025
Simon, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW2002–2003 6112618125
Simon, John "Cully"Flag of CanadaD1944–194517290119
Simpson, ReidFlag of CanadaLW1997–199933918614247
Simpson, ToddFlag of CanadaD2005–20062745033116
Skalde, JarrodFlag of CanadaC1997–19981670114
Skille, Jack
Skov, GlenFlag of CanadaC1955–1960143464475119150102138
Sleaver, JohnFlag of CanadaC1953–195715131016
Sloan, Tod
Smith, ClintFlag of CanadaC1943–19472, 320281121202121369150Captain 1944–1945
Smith, DesFlag of CanadaD1939–1940112414527
Smith, GlenFlag of CanadaRW1950–1951120000
Smith, SteveFlag of the United KingdomD1991–19963, 531725111136920471121372
Smith, WayneFlag of CanadaD1966–196752112210000
Smolenak, Radek
Smolinki, BryanFlag of the United StatesC2006–2007116414233729
Smyth, GregFlag of CanadaD1993–199536003314160000
Solheim, KenFlag of CanadaLW1980–1981552020
Somers, ArtFlag of CanadaC1929–193167714193310720004
Sopel, Brent
Spacek, JaroslavFlag of CzechoslovakiaD2000–2002
3, 6155154560121
St. Laurent, Dollard
St. Pierre, MartinFlag of CanadaC2005–200847211348
Stanfield, FredFlag of CanadaLW1964–19676, 1810710122216202134
Stanfield, JackFlag of CanadaLW1965–19661010000
Stanley, AllanFlag of CanadaD1954–1956411114294392
Stanley, BarneyFlag of CanadaRW1927–19281420000
Stapleton, MikeFlag of CanadaC1986–199212, 15, 16125921308240002Captain 1969–1970
Stapleton, PatFlag of CanadaD1965–197312545412863273036510394938
Stasiuk, VicFlag of CanadaLW1949–195117, 183764108
Stewart, GayeFlag of CanadaLW/RW1947–195010, 151787066136174Captain 1948–1949
Stewart, JackFlag of CanadaD1950–195226415661Captain 1950–1952
Stewart, KarlFlag of CanadaLW2006–2007573723543
Stewart, KenFlag of CanadaD1941–19421061120
Stratton, ArtFlag of CanadaC1965–19661020000
Strudwick, JasonFlag of CanadaD/LW2002–200434102369160
Sullivan, FrankFlag of CanadaD1954–1956 20000
Sullivan, George "Red"Flag of CanadaC1954–19567, 8, 211323368101109
Sullivan, SteveFlag of CanadaC/LW1999–200415, 2637011818530325151012
Suomi, AlFlag of the United StatesLW1936–19371450000
Suter, GaryFlag of the United StatesD1994–19986, 2030153126179284349142332
Sutter, BrentFlag of CanadaC1991–1998124177614321929356691544
Sutter, DarrylFlag of CanadaC1980–1987274061611182792885124194326Captain 1982–1987
Sutter, DuaneFlag of CanadaRW1987–199012, 161841832504404142684
Sutter, RichFlag of CanadaRW1993–1995159812142613660002
Sykora, MichalFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1996–1998656212142210000
<span id="T"/>Tallon, DaleFlag of CanadaD1973–19781932544112156296292101241
Tanti, TonyFlag of CanadaLW1981–19838, 1131010
Taylor, HarryFlag of CanadaC1951–19529, 15151120
Taylor, Ralph "Bouncer"Flag of CanadaD1927–19301277213137
Tepper, StephenFlag of the United StatesRW1992–19936810000
Terbenche, PaulFlag of CanadaD1967–196818683710860000
Thomas, CyFlag of the United KingdomLW1947–19481561018
Thomas, SteveFlag of the United KingdomRW1987–1991
Thompson, Paul
Thoms, BillFlag of CanadaC1938–194412252631121755750110
Thomson, JimFlag of CanadaD1957–1958570471175
Thornton, ShawnFlag of CanadaRW2002–2006493121370
Tichy, MilanFlag of CzechoslovakiaD1992–1993431301130
Timgren, RayFlag of CanadaLW1954–195516, 19141122
Todd, KevinFlag of CanadaC1993–19941435561116
Toews, Jonathan
Tonelli, JohnFlag of CanadaC1991–1992723317837
Toppazzini, JerryFlag of CanadaRW1953–1955198311193077
Toppazzini, ZellioFlag of CanadaRW1956–19571570000
Torkki, JariFlag of FinlandLW1988–19894441010
Toupin, JackFlag of CanadaRW1943–194498123040000
Townsend, ArtFlag of CanadaD1926–19271140000
Trapp, BobbyFlag of CanadaD1926–1928282448129
Traub, PercyFlag of CanadaD1926–1927 370229320006
Trimper, TimFlag of CanadaLW1979–198028, 3830610161010002
Trudel, Louis
Turner, BobFlag of CanadaD1961–196321391151672181016
Tuten, AudFlag of the United StatesD1941–1943239481248
<span id="U"/>Ubriaco, GeneFlag of CanadaLW1969–19701921112240002
Ulanov, IgorFlag of the Soviet UnionD1995–19966, 455318992
<span id="V"/>Vaive, RickFlag of CanadaRW1987–198927106553994168562838
Valk, GarryFlag of CanadaLW2002–200315160116
Van Dorp, WayneFlag of CanadaLW1966–1967236181119111
Van Impe, EdFlag of CanadaD1926–1927240000
VandenBussche, RyanFlag of CanadaRW1998–200414, 19, 23, 32, 342637101759210000
Vandermeer, JimFlag of CanadaD2003–20082314593443227
Varis, PetriFlag of CanadaD1997–19981710000
Vasko, Elmer
Vaydik, GregFlag of CanadaC1976–19772450000
Versteeg, Kris
Vincelette, DanFlag of CanadaLW1987–1989
11, 16, 17, 29, 32166202040288120004
Vokes, EdFlag of CanadaRW1930–1931850000
Von Arx, RetoFlag of SwitzerlandLW2000–200117133144
Vopat, RomanFlag of CzechoslovakiaC1998–19991430004
Vorobiev, PavelFlag of the Soviet UnionRW2003–2006325710152538
Voss, Karl
Vrbata, RadimFlag of CzechoslovakiaRW2005–20071612227487542
Walker, MattFlag of CanadaD2008–200986511314791702214
Walton, MikeFlag of CanadaC1978–19791626639441010
Ward, DonFlag of CanadaD1957–1958430000
Wares, EddieFlag of CanadaRW1945–194715105818265530110
Wasnie, NickFlag of CanadaRW1927–1928131610122
Watson, BillFlag of CanadaRW1985–198911, 141152336591260220
Watson, HarryFlag of CanadaLW1954–1957516836498519
Weinrich, EricFlag of CanadaD1993–199823562192113309382121424
Wentworth, Marvin "Cyclone"Flag of CanadaD1927–1932102171724411451111214Captain 1931–1932
Werenka, BradFlag of CanadaD1995–1996390008
Wharram, Ken
White, BillFlag of CanadaD1970–1976241530149179336714252962
White, PeterFlag of CanadaC2001–200311, 165434710
White, ToddFlag of CanadaRW1997–20002643681422
Wiebe, Art
Wilkinson, NeilFlag of CanadaD1993–19942372391211640000
Williams, JasonFlag of CanadaC2006–2008296317254242
Williams, SeanFlag of CanadaC1991–19925320004
Wilson, BehnFlag of CanadaD1983–198823262391061456072445972
Wilson, BobFlag of CanadaD1953–1954 10000
Wilson, Carl "Cully"Flag of CanadaRW1926–1927 3984124021018
Wilson, DougFlag of CanadaD1977–1991249382255547797649519618086
Wilson, JohnnyFlag of CanadaLW1955–19571614042398136
Wilson, LarryFlag of CanadaC1953–19567, 1613121446563
Wilson, RikFlag of the United StatesD1987–19883, 44144596
Wilson, RogerFlag of CanadaD1974–1975670226
Wisniewski, JamesFlag of the United StatesD2005–200943168134356192
Wiste, JimFlag of CanadaC1968–197018, 2229088810000
Witiuk, SteveFlag of CanadaLW1951–19529, 1533381114
Woit, BennyFlag of CanadaD1955–195767218948
Wylie, DuaneFlag of the United StatesC1974–197724, 27143362
Yakubov, MikhailFlag of the Soviet UnionC2003–200612, 3640291116
Yaremchuk, KenFlag of CanadaC1983–19867, 151883043737819661239
Yawney, TrentFlag of CanadaD1988–1991
5, 8280165571398416152155
Young, BrianFlag of CanadaD1980–19812580226
Young, HowieFlag of CanadaD1963–1964
2, 39631417166
Ysebaert, PaulFlag of CanadaLW1993–1995142698171460008
Zaharko, MilesFlag of CanadaD1978–19827, 8, 2658413175820000
Zeidel, LarryFlag of CanadaD1953–1954664167102
Zelepukin, ValeriFlag of the Soviet UnionLW2000–2001293634718
Zhamnov, AlexeiFlag of the Soviet UnionC1996–200413, 26, 3652814028442441950000Captain 2002–2004
Martin ZoboroskyFlag of CanadaD1944–1945310002
Zmolek, DougFlag of the United StatesD1998–2000410522123162


  • a  Save percentage did not become an official NHL statistic until the 1982–83 season. Therefore, goaltenders who played before 1982 do not have official save percentages.[8]
  • b  The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2000–2001 NHL season would be listed as playing with the team from 2000 to 2001, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.
  • c  Moe Roberts, an assistant trainer for the team at the time, played twenty minutes after a knee injury forced Harry Lumley out of a game.[9]


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