This is a complete list of ice hockey players who have played for the Carolina Hurricanes in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that have played at least one match, either in the NHL regular season or in the NHL playoffs. This list does not include players from the Hartford Whalers of the NHL (1979–80 to 1996–97) and New England Whalers of the WHA (1972–73 to 1978–79).

The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. All the players that were part of a Stanley Cup winning roster have a blue background on their row. All the players that currently play for the Carolina Hurricanes are in bold. Statistics correct as of the completion of the 2007–08 NHL season.

      Stanley Cup winner       Appeared in a Hurricanes game during the 2008–09 season


Nat Seasons Regular Season Playoffs SC winner
Barrasso, TomFlag of the United States2001–2002341312522.61.906
Burke, SeanFlag of Canada1997–199825711502.80.899
DesRochers, PatrickFlag of Canada2002–2003211003.44.901
Fichaud, EricFlag of Canada1999–2000935112.94.883
Fitzpatrick, MarkFlag of Canada1999–2000302004.49.882
Fountain, MikeFlag of Canada1997–1998303003.68.853
Gerber, MartinFlag of Switzerland2005–2006603814632.78.90661113.53.856SC 2006
Grahame, JohnFlag of the United States2006–2008451520303.17.889
Irbe, ArtursFlag of Latvia1998–200430913012244202.49.90630141612.11.925
Jablonski, PatFlag of the United States1997–1998514003.01.878
Kidd, TrevorFlag of Canada1997–1999722831952.34.916
Leighton, MichaelFlag of Canada2007–2009311002.66.897
McLean, KrikFlag of Canada1997–1998842003.29.878
Moss, TylerFlag of Canada2000–20011216003.99.853
Storr, JamieFlag of Canada2003–20041408202.91.878
Ward, CamFlag of Canada2005–200915781541363.12.8972315822.14.920Conn Smythe Trophy2006
SC 2006
Weekes, KevinFlag of Canada2001–2004119395420112.41.91283221.62.939


Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs SC winner
Adams, CraigFlag of BruneiRW2000–20084273344773372600010SC 2006
Adams, KevynFlag of the United StatesLW2001–20073003834721684810118SC 2006
Aucoin, KeithFlag of the United StatesRW2005–2008535101514
Babchuk, AntonFlag of UkraineD2005–2007
745141936 SC 2006
Battaglia, BatesFlag of the United StatesLW1997–20034026387150281355141924
Bayda, RyanFlag of CanadaLW2002–2004
Belanger, EricFlag of CanadaC2006–2007568122014
Borer, CaseyFlag of the United StatesD2007–2009111234
Boughner, BobFlag of CanadaD2003–20044305580
Boulerice, JesseFlag of the United StatesRW2002–20061508210286
Boychuk, ZachFlag of CanadaC2008–2009First season in Carolina
Brendl, PavelFlag of the Czech RepublicRW2002–20042654910
Brind'Amour, RodFlag of CanadaC1999–20095341492544033265417173438SC 2006
Brookbank, WadeFlag of CanadaD2007–200959213116
Brown, JeffFlag of CanadaD1997–1998323101316
Brown, KevinFlag of EnglandRW1997–199840000
Burt, AdamFlag of the United StatesD1997–199912711415152
Carson, BrettFlag of CanadaD2008–2009First season in Carolina
Carter, AnsonFlag of CanadaRW2006–2007101012
Chiasson, SteveFlag of CanadaD1997–199994835438161122
Ciccone, EnricoFlag of CanadaD1997–19981403383
Coffey, PaulFlag of CanadaD1998–20001131337506850112HHOF
Cole, ErikFlag of the United StatesLW2001–2008</br> 2008–2009[1]4181291512804062563930SC 2006
Commodore, MikeFlag of CanadaD2005–20081951341543252522433SC 2006
Conboy, TimFlag of the United StatesD2007–20091905560
Corvo, JoeFlag of the United StatesD2007–200923714218
Cullen, MattFlag of the United StatesC2005–2006
13738609872254141812SC 2006
Daniels, JeffFlag of CanadaLW1997–1998
DeFauw, BradFlag of the United StatesLW2002–200393032
DiMaio, RobFlag of CanadaRW2000–200174618245460004
Dineen, KevinFlag of CanadaRW1997–199912115264120260008
Dingman, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW2001–20023001177
Druken, HaroldFlag of CanadaC2002–2003140112
Dwyer, PatrickFlag of the United StatesRW2008–2009First season in Carolina
Eaves, PatrickFlag of CanadaRW2007–2009111454
Emerson, NelsonFlag of CanadaRW1997–199911629376686
Fast, BradFlag of CanadaD2003–200411010
Francis, RonFlag of CanadaC1998–200447211823635414629611176#10 Retired
Gelinas, MartinFlag of CanadaLW1997–2002348759016522635381118
Gleason, TimFlag of the United StatesD2006–200913752025141
Gove, DavidFlag of the United StatesLW2005–200720110
Grimson, StuFlag of CanadaLW1997–199882347204
Halko, StevenFlag of CanadaD1997–2003155015157140002
Haller, KevinFlag of CanadaD1997–19986535894
Hamilton, JeffFlag of the United StatesC2007-2008589152410
Hatcher, KevinFlag of the United StatesD2000–200157414183860006
Hedican, BretFlag of the United StatesD2001–20083691982101313483131662 SC 2006
Heerema, JeffFlag of CanadaRW2002–2003103032
Helminen, DwightFlag of the United StatesC2008–2009First season in Carolina
Hill, SeanFlag of the United StatesD1997–2000
Hlavac, JanFlag of the Czech RepublicLW2002–2003529152422
Holden, JoshFlag of CanadaC2001–200280002
Hutchinson, AndrewFlag of the United StatesD2005–2007776192548SC 2006
Jensen, JoeFlag of the United StatesC2007–200861012
Jokinen, JussiFlag of FinlandLW2008–2009First season in Carolina
Kaberle, FrantisekFlag of the Czech RepublicD2005–200918486674962549138SC 2006
Kapanen, SamiFlag of FinlandRW1997–20034401271873149734412166
Karpa, DaveFlag of CanadaD1998–200114051217266800019
Koehler, GregFlag of CanadaC2000–200110000
Kovalenko, AndreiFlag of RussiaRW1998–2000942130513841122
Kron, RobertFlag of the Czech RepublicC1997–200023738631013051120
Kurka, TomasFlag of the Czech RepublicLW2002–2004173252
Kuznik, GregFlag of CanadaD2000–200110000
LaCouture, DanFlag of the United StatesLW2008–2009First season in Carolina
Ladd, AndrewFlag of CanadaLW2005–200813726245081172354SC 2006
Langdon, DarrenFlag of CanadaLW2000–2003121235216400012
LaRose, ChadFlag of the United StatesC2005–2009187183654912101110SC 2006
Leach, StephenFlag of the United StatesRW1997–19984545942
Leschyshyn, CurtisFlag of CanadaD1997–20001914192310960006
Letowski, TrevorFlag of CanadaRW2006–200813611152648
Lysak, BrettFlag of CanadaC2003–200420002
MacDonald, CraigFlag of CanadaC1998–1999
Malec, TomasFlag of SlovakiaD2002–20044302245
Malik, MarekFlag of the Czech RepublicD1998–20032621654702373003328
Manderville, KentFlag of CanadaC1997–20002141019298160002
Markov, DannyFlag of RussiaD2003–2004444101437
Martins, SteveFlag of CanadaC1997–199830000
McCarthy, SandyFlag of CanadaRW1999–2000130009
Melichar, JosefFlag of the Czech RepublicD2008–2009150448
Mormina, JoeyFlag of CanadaD2007–200810000
Murray, ChrisFlag of CanadaRW1997–1998701122
Murray, MartyFlag of CanadaC2003–20046657128
Nolan, BrandonFlag of CanadaC2007–200860110
Nordgren, NiklasFlag of SwedenLW2005–20064342630
O'Neill, JeffFlag of CanadaC1997–200453617618335947234981737
Ozolinsh, SandisFlag of LatviaD2000–200211816516710560225
Pellerin, ScottFlag of CanadaLW2000–200119055660004
Petruzalek, JakubFlag of the Czech RepublicC2008–2009First season in Carolina
Pitkanen, JoniFlag of FinlandD2008–2009First season in Carolina
Pratt, NolanFlag of CanadaD1997–20001484172122930002
Primeau, KeithFlag of CanadaC1997–1999159566912518560336
Ranheim, PaulFlag of the United StatesLW1997–20002302332557360002
Recchi, MarkFlag of CanadaRW2005–2006204371225791618SC 2006
Rice, StevenFlag of CanadaRW1997–19984724638
Richmond, DannyFlag of the United StatesD2005–2006100117
Ritchie, ByronFlag of CanadaC1998–2000
Roberts, GaryFlag of CanadaLW1997–2000207578714434361128
Rodney, BryanFlag of CanadaD2008–2009First season in Carolina
Rourke, AllanFlag of CanadaD2003–20042512322
Rucinski, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1997–1999
Ruutu, TuomoFlag of FinlandC2007–200917471116
Ryan, MichaelFlag of the United StatesC2008–2009First season in Carolina
Samsonov, SergeiFlag of RussiaLW2007–20093814183210
Sanderson, GeoffFlag of CanadaLW1997–1998407101714
Seidenberg, DennisFlag of GermanyD2006–2009671202120
Sheppard, RayFlag of CanadaRW1997–1999842935641865162
St. Jacques, BrunoFlag of CanadaD2002–20045327943
Staal, EricFlag of CanadaC2003–200932712415928323925919288SC 2006
Stillman, CoryFlag of CanadaC2005–20081704710214970259172614SC 2006
Surma, DamianFlag of the United StatesLW2002–200421120
Sutter, BrandonFlag of the United StatesC2008–2009First season in Carolina
Svoboda, JaroslavFlag of the Czech RepublicLW2001–20049181422402314528
Tanabe, DavidFlag of the United StatesD1999–2003
Tetarenko, JoeyFlag of CanadaRW2003–200420000
Tselios, NikosFlag of the United StatesD2001–200220006 -
Tverdovsky, OlegFlag of UkraineD2005–200672320233750000SC 2006
Vasicek, JosefFlag of the Czech RepublicC2000–2006
34157781352293752714SC 2006
Vrbata, RadimFlag of the Czech RepublicRW2002–200610619163532
Walker, ScottFlag of CanadaRW2006–2009139354883160
Wallin, NiclasFlag of SwedenD2000–20094061638543235135828SC 2006
Ward, AaronFlag of CanadaD2001–20062761541562634834740SC 2006
Watt, MikeFlag of CanadaLW2002–200350000
Weight, DougFlag of the United StatesC2005–200623491325233131620SC 2006
Wesley, GlenFlag of CanadaD1997–2003</br> 2003–2008[3]729351201554425905530#2 Retired
SC 2006
Westlund, TommyFlag of SwedenLW1999–200320391322482510117
Whitney, RayFlag of CanadaLW2005–20092107412519911824961514SC 2006
Williams, JustinFlag of CanadaRW2003–200926581120201217257111834SC 2006
Willis, ShaneFlag of CanadaRW1998–20021412734616920000
Zigomanis, MikeFlag of CanadaC2002–2006573476




  1. Cole played 63 games with Edmonton following a trade after the 2007–08 season and returned to Carolina during the 2008–09 season.
  2. Vasicek played 38 games with Nashville following a trade after the 2005–06 season and returned to Carolina during to the 2006–07 season.
  3. Wesley played 12 games with Toronto following a trade during the 2002–03 season and returned to Carolina prior to the 2003–04 season.

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