Jarome Iginla. 2008

Jarome Iginla is the current Flames captain, and the franchise's all-time leading point scorer.

The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are members of the Northwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Hockey League (NHL). Since their arrival in 1980, nearly 400 players have worn the Flames jersey for at least one regular season or playoff game. The Flames have won the Stanley Cup once, in 1989, and four players have been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame; the most recent electee is Al MacInnis, who was enshrined in 2007.

Fourteen players have served as the captain of the Calgary Flames, beginning with Brad Marsh in 1980–81. Doug Risebrough, Jim Peplinski and Lanny McDonald served together as co-captains in the 1980s; the latter two led the Flames to the 1989 Stanley Cup. The current captain of the Flames, and the team's longest serving player, is Jarome Iginla. Iginla joined the Flames for the 1996 Stanley Cup Playoffs and, as of 2009, is the Flames' all-time leader in games played, points and goals scored.


      Stanley Cup winner       Appeared in a Flames game during the 2008–09 season

Nat Nationality
GP Games played
SC Stanley Cup winner
HHOF Hockey Hall of Fame inductee

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T Ties SV% Save percentage
OTL Overtime loss

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenceman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes


Curtis Joseph Cgy

Curtis Joseph joined the Flames as a free agent in 2008.

Matt Keetley practice

Matt Keetley made his NHL debut with the Flames in 2007–08.


In 2005–06, Miikka Kiprusoff became the first Flames goaltender to win the Vezina Trophy.

Note: Statistics are complete as of the end of the 2008–09 NHL season.

Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Bernhardt, TimFlag of Canada1982–1983605004.50.857
Bouchard, DanFlag of Canada1980–19811445304.03.---
Boucher, BrianFlag of the United States2005–2006312004.95.854
Brathwaite, FredFlag of Canada1998–2001138515124112.54.915
D'Amour, MarcFlag of Canada1985–19861524203.43.---
Dadswell, DougFlag of Canada1986–19882788304.41.859
Edwards, DonFlag of Canada1982–198511440491324.06.---115604.60.---
Fuhr, GrantFlag of Canada1999–200023513203.83.856HHOF 2003
Garner, TyroneFlag of Canada1998–1999302005.18.838
Giguere, J. S.Flag of Canada1998–200022710203.07.904
Guenette, SteveFlag of Canada1989–1991321004.02.850
Joseph, Curtis Flag of Canada2007–2008932002.55.90621000.76.970
Keetley, Matt Flag of Canada2007–2008100000.001.000
Kidd, TrevorFlag of Canada1991–1997178726626102.83.89893514.06.---
Kiprusoff, Miikka Flag of Finland2003–2009338190104435272.42.91446222262.21.924
Lemelin, RejeanFlag of Canada1980–1987303136904563.67.---30111513.99.---
McElhinney, Curtis Flag of Canada2007–20091918103.23.891
McLennan, JamieFlag of Canada2002–2004
Moss, TylerFlag of Canada1997–199917510102.81.914
Muzzatti, JasonFlag of Canada1993–1995201006.86.814
Reese, JeffFlag of Canada1991–199439176313.39.88341304.88.813
Riggin, PatFlag of Canada1980–19829440351524.05.---146703.43.---
Roloson, DwayneFlag of Canada1996–19987020301112.95.899
Sabourin, DanyFlag of Canada2003–2004403003.55.848
Sauve, PhilippeFlag of the United States2005–2006833003.28.891
Sharples, ScottFlag of Canada1991–1992100103.69.900
Tabaracci, RickFlag of Canada1994–19989736421042.81.90140301.88.930
Trevilov, AndreiFlag of Russia1992–1995
Turek, RomanFlag of the Czech Republic2001–2004152636820122.53.90910000.001.000
Vernon, MikeFlag of Canada1982–1994
52625917013133.26.88381433533.02.888 SC 1989
Ret #30
Wamsley, RickFlag of Canada1987–199211153301543.21.878 40308.65.651SC 1989
Wregget, KenFlag of Canada1998–1999271012412.53.906



Note: Statistics are complete as of the end of the 2008–09 NHL season.


Tony Amonte spent two seasons in Calgary from 2005–2007.

Adrian Aucoin1

Adrian Aucoin joined the Flames in 2007 following a trade with Chicago.

Rene Bourque

Rene Bourque was acquired by the Flames in a 2008 trade with the Blackhawks.

Dustin Boyd

Dustin Boyd is entering his third season with the Flames in 2008–09.

Mike Commodore

Mike Commodore played only 18 regular season games in Calgary, but was a popular member of the Flames' 2004 Stanley Cup Finals run.


Jeff Friesen was a member of the Flames in 2006–07.

Mark Giordano

Though he was never drafted, Mark Giordano has become a regular on the Flames' blueline.


Kristian Huselius enjoyed his first 30-goal season with the Flames in 2006–07.

Matthew Lombardi

Matthew Lombardi was a member of the Flames since his NHL debut in 2003 until traded to Phoenix in 2009.

Darren McCarty - Calgary Flames

A Flame for two seasons, Darren McCarty came to Calgary in 2005 as a free agent after spending eleven seasons with the Detroit Red Wings.


David Moss scored ten goals in 41 games as a rookie in 2006–07.

Adam Pardy

Adam Pardy made his NHL debut in 2008.

Dion Phaneuf 2008

Dion Phaneuf, seen warming up before a game, set a Flames rookie defensive scoring record, recording 20 goals in 2005–06.

Corey Sarich

Cory Sarich joined the Flames in 2007.


Chris Simon joined the Flames in time to help Calgary reach the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals.

Jim Vandermeer

Jim Vandermeer was acquired from Philadelphia in a 2008 trade.


Stephane Yelle was a key member of the Flames between 2002 and 2008.


Andrei Zyuzin spent the 2006–07 season in Calgary.

Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
<span id="A"/>Ahola, Peter Flag of FinlandD1993–199420000
Albelin, Tommy Flag of SwedenD1995–20013391259719240000
Allison, Jamie Flag of CanadaD2001–200210131013163
Amonte, Tony Flag of the United StatesRW2005–2007161244872831322410
Andersson, Erik Flag of SwedenLW1997–1998122138
Andersson, Niklas Flag of SwedenLW2000–2001110114
Ashton, Brent Flag of CanadaF1992–199332811194160332
Aucoin, Adrian Flag of CanadaD2007–200915720496983132466
<span id="B"/>Backlund, Mikael Flag of SwedenLW2008–200910000
Bartell, Robin Flag of CanadaD1985–198610000600016
Bassen, Bob Flag of CanadaC1998–19994112335
Baxter, Paul Flag of CanadaD1983–198720916395556830044120
Beers, Eddy Flag of the NetherlandsF1981–19862268710519223222461039
Begin, Steve Flag of CanadaC1997–1998
Belak, Wade Flag of CanadaD1998–200172033218
Berezan, Perry Flag of CanadaC1984–19891523142731542025730
Bergqvist, Jonas Flag of SwedenRW1989–19902225710
Bertuzzi, Todd Flag of CanadaLW2008–2009661529447461128
Berube, Craig Flag of CanadaRW2001–2003234101727628
Betts, Blair Flag of CanadaC2001–20043535812
Bodak, Bob Flag of CanadaLW1987–1988300022
Bolduc, Dan Flag of the United StatesLW1983–19842011010000
Borschevsky, Nikolai Flag of RussiaRW1994–199580557
Botterill, Jason Flag of CanadaLW1999–2000
Bouchard, Joel Flag of CanadaD1994–199812691221106
Boughner, Bob Flag of CanadaD2001–200314851823293Captain 2002
Bourgeois, Charlie Flag of CanadaD1981–19861621234464301501151
Bourque, Rene Flag of CanadaLW2008–20095821194070510122
Boyd, Dustin Flag of CanadaC2006–20091322018382051010
Bozek, Steve Flag of CanadaF1983–198826164791438031771453
Bradley, Brian Flag of CanadaC1985–1988451019291610000
Bridgman, Mel Flag of CanadaC1981–198314245801251971254947
Brigley, Travis Flag of CanadaLW1997–2000190226
Brubaker, Jeff Flag of the United StatesLW1983–1984400019
Bucyk, Randy Flag of CanadaC1987–198820000
Bullard, Mike Flag of CanadaF1986–19881367681157102124598
Bure, Valeri Flag of RussiaRW1997–20012569399192100
Bureau, Marc Flag of CanadaC1989–1991
Buzek, Petr Flag of the Czech RepublicD2001–200376481228
<span id="C"/>Cammalleri, Michael Flag of CanadaC2008–2009813943824461232
Cassels, Andrew Flag of CanadaC1997–199915129528150
Cavallini, Gino Flag of CanadaLW1984–1986541317304030004
Charron, Eric Flag of CanadaD1997–20003501155
Chernomaz, Rich Flag of CanadaRW1987–1989
Chiasson, Steve Flag of CanadaD1994–1997168155974133113369
Chorske, Tom Flag of the United StatesLW1998–199970002
Chouinard, Guy Flag of CanadaF1980–1983196671682355428421258
Christie, Ryan Flag of CanadaLW2001–200220000
Christoff, Steve Flag of the United StatesC1982–1983459817410000
Chucko, Kris Flag of CanadaRW2008–200920002
Churla, Shane Flag of CanadaRW1987–198934156158701117
Clark, Chris Flag of the United StatesRW1999–20042783536713632633630
Clement, Bill Flag of CanadaC1980–198214716324861192138
Commodore, Mike Flag of CanadaD2002–200418011442002219
Conacher, Pat Flag of CanadaLW1995–199670000
Conroy, Craig Flag of the United StatesC2000–2004
42692199291243457152228Captain 2002–2003
Corbet, Rene Flag of CanadaLW1998–2000689142370
Courteau, Yves Flag of CanadaRW1984–198518257410000
Cowan, Jeff Flag of CanadaLW1999–20028314519130
Coxe, Craig Flag of the United StatesC1987–1988723532210116
Curtale, Tony Flag of the United StatesD1980–198120000
Cyr, Denis Flag of CanadaRW1980–19836614152913
<span id="D"/>Dahl, Kevin Flag of CanadaD1992–1996
Dahlquist, Chris Flag of the United StatesD1992–19941514182211873144
DeGray, Dale Flag of CanadaD1985–198728671329
Dingman, Chris Flag of CanadaLW1997–199972336166
Dollas, Bobby Flag of CanadaD1999–200049371028
Dome, Robert Flag of SlovakiaRW2002–200310000
Domenichelli, Hnat Flag of CanadaC1996–20009620234331
Donovan, Shean Flag of CanadaRW2002–200617528376516131551029
Dowd, Jim Flag of the United StatesC1997–199848681412
Drury, Chris Flag of the United StatesLW2002–20038023305333
Drury, Ted Flag of the United StatesC1993–199434571226
Dubinsky, Steve Flag of CanadaC1998–2000844111518
Dunn, Richie Flag of the United StatesD1982–198380311144791128
DuPont, Micki Flag of CanadaD2001–2003181236
Dwyer, Mike Flag of CanadaLW1980–19829033411010
<span id="E"/>Eakin, Bruce Flag of CanadaF1981–1982
Eakins, Dallas Flag of the United StatesD2000–20022001115
Eaves, Mike Flag of the United StatesF1983–19861172863933019551010
Eisenhut, Neil Flag of CanadaC1994–199530000
Eloranta, Kari Flag of FinlandD1981–198625512961081492117819
Engblom, Brian Flag of CanadaD1986–19873204428
Eriksson, Anders Flag of SwedenD2007–200961117183650112
Esau, LenFlag of CanadaD1993–199570337
Evans, Brennan Flag of CanadaD2003–200420000
Evason, Dean Flag of CanadaC1995–19966777143830110
<span id="F"/>Fata, Rico Flag of CanadaRW1998–20012701110
Featherstone, Glen Flag of CanadaD1996–19971313419
Fenton, Paul Flag of the United StatesF1990–1991317121050002
Ference, Andrew Flag of CanadaD2002–20072241053632103307737
Ference, Brad Flag of CanadaD2006–200750002
Ferguson, Craig Flag of the United StatesC1995–199680004
Fleury, Theoren Flag of CanadaRW1988–199979136446683013395929336297SC 1989
Captain 1995–1997
Forslund, Tomas Flag of SwedenRW1991–199344511612
Fotiu, Nick Flag of the United StatesF1985–1987515491661101134
Friesen, Jeff Flag of CanadaLW2006–20077266123450002
Freer, Mark Flag of CanadaC1993–199420004
<span id="G"/>Gagner, Dave Flag of CanadaC1996–19978227336048
Gauthier, Denis Flag of CanadaD1997–200438413455851560114
Gavey, Aaron Flag of CanadaC1996–1998679122158
Gelinas, Martin Flag of CanadaLW2002–200415738498712126871535
Germyn, Carsen Flag of CanadaRW2005–200740000
Gilmour, Doug Flag of CanadaC1988–1992266812142952863515132828SC 1989
Giordano, Mark Flag of CanadaD2005–2007
Glencross, Curtis Flag of CanadaLW2008–20097413274042603312
Glynn, Brian Flag of GermanyD1987–199068514198710000
Godard, Eric Flag of CanadaD2006–20089312322150002
Godynyuk, Alexander Flag of UkraineD1991–19933335823
Gould, Bobby Flag of CanadaF1980–1982193034113144
Gratton, Benoit Flag of CanadaC1999–20012415624
Green, Josh Flag of CanadaF2003–20043624624
Greentree, Kyle Flag of CanadaLW2008–200920000
Greig, Mark Flag of CanadaRW1994–199581122
Grimson, Stu Flag of CanadaLW1988–1990400022
Guy, Kevan Flag of CanadaD1986–1988
<span id="H"/>Haas, David Flag of CanadaLW1993–199421127
Habscheid, Marc Flag of CanadaF1991–1992467111842
Hale, David Flag of the United StatesD2006–2008690225680008
Hampson, Gord Flag of CanadaF1982–198340005
Hamrlik, Roman Flag of the Czech RepublicD2005–20071261450641441303310
Hanson, Keith Flag of the United StatesD1983–19842502277
Harkins, Todd Flag of the United StatesC1991–19932023529
Harrer, Tim Flag of the United StatesRW1982–198330002
Hay, Dwayne Flag of CanadaLW2000–20014913416
Heaphy, Shawn Flag of CanadaC1992–199310000
Helenius, Sami Flag of FinlandD1996–199970118
Hentunen, Jukka Flag of FinlandRW2001–2002282354
Hindmarch, Dave Flag of CanadaF1980–19859821173825100006
Hislop, Jamie Flag of CanadaF1980–1984215376198652832511
Hlushko, Todd Flag of CanadaLW1994–199876713208410002
Hoglund, Jonas Flag of SwedenLW1996–199811825244928
Holt, Randy Flag of CanadaD1980–1982560552741322452
Housley, Phil Flag of the United StatesD1994–1996
Houston, Ken Flag of CanadaD1980–198211237377418419881632
Hrdina, Jiri Flag of the Czech RepublicC1987–199115736589463110112SC 1989
Hull, Brett Flag of the United StatesRW1985–1988572724511262130
Hulse, Cale Flag of CanadaD1995–2000
Hunter, Mark Flag of CanadaF1988–19911333426603581022423SC 1989
Hunter, Tim Flag of CanadaF1981–199254549591082405865611352SC 1989
Huscroft, Jamie Flag of CanadaD1995–19971093131617940114
Huselius, Kristian Flag of SwedenRW2005–200821674108182102202101214
<span id="I"/>Iginla, Jarome Flag of CanadaRW1995–20099424094428516685428214970Captain 2003–present
Ingarfield, Earl Jr. Flag of the United StatesC1980–1981162356
<span id="J"/>Jackson, Jim Flag of CanadaRW1982–198510715304520143256
Jalonen, Kari Flag of FinlandC1982–1984349615451010
Jantunen, Marko Flag of FinlandRW1996–199730000
Johansson, Andreas Flag of SwedenC1999–200028371014
Johansson, Mathias Flag of SwedenLW2002–20034645912
Johansson, Roger Flag of SwedenD1989–1991
Johnson, Terry Flag of CanadaD1985–198624145711703364
Jokinen, Olli Flag of FinlandC2008–20091987151862354
<span id="K"/>Keczmer, Dan Flag of the United StatesD1993–1996983232672100116
Kennedy, Sheldon Flag of CanadaRW1994–199671101525811023518
Kisio, Kelly Flag of CanadaF1993–199563142741341434727
Kobasew, Chuck Flag of CanadaRW2002–20072103437711603311124
Kohn, Ladislav Flag of the Czech RepublicRW1995–1998
Konroyd, Steve Flag of CanadaD1980–1986
Korn, Jim Flag of the United StatesD1989–1990902226410112
Kravchuk, Igor Flag of RussiaD2000–20021154303423
Krivokrasov, Sergei Flag of RussiaRW1999–200012110114
Kromm, Richard Flag of CanadaLW1983–19861894361104901412313
Kruse, Paul Flag of CanadaLW1990–19972462429536141724628
Kyte, Jim Flag of CanadaD1990–1992630101026070007
<span id="L"/>Labraaten, Dan Flag of SwedenLW1980–1982701919381981014
Lakovic, Sasha Flag of CanadaLW1996–19971901154
Lalonde, Bobby Flag of CanadaC1981–198210000
Lamb, Mark Flag of CanadaC1985–198610000
Landry, Eric Flag of CanadaC1997–1999151124
Langkow, Daymond Flag of CanadaC2005–2009316109141250129266121812
Lapointe, Claude Flag of CanadaC1995–1996324592020000
Larose, Guy Flag of CanadaC1993–199470114
LaVallee, Kevin Flag of CanadaF1980–19832126665131631936915
Lebeau, Patrick Flag of CanadaLW1992–199310000
Leclerc, Mike Flag of CanadaLW2005–200615145830002
Leeman, Gary Flag of CanadaRW1991–19935911122337
Lemieux, Jocelyn Flag of CanadaLW1995–1996204481040000
Leopold, Jordan Flag of the United StatesD2002–2006
Lessard, Rick Flag of CanadaD1988–1989
Letang, Alan Flag of CanadaD2001–200220000
Lever, Don Flag of CanadaF1980–1982853442767616471120
Lindberg, Chris Flag of CanadaLW1991–1993791117283510112
Lindsay, Bill Flag of CanadaF1999–200113292130183
Lombardi, Matthew Flag of CanadaC2003–20093476510216722533281010
Loob, Hakan Flag of SwedenF1983–19894501932364291897326285416SC 1989
Lowry, Dave Flag of CanadaLW2000–2004193313869131100006Captain 2000–2002
Loyns, Lynn Flag of CanadaF2003–2006130222
Lundmark, Jamie Flag of CanadaC2005–2007
Lydman, Toni Flag of FinlandD2000–200428919749314060112
<span id="M"/>MacDonald, Craig Flag of CanadaC2005–200625325810000
MacInnis, Al Flag of CanadaD1981–1994803213609822944952577102153SC 1989
HHOF 2007
MacLellan, Brian Flag of CanadaF1988–1991134353570952834727SC-1989
MacMillan, Bob Flag of CanadaC1980–1982100324274611686147
Macoun, Jamie Flag of CanadaD1982–199258662184246664846192587SC 1989
Makarov, Sergei Flag of RussiaRW1989–19932979419829219991670
Maki, Tomi Flag of FinlandRW2006–200710000
Malgunas, Stewart Flag of CanadaD1999–200040112
Marchment, Bryan Flag of CanadaD2005–20063712375
Markwart, Nevin Flag of CanadaF1991–19921021325
Marsh, Brad Flag of CanadaD1980–1982971131497160558Captain 1980–1981
Matteau, Stephane Flag of CanadaLW1990–1992821619351125110
May, Alan Flag of CanadaLW1994–1995712313
McAdam, Gary Flag of CanadaF1981–198246121527183000
McAmmond, Dean Flag of CanadaLW2001–200413738438178
McCarthy, Sandy Flag of CanadaRW1993–19982763025557301701161
McCarty, Darren Flag of CanadaRW2005–2007997613175720215
McCrimmon, Brad Flag of CanadaD1987–199023116678327437281060SC 1989
Captain 1989–1990
McDonald, Lanny Flag of CanadaF1981–19894922151914064087224234798SC 1989
Ret #9
HHOF 1992
Co-captain 1983–1989
McInnis, Marty Flag of the United StatesLW1996–19999123305342
McKendry, Alex Flag of CanadaF1980–19813636919
Mctavish, Dale Flag of CanadaC1996–199791232
Meredith, Greg Flag of CanadaF1980–1981
Millen, Corey Flag of the United StatesC1995–19979215254042
Miller, Brad Flag of CanadaD1993–1994801114
Mokosak, Carl Flag of CanadaF1981–198342771487
Montador, Steve Flag of CanadaD2001–200694459201201236
Morgan, Jason Flag of CanadaC2003–2004130222
Morris, Derek Flag of CanadaD1997–200234334129163385
Morrow, Scott Flag of the United StatesLW1994–199540000
Moss, David Flag of the United StatesRW2006–200916334346844174264
Mottau, Mike Flag of the United StatesD2002–200340000
Mrozik, Rick Flag of the United StatesD2002–200320000
Mullen, Joe Flag of the United StatesF1985–1990345190198388956135205518SC 1989
HHOF 2000
Murdoch, Bob Flag of CanadaD1980–1982147636421301914536
Murray, Marty Flag of CanadaC1995–2001263366
Murzyn, Dana Flag of CanadaD1987–199120116#9554043245935SC 1989
Musil, Frank Flag of the Czech RepublicD1990–19953351845635052513421
<span id="N"/>Nattress, Ric Flag of CanadaD1987–19922269536220438461030
Nazarov, Andrei Flag of RussiaLW1998–2000112153146108
Negrin, John Flag of CanadaD2008–200930112
Nichol, Scott Flag of CanadaC2001–2003128131427256
Nieckar, Barry Flag of CanadaLW1994–1995300012
Niedermayer, Rob Flag of CanadaC2001–200311114243891
Nieminen, Ville Flag of FinlandLW2003–200419358182444855
Nieuwendyk, Joe Flag of CanadaC1986–19955773143026163306632286036SC 1989
Captain 1991–1995
Nilson, Marcus Flag of SwedenRW2003–20081941923427741591424
Nilsson, Kent Flag of SwedenF1980–19853451892804698029424286
Nolan, Owen Flag of CanadaRW2007–2008771616327173252
Norwood, Lee Flag of the United StatesD1993–19941601116
Nylander, Michael Flag of SwedenC1993–1996
Nystrom, Eric Flag of the United StatesLW2005–2006
<span id="O"/>O'Sullivan, Chris Flag of the United StatesD1996–1999492111314
Oliwa, Krzysztof Flag of Poland LW2003–200465325247202026
Olsen, Darryl Flag of CanadaD1991–199210000
Osiecki, Mark Flag of the United StatesD1991–19925027924
Otto, Joel Flag of the United StatesC1984–1995730167261428164287233861188SC 1989
<span id="P"/>Pankewicz, Greg Flag of CanadaF1998–19991703320
Pardy, Adam Flag of CanadaD2008–20096019106960225
Paslawski, Greg Flag of CanadaRW1992–1994286511263030
Patrick, James Flag of CanadaD1993–199821714567082160228
Patterson, Colin Flag of CanadaF1983–199141688991871877211162755SC 1989
Pelech, Matt Flag of CanadaLW2008–2009First season in Calgary
Peluso, Mike Flag of the United StatesD1997–199823000113
Peplinski, Jim Flag of CanadaF1980–1990
711161263424146799153146382SC 1989
Co-captain 1984–1989
Peters, Warren Flag of CanadaF2008–2009161011240000
Petit, Michel Flag of CanadaD1991–199413484048243
Petrovicky, Ronald Flag of SlovakiaRW2000–200210791221139
Phaneuf, Dion Flag of CanadaD2005–20093236914120647325571222
Plett, Willi Flag of ParaguayF1980–19821565966125125189615128
Primeau, Wayne Flag of CanadaC2006–20099461521761312318
Prust, Brandon Flag of CanadaLW2006–2007
Pryakhin, Sergei Flag of RussiaRW1988–1991463811230000
<span id="Q"/>Quinn, Dan Flag of CanadaC1983–1987222721191911002911122314
<span id="R"/>Racine, Yves Flag of CanadaD1996–1997461151624
Ramage, Rob Flag of CanadaD1987–19898041923193292141647SC 1989
Ramholt, Tim Flag of CanadaD2007–200810000
Ranheim, Paul Flag of the United StatesLW1988–199435494100194105193692
Rautakallio, Pekka Flag of FinlandD1980–19821562896124104192466
Regehr, Richie Flag of CanadaD2005–2007201346
Regehr, Robyn Flag of CanadaD1999–200966725104129664413121528
Reichel, Robert Flag of the Czech RepublicC1990–199742515320135421726514196
Reierson, Dave Flag of CanadaD1988–198920002
Reinhart, Paul Flag of CanadaD1980–19884381002973971727621517238
Reinprecht, Steven Flag of CanadaC2003–20069617415828
Ribble Pat Flag of CanadaD1981–19833101120
Rioux, Pierre Flag of CanadaF1982–1983141234
Risebrough, Doug Flag of CanadaF1982–1987247681011695835010172795Co-captain 1983–1987
Ritchie, Byron Flag of CanadaC2005–200710912820137800010
Roberts, Gary Flag of CanadaLW1986–1996585257248505173658133043216
Roche, Dave Flag of CanadaLW1998–20003833649
Roy, Andre Flag of CanadaRW2008–2009443038320000
Russell, Phil Flag of CanadaD1980–1983229236689326253121555Captain 1981–1983
<span id="S"/>Sabourin, Ken Flag of CanadaD1988–1991271457210000
Saprykin, Oleg Flag of RussiaLW1999–20041872947761322633614
Sarault, Yves Flag of CanadaLW1995–1996112134
Sarich, Cory Flag of CanadaD2007–200915642327247120228
Savard, Marc Flag of CanadaC1999–20022216094154158
Schlegel, Brad Flag of CanadaD1993–1994261674
Schulte, Paxton Flag of CanadaLW1996–199710002
Scoville, Darrel Flag of CanadaD1999–200060002
Shannon, Darryl Flag of CanadaD1999–20002718922
Shantz, Jeff Flag of CanadaC1998–2002256335386151
Sheehy, Neil Flag of CanadaD1983–1988
Simard, Martin Flag of CanadaLW1990–199237156172
Simon, Chris Flag of CanadaLW2003–2006851116271192253881
Simpson, Todd Flag of CanadaD1995–199921442630500Captain 1997–1999
Skalde, Jarrod Flag of CanadaC1995–199610000
Skrudland, Brian Flag of CanadaC1992–19931624610603312
Sloan, Blake Flag of the United StatesF2001–2003742101232
Smith, Brad Flag of CanadaF1980–198145741165
Smith, Mark Flag of CanadaC2007–20085413459
Smith, Steve Flag of CanadaD1998–200110212021139Captain 1999–2000
Smyth, Greg Flag of CanadaD1991–199342235110
Sonnenberg, Martin Flag of CanadaLW2003–200450002
Sorochan, Lee Flag of CanadaD1998–20003000
St. Louis, Martin Flag of CanadaRW1998–2000694162032
Stern, Ron Flag of CanadaRW1990–19983965966125128831661285
Stiles, Tony Flag of CanadaD1983–19843027920
Stillman, Cory Flag of CanadaC1994–200139310912623519221120
Struch, David Flag of CanadaC1993–199440004
Stuart, Brad Flag of CanadaD2006–2007270551860116
Sullivan, Mike Flag of the United StatesC1993–19972052028485418461010
Sundblad, Niklas Flag of SwedenRW1995–199620000
Suter, Gary Flag of the United StatesD1985–1994617128437565872496333966SC 1989
Sutter, Brett Flag of CanadaC2008–200941012
Sutter, Ron Flag of CanadaC2000–20012113412
Sweeney, Bob Flag of the United StatesC1995–19966112620000
Sweeney, Tim Flag of the United StatesLW1991–1992538111912
<span id="T"/>Tambellini, Steve Flag of CanadaC1983–19851203420542020110
Tanguay, Alex Flag of CanadaF2006–20081594099131921317812
Thompson, Rocky Flag of CanadaRW1997–19991500086
Titov, German Flag of RussiaC1993–199834510712122814218761314
Tkaczuk, Daniel Flag of CanadaC2000–200119471114
Tonelli, John Flag of CanadaC1985–19881614076116164319142361
Torgayev, Pavel Flag of RussiaC1995–20005061218181000
Turnbull, Randy Flag of CanadaD1981–198210002
<span id="V"/>Vail, Eric Flag of CanadaF1980–1982703237692360000
Van der Gulik, David Flag of CanadaRW2008–200960220
Vandermeer, Jim Flag of CanadaD2007–200966189147130118
Varlamov, Sergei Flag of UkraineLW1997–1998
Viitakoski, Vesa Flag of FinlandLW1993–1996232468
Volcan, Mickey Flag of CanadaD1983–19841914518
<span id="W"/>Walker, Howard Flag of CanadaD1982–198330007
Walz, Wes Flag of CanadaC1993–1995921739562773032
Wappel, Gord Flag of CanadaD1980–19821811210
Ward, Ed Flag of CanadaRW1994–1999215162440284
Warrener, Rhett Flag of CanadaD2003–20082311126372393701130
Werenka, Brad Flag of CanadaD1999–20014525737
Wiemer, Jason Flag of CanadaC1997–2001
Wilm, Clarke Flag of CanadaC1998–2002303314273250
Wilson, Bert Flag of CanadaLW1980–19815057129410000
Wilson, Carey Flag of CanadaC1983–1988
Wilson, Rik Flag of the United StatesD1985–198620000
Wortman, Kevin Flag of the United StatesD1993–199450002
Wright, Jamie Flag of CanadaLW2001–2003636142032
<span id="Y"/>Yawney, Trent Flag of CanadaD1991–19962741145563681932526
Yelle, Stephane Flag of CanadaC2002–20083393165961744363932
Young, C. J. Flag of the United StatesRW1992–19932832520
<span id="Z"/>Zalapski, Zarley Flag of CanadaD1993–19981782155762201808816
Zemlak, Richard Flag of CanadaF1991–1992501142
Zyuzin, Andrei Flag of RussiaD2006–2007491563051012


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