This is a list of Canadian Junior A Seasons, whether sanctioned or not. The Thunder Bay Flyers/Thunder Bay Kings' leagues are not included in this list as the Thunder Bay Hockey League and United States Hockey League did not exclusively compete at the Canadian Junior "A" level.

Post-1970 EraEdit

(*) denotes Independent League. (**) denotes OHA Pilot Project that did not participate with rest of the leagues.

List of Partial standings

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Current Canadian Junior Hockey League affiliated leaguesEdit

Current independent leaguesEdit

Defunct leaguesEdit

  • Thunder Bay-Minnesota Junior A Hockey League (1971-1972)
  • Can-Am Junior Hockey League (1972-1973)

Member teams from Non-member LeaguesEdit



The recovery of the lost history of the Junior A system in Canada has taken years and countless hours of research, dozens of newspaper, and the contact of multiple statisticians. When I, Devan Mighton, began researching hockey in 2006, I was shocked by the lack of research and lack of effort in preserving the history of Amateur hockey in not only Ontario, but across Canada. The people below have made massive contributions, either directly or not directly, to my goal of rebuilding the history of Junior A hockey in Canada.

People of note in this project:


  • Dave Clamen (Researcher)
  • Devan Mighton (Researcher)
  • Paul C. Beugeling (Researcher, BCHL and Vernon Vipers) -
  • Al McGimpsey (Researcher, MJHL and Manitoba)
  • Jeff Edwards (Researcher, NJHL and Manitoba)


  • Marty Knack (Researcher)
  • David Harrison (NOJHL Statistician)
  • Ralph Slate (Researcher) -
  • Paul Wilkinson (OPJHL Statistician)
  • Penny McEwen (SJHL Statistician)
  • The AJHL (Providing their own stats online)

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