Greg Nemisz

Greg Nemisz was the Flames' first choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey franchise based in Calgary, Alberta. They play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Hockey League (NHL). The franchise was founded in 1972 as the Atlanta Flames, and relocated to Calgary in 1980. Since arriving in Calgary, the Flames have drafted 306 players. The 2008 draft was the 29th in which Calgary participated.

The NHL Entry Draft is held each June, allowing teams to select players who have turned 18 years old by September 15 in the year the draft is held. The draft order is determined by the previous season's order of finish, with non-playoff teams drafting first, followed by the teams that made the playoffs, with the specific order determined by the number of points earned by each team. The NHL holds a weighted lottery for the 14 non-playoff teams, allowing the winner to move up a maximum of four positions in the entry draft. The team with the fewest points has the best chance of winning the lottery, with each successive team given a lower chance of moving up in the draft. The Flames have never won the lottery. Between 1986 and 1994, the NHL also held a Supplemental Draft for players in American colleges.

Calgary's first draft pick was Denis Cyr, taken 13th overall in the 1980 NHL Entry Draft. The highest that Calgary has drafted is sixth overall, which they have done three times. They selected Cory Stillman (1992), Daniel Tkaczuk (1997) and Rico Fata (1998) at the sixth spot. Seven picks went on to play over 1,000 NHL games: Al MacInnis, Gary Roberts, Paul Ranheim, Brett Hull, Gary Suter, Joe Nieuwendyk and Theoren Fleury. One player, MacInnis, has been elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. 1986 draft pick Tom Quinlan was also drafted by baseball's Toronto Blue Jays and chose a career in Major League Baseball over the NHL.

The Flames selected seven players in 2008. During the draft, the Flames made two trades. They first acquired Mike Cammalleri from the Los Angeles Kings, along with a second round pick in exchange for their first pick, 17th overall, and a second round pick in the 2009 draft. Calgary then sent forward Alex Tanguay, along with their fifth round selection to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for the 25th overall pick and a second round selection in 2009. With their first pick, 25th overall, the Flames selected Greg Nemisz from the Ontario Hockey League's Windsor Spitfires.


Pos Position
S Supplemental draft selection
G Goaltender C Centre
D Defenceman LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing F Forward

GP Games played G Goals
A Assists Pts Points
PIM Penalties in minutes GAA Goals against average
W Wins L Losses
T Ties OT Overtime/Shootout losses
GAA Goals against average

Draft picksEdit

Gary Roberts

The Flames' first pick in 1984, Gary Roberts played for 21 NHL seasons.

Theoren Fleury Vipers

Taken 166th overall in 1987, Theoren Fleury went on to play over 1,000 NHL games.


Though he never played in Calgary, Nils Ekman was a 5th round pick of the Flames in 1994.

Dany Sabourin

The Flames took Dany Sabourin in the 4th round in 1998.


Craig Anderson was Calgary's third pick in 1999.


Drafted by the Flames in the 5th round in 2000, Travis Moen never played for Calgary.


Brent Krahn was drafted 9th Overall in the 1st round in 2000.


Chuck Kobasew was the Flames' first selection in 2001.


David Moss was selected in the 7th round of the 2001 draft.


The Flames took Eric Nystrom with their first pick, 10th overall, in 2002.


Dion Phaneuf was the Flames' 1st round pick in 2003.

Matt Pelech

Matt Pelech was the Flames' top pick in 2005.

Leland Irving

The Flames selected Leland Irving with their 1st round pick in 2006.

Mikael Backlund

Swedish forward Mikael Backlund was Calgary's top pick in 2007.

Statistics are complete as of the 2008–09 NHL season and show each player's career regular season totals in the NHL. Wins, losses, ties, overtime losses and goals against average apply to goaltenders and are used only for players at that position. This list includes players drafted by the team in Calgary only.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
1980113Denis CyrFlag of Canada CanadaRW19341438436
1980231Tony CurtaleFlag of the United States United StatesD20000
1980232Kevin LaValleeFlag of Canada CanadaF36611012523585
1980239Steve KonroydFlag of Canada CanadaD89541195236863
1980476Marc RoyFlag of Canada CanadaRW
1980597Randy TurnbullFlag of Canada CanadaD10002
19806118John MultanFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19807139Dave NewsomFlag of Canada CanadaLW
19808160Claude DrouinFlag of Canada CanadaC
19809181Hakan LoobFlag of Sweden SwedenF450193236429189
198010202Steven FletcherFlag of Canada CanadaLW30005
1981115Al MacInnisFlag of Canada CanadaD141634093412741501
1981356Mike VernonFlag of Canada CanadaG78103939271385273923.00
1981 478Peter MadachFlag of Sweden SwedenC
1981 599Mario SimioniFlag of Canada CanadaF
1981 6120Todd HooeyFlag of Canada CanadaF
1981 7141Rick HeppnerFlag of the United States United StatesD
1981 8162Dale DeGrayFlag of Canada CanadaD153184765195
1981 9183George BoudreauFlag of the United States United StatesD
198110204Bruce EakinFlag of Canada CanadaF132244
1982229Dave ReiersonFlag of Canada CanadaD20000
1982 351Jim LaingFlag of the United States United StatesD
1982 465Dave MeszarosFlag of Canada CanadaG
1982472Mark LambFlag of Canada CanadaC40346100146291
1982 593Lou KiriakouFlag of Canada CanadaD
1982 6114Jeff VaiveFlag of Canada CanadaC
1982 6118Mats KihlstromFlag of Sweden SwedenD
1982 7135Brad RamsdenFlag of Canada CanadaC
1982 8156Roy MyllariFlag of Canada CanadaD
1982 9177Ted PearsonFlag of Canada CanadaF
1982 10198Jim UensFlag of Canada CanadaC
1982 11219Rick ErdallFlag of the United States United StatesC
1982 12240Dale ThompsonFlag of Canada CanadaRW
1983113Dan QuinnFlag of Canada CanadaC805266419685533
1983351Brian BradleyFlag of Canada CanadaC651182321503528
1983355Perry BerezanFlag of Canada CanadaC3786175136277
1983466John BekkersFlag of Canada CanadaF
1983471Kevan GuyFlag of Canada CanadaD15652025138
1983477Bill ClaviterFlag of the United States United StatesLW
1983591Igor LibaFlag of Slovakia SlovakiaLW377182536
19836111Grant BlairFlag of Canada CanadaG
19837131Jeff HoggFlag of Canada CanadaG
19838151Chris MacDonaldFlag of Canada CanadaD
19839171Rob KivellFlag of Canada CanadaD
198310191Tom PrattFlag of the United States United StatesD
198311211Jaroslav BenakFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
198312231Sergei MakarovFlag of Russia RussiaRW424134250384317
1984112Gary RobertsFlag of Canada CanadaLW12244384719092560
1984233Ken SabourinFlag of Canada CanadaD742810201
1984238Paul RanheimFlag of the United States United StatesLW1013161199360288
1984475Petr RosolFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicF
1984596Joel PaunioFlag of Finland FinlandLW
19846117Brett HullFlag of the United States United StatesRW12697416501391458
19847138Kevan MelroseFlag of Canada CanadaD
19848159Jiri HrdinaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicC250458513092
19849180Gary SuterFlag of the United States United StatesD11452036428451349
198410200Petr RuckaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicC
198411221Stefan JonssonFlag of Sweden SwedenD
198412241Rudolf SuchanekFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
1985117Chris BiottiFlag of the United States United StatesD
1985227Joe NieuwendykFlag of Canada CanadaC12575645621126677
1985238Jeff WenaasFlag of Canada CanadaC
1985359Lane MacDonaldFlag of the United States United StatesL
1985480Roger JohanssonFlag of Sweden SwedenD16193443163
19855101Esa KeskinenFlag of Finland FinlandC
19856122Tim SweeneyFlag of the United States United StatesLW2915583138123
19857143Stu GrimsonFlag of Canada CanadaLW7291722392113
19858164Nate SmithFlag of the United States United StatesD
19859185Darryl OlsenFlag of Canada CanadaD10000
198510206Peter RombergFlag of Germany GermanyD
198511227Alexander KozhevnikovFlag of Russia RussiaF
198512248Bill GregoireFlag of Canada CanadaD
1986116George PelawaFlag of the United States United StatesF
1986237Brian GlynnFlag of Germany GermanyD4312579104410
1986479Tom QuinlanFlag of the United States United StatesRW
19865100Scott BloomFlag of the United States United StatesLW
19866121John ParkerFlag of the United States United StatesC
19867142Rick LessardFlag of Canada CanadaD1504418
19868163Mark OlsenFlag of the United States United StatesD
19869184Scott SharplesFlag of Canada CanadaG100000013.69
198610205Doug PickelFlag of Canada CanadaLW
198611226Anders LindstromFlag of Sweden SwedenC
198612247Antonin StavjanaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
1986S4Steve MacSwainFlag of the United States United StatesRW
1987119Bryan DeasleyFlag of Canada CanadaLW
1987225Stephane MatteauFlag of Canada CanadaLW848144172316742
1987240Kevin GrantFlag of Canada CanadaD
1987361Scott MahoneyFlag of Canada CanadaRW
1987470Tim HarrisFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19875103Tim CorkeryFlag of Canada CanadaD
19876124Joe AloiFlag of Canada CanadaD
19877145Peter CiavagliaFlag of the United States United StatesC50000
19878166Theoren FleuryFlag of Canada CanadaRW108445563310881840
19879187Mark OsieckiFlag of the United States United StatesD933111443
198710208Bill SedergrenFlag of the United States United StatesD
198711229Peter HasselbladFlag of Sweden SwedenD
198712250Magnus SvenssonFlag of Sweden SwedenD464141831
1987S4Peter LappinFlag of the United States United StatesRW70002
1988121Jason MuzzattiFlag of Canada CanadaG62011621325103.32
1988242Todd HarkinsFlag of the United States United StatesC4833678
1988484Gary SochaFlag of the United States United StatesC
1988585Tomas ForslundFlag of Sweden SwedenRW445111612
1988590Scott MatusovichFlag of the United States United StatesD
19886126Jonas BergqvistFlag of Sweden SwedenRW2225710
19887147Stefan NilssonFlag of Sweden SwedenLW
19888168Troy KennedyFlag of Canada CanadaLW
19889189Brett PetersenFlag of the United States United StatesD
198810210Guy DarveauFlag of Canada CanadaD
198811231Dave TretowiczFlag of the United States United StatesD
198812252Sergei PryakhinFlag of Russia RussiaRW4638112
1988S26Jerry TarrantFlag of the United States United StatesD
1989224Kent MandervilleFlag of Canada CanadaC6463767104348
1989242Ted DruryFlag of the United States United StatesC414415293367
1989350Veli-Pekka KautonenFlag of Finland FinlandD
1989363Corey LyonsFlag of Canada CanadaRW
1989470Robert ReichelFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicC830252378630388
1989484Ryan O'LearyFlag of the United States United StatesC
19895105Toby KearneyFlag of the United States United StatesLW
19897147Alex NikolicFlag of Canada CanadaLW
19898168Kevin WortmanFlag of the United States United StatesD50002
19899189Sergei GomolyakoFlag of Russia RussiaRW
198910210Dan SawyerFlag of the United States United StatesD
198911231Alexander YudinFlag of Russia RussiaD
198912252Kenneth KennholtFlag of Sweden SwedenD
1989S26Shawn HeaphyFlag of Canada CanadaC10002
1990111Trevor KiddFlag of Canada CanadaG3870131336140162522.84
1990226Nicolas PerreaultFlag of Canada CanadaD
1990232Vesa ViitakoskiFlag of Finland FinlandLW232468
1990241Etienne BelzileFlag of Canada CanadaD
1990362Glen MearsFlag of the United States United StatesD
1990483Paul KruseFlag of Canada CanadaLW4233833711074
19906125Chris TschuppFlag of the United States United StatesLW
19907146Dmitri FrolovFlag of Russia RussiaD
19908167Shawn MurrayFlag of the United States United StatesG
19909188Michael MurrayFlag of the United States United StatesRW
199010209Rob SumnerFlag of Canada CanadaD
199012251Leo GudasFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
1990S24Lyle WildgooseFlag of Canada CanadaLW
1991119Niklas SundbladFlag of Sweden SwedenRW20000
1991241Francois GroleauFlag of Canada CanadaD80116
1991352Sandy McCarthyFlag of Canada CanadaRW73672761481534
1991363Brian CarusoFlag of Canada CanadaLW
1991485Steve MagnussonFlag of the United States United StatesC
19915107Jerome ButlerFlag of the United States United StatesG
19916129Bobby MarshallFlag of Canada CanadaD
19917140Matt HoffmanFlag of the United States United StatesC
19917151Kelly HarperFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19918173David St. PierreFlag of Canada CanadaC
19919195David StruchFlag of Canada CanadaC40004
199110217Sergei ZolotovFlag of Russia RussiaLW
199111239Marko JantunenFlag of Finland FinlandRW30000
199112261Andrei TrefilovFlag of Russia RussiaG5400010122543.45
1991S25Dean LarsonFlag of Canada CanadaC
199216Cory StillmanFlag of Canada CanadaC902251400651443
1992230Chris O'SullivanFlag of the United States United StatesD622171916
1992354Mathias JohanssonFlag of Sweden SwedenLW585101516
1992478Robert SvehlaFlag of Slovakia SlovakiaD65568267335649
19925102Sami HeleniusFlag of Finland FinlandD155246260
19926126Ravil YakubovFlag of Russia RussiaD
19926129Joel BouchardFlag of Canada CanadaD364225375264
19927150Pavel RajnohaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
19928174Ryan MulhernFlag of the United States United StatesRW30000
19929198Brandon CarperFlag of the United States United StatesD
199210222Jonas HoglundFlag of Sweden SwedenLW545117145262112
199211246Andrei PotaichukFlag of Russia RussiaRW
1992S6Jamie O'BrienFlag of the United States United StatesD
1993118Jesper MattssonFlag of Sweden SwedenRW
1993244Jamie AllisonFlag of Canada CanadaD37272330639
1993370Dan TompkinsFlag of the United States United StatesF
1993495Jason SmithFlag of Canada CanadaD
1993496Marty MurrayFlag of Canada CanadaC26131427341
19935121Darryl LaFranceFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19935122John EmmonsFlag of the United States United StatesC8524664
19936148Andreas KarlssonFlag of Sweden SwedenC26416355172
19938200Derek SylvesterFlag of the United States United StatesRW
199310252German TitovFlag of Russia RussiaC624157220377311
199311278Burke MurphyFlag of Canada CanadaRW
1994119Chris DingmanFlag of Canada CanadaLW385151934769
1994245Dmitri RyabkinFlag of Russia RussiaD
1994377Chris ClarkFlag of the United States United StatesRW4909188179614
1994491Ryan DuthieFlag of Canada CanadaC
1994497Johan FinnstromFlag of Sweden SwedenF
19945107Nils EkmanFlag of Sweden SwedenRW2646091151188
19945123Frank AppelFlag of Germany GermanyD
19946149Patrik HaltiaFlag of Sweden SwedenG
19947175Ladislav KohnFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicRW186142842125
19948201Keith McCambridgeFlag of Canada CanadaD
19949227Jorgen JonssonFlag of Sweden SwedenC8112193116
199410253Mike PelusoFlag of the United States United StatesRW3842619
199411279Pavel TorgayevFlag of Russia RussiaC556142020
1995120Denis GauthierFlag of Canada CanadaD554176077748
1995246Pavel SmirnovFlag of Russia RussiaF
1995372Rocky ThompsonFlag of Canada CanadaRW25000117
1995498Jan LabraatenFlag of Sweden SwedenRW
19956150Clarke WilmFlag of Canada CanadaC455376097336
19957176Ryan GillisFlag of Canada CanadaD
19959233Steve ShirreffsFlag of the United States United StatesD
1996113Derek MorrisFlag of Canada CanadaD79376264340794
1996239Travis BrigleyFlag of Canada CanadaLW5536916
1996240Steve BeginFlag of Canada CanadaC409473986482
1996373Dmitri VlasenkovFlag of Russia RussiaLW
1996489Toni LydmanFlag of Finland FinlandD59329149178421
1996494Christian LefebvreFlag of Canada CanadaD
19965122Josef StrakaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicC
19968202Ryan WadeFlag of Canada CanadaF
19969228Ronald PetrovickyFlag of Slovakia SlovakiaRW342415192429
199716Daniel TkaczukFlag of Canada CanadaC19471114
1997232Evan LindsayFlag of Canada CanadaG
1997242John TrippFlag of Canada CanadaRW4327935
1997251Dmitry KokorevFlag of Russia RussiaD
1997360Derek SchultzFlag of Canada CanadaC
1997370Erik AnderssonFlag of Sweden SwedenLW122138
1997492Chris St. CroixFlag of the United States United StatesD
19974100Ryan ReadyFlag of Canada CanadaLW70110
19975113Martin MoiseFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19976140Ilja DemidovFlag of Russia RussiaD
19977167Jeremy RondeauFlag of Canada CanadaLW
19979223Dustin PaulFlag of Canada CanadaRW
199816Rico FataFlag of Canada CanadaRW230273663104
1998233Blair BettsFlag of Canada CanadaC33928204896
1998362Paul ManningFlag of Canada CanadaD80002
19984102Shaun SutterFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19984108Dany SabourinFlag of Canada CanadaG5701141723242.87
19985120Brent GauvreauFlag of Canada CanadaRW
19987192Radek DudaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicRW
19988206Jonas FrogrenFlag of Sweden SwedenD4116728
19989234Kevin MitchellFlag of the United States United StatesD
1999111Oleg SaprykinFlag of Russia RussiaLW3255582137240
1999238Dan CavanaughFlag of the United States United StatesC
1999377Craig AndersonFlag of the United States United StatesG109033223643892.87
19994106Roman RozakovFlag of Russia RussiaD
19995135Matt DomanFlag of the United States United StatesF
19996153Jesse CookFlag of the United States United StatesD
19996166Cory PeckerFlag of Canada CanadaD
19996170Matt UnderhillFlag of Canada CanadaG1000001003.93
19997190Blair StayzerFlag of Canada CanadaLW
19999252Dmitri KirilenkoFlag of Canada CanadaRW
200019Brent KrahnFlag of Canada CanadaG1000001003.00
2000240Kurtis FosterFlag of Canada CanadaD186215677155
2000246Jarret StollFlag of Canada CanadaC36077129206306
20005141Wade DavisFlag of Canada CanadaD
20005155Travis MoenFlag of Canada CanadaF362292756487
20006176Jukka HentunenFlag of Finland FinlandRW384594
20008239David HajekFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
20009270Micki DuPontFlag of Canada CanadaD2313412
2001114Chuck KobasewFlag of Canada CanadaRW3617876154270
2001241Andrei TaratukhinFlag of Russia RussiaC
20014108Tomi MakiFlag of Finland FinlandRW10000
20014124Egor ShastinFlag of Russia RussiaF
20015145James HakewillFlag of the United States United StatesD
20015164Yuri TrubachevFlag of Russia RussiaC
20017207Garrett BembridgeFlag of Canada CanadaRW
20017220David MossFlag of the United States United StatesRW16334346844
20018233Joe CampbellFlag of the United States United StatesD
20018251Ville HamalainenFlag of Finland FinlandRW
2002110Eric NystromFlag of the United States United StatesLW12281220137
2002239Brian McConnellFlag of the United States United StatesF
2002390Matthew LombardiFlag of Canada CanadaC36670113183239
20024112Yuri ArtemenkovFlag of Russia RussiaRW
20025141Jiri CetkovskyFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicRW
20025142 Emanuel PeterFlag of Switzerland SwitzerlandC
20025146Victor BobrovFlag of Russia RussiaF
20025159Kristofer PerssonFlag of Sweden SwedenRW
20026176Curtis McElhinneyFlag of Canada CanadaG19000216013.23
20027202David Van der GulikFlag of Canada CanadaRW60220
20027203Pierre JohnssonFlag of Sweden SwedenRW
20028238Jyri MarttinenFlag of Finland FinlandD
200319Dion PhaneufFlag of Canada CanadaD32365141206473
2003239Tim RamholtFlag of Switzerland SwitzerlandD10000
2003397Ryan DonallyFlag of Canada CanadaLW
20034112Jamie TardifFlag of Canada CanadaRW
20035143Greg MooreFlag of the United States United StatesRW60000
20036173Tyler JohnsonFlag of Canada CanadaC
20037206Thomas BellemareFlag of Canada CanadaD
20038240Cam CunningFlag of Canada CanadaLW
20039270Kevin HarveyFlag of Canada CanadaLW
2004124Kris ChuckoFlag of Canada CanadaLW20002
2004370Brandon PrustFlag of Canada CanadaLW46123133
2004398Dustin BoydFlag of Canada CanadaC13220183820
20044118Aki SeitsonenFlag of Finland FinlandC
20044121Kris HoggFlag of Canada CanadaLW
20046173Adam PardyFlag of Canada CanadaD60191069
20046182Fred WiknerFlag of Sweden SwedenF
20047200Matthew SchneiderFlag of Canada CanadaC
20047213James SprattFlag of the United States United StatesG
20049279Adam CracknellFlag of Canada CanadaRW
2005126Matt PelechFlag of Canada CanadaD50339
2005369Gord BaldwinFlag of Canada CanadaD
2005374Dan RyderFlag of Canada CanadaC
20054111J. D. WattFlag of Canada CanadaRW
20055128Kevin LalandeFlag of Canada CanadaG
20055158Matt KeetleyFlag of Canada CanadaG1000000000.00
20056179Brett SutterFlag of Canada CanadaF41012
20057221Myles RumseyFlag of Canada CanadaD
2006126Leland IrvingFlag of Canada CanadaG
2006387John ArmstrongFlag of Canada CanadaF
2006389Aaron MarvinFlag of the United States United StatesF
20064118Hugo CarpentierFlag of Canada CanadaC
20065149Juuso PuustinenFlag of Finland FinlandRW
20066179Jordan FultonFlag of the United States United StatesC
20067187Devin DiDiometeFlag of Canada CanadaLW
20067209Per JonssonFlag of Sweden SwedenF
2007124Mikael BacklundFlag of Sweden SwedenC10000
2007370John NegrinFlag of Canada CanadaD30112
20074116Keith AulieFlag of Canada CanadaD
20075143Mickey RenaudFlag of Canada CanadaC
20077186C. J. SeverynFlag of the United States United StatesLW
2008 1 25 Greg Nemisz Flag of Canada Canada C/RW
2008 2 48 Mitch Wahl Flag of the United States United States C
2008 3 78 Lance Bouma Flag of Canada Canada C/LW
2008 4 108 Nick Larson Flag of the United States United States LW
2008 4 114 T. J. Brodie Flag of Canada Canada D
2008 6 168 Ryley Grantham Flag of Canada Canada C
2008 7 198 Alexander Deilert Flag of Sweden Sweden D
2009 1 23 Tim Erixon Flag of Sweden Sweden D
2009 3 74 Ryan Howse Flag of Canada Canada LW
2009 4 111 Henrik Björklund Flag of Sweden Sweden RW
2009 5 141 Spencer Bennett Flag of Canada Canada LW
2009 6 171 Joni Ortio Flag of Finland Finland G
2009 7 201 Gaelan Patterson Flag of Canada Canada C

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