Sabres Player 2007

Several Sabres players during warm-up prior to a game.

The Buffalo Sabres are a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York, United States. The Sabres are members of the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Hockey League (NHL). The team was founded as an expansion franchise in 1970, and as of March 10, 2009, 36 goaltenders and 336 skaters (forwards and defencemen) have appeared in at least one regular-season or playoff game with the Sabres.

Seven former Buffalo Sabres players are enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame: Dick Duff, Grant Fuhr, Clark Gillies, Dale Hawerchuk, Tim Horton, Pat LaFontaine and Gilbert Perreault. Dominik Hasek won two Hart Memorial Trophies as NHL MVP while playing for the Sabres. In addition, Hasek won six Vezina Trophies as the NHL's top goaltender while playing for Buffalo; Tom Barrasso also won the Vezina while playing for the Sabres, while Don Edwards and Bob Sauve shared the trophy as Sabres in the 1979–80 season. Barrasso also won the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL rookie of the year while playing for the Sabres, as did Gilbert Perreault.


      Stanley Cup winner, Hockey Hall of Famer or jersey retired
      Appeared in a Sabres game during the 2008–09 season

Nat Nationality
GP Games played
SC Stanley Cup winner
HHOF Hockey Hall of Fame inductee

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T Ties SV% Save percentage
OTL Overtime loss

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenceman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes

* - Save percentage did not become an official NHL statistic until the 1982-83 season. Therefore, goaltenders who played before 1982 do not have official save percentages.

The "Seasons" column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2000–01 season would be listed as playing with the team from 2000–2001, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.

Statistics complete as of the 2008–09 NHL season


Martin Biron3

Martin Biron played for the Sabres for nine seasons before being traded to the Philadelphia Flyers in 2007.[1]

Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Barrasso, TomFlag of the United States1983–1989266124171823.28.884123094.16.861
Biron, MartinFlag of Canada1995–1996
Blue, JohnFlag of the United States1995–199652003.53.891
Bromley, GaryFlag of Canada1973–19766329443.20
Cloutier, JacquesFlag of Canada1981–1983
Conklin, TyFlag of the United States2006–200751023.43.892
Crozier, RogerFlag of Canada1970–1976202743243.2395122.77
Daley, JoeFlag of Canada1970–197138121123.70
Desjardins, GerryFlag of Canada1974–197811666142.812511043.25
Draper, TomFlag of Canada1991–19933715343.37.89073002.63.905
Dryden, DaveFlag of Canada1970–197412043243.0620004.50
Edwards, DonFlag of Canada1976–198230715611323.003113073.16
Eliot, DarrenFlag of Canada1988–198920006.27.837
Essensa, BobFlag of Canada2001–200290002.91.850
Farr, Norm "Rocky"Flag of Canada1972–1975192023.49
Fuhr, GrantFlag of Canada1992–199564254263.60.88683023.42.875HHOF-2003
Harrison, PaulFlag of Canada1981–198262023.6710002.31
Hasek, DominikFlag of the Czech Republic1992–2001491234131042.22.92668371322.04.930
Ireland, RandyFlag of Canada1978–197920006.00
Lalime, PatrickFlag of Canada2008–2009245003.10.900
Littman, DavidFlag of the United States1990–199220004.38.851
Malarchuk, ClintFlag of Canada1988–1992102396413.40.90452124.33.851
Miller, RyanFlag of the United States2002–20092641465122.66.9093420042.40.915
Myre, PhilFlag of Canada1982–198353024.20.86110007.37
Noronen, MikaFlag of Finland2000–20066722142.64.902
Puppa, DarenFlag of Canada1985–19932159314303.47.898113003.64.894
Roloson, DwayneFlag of Canada1998–2000327042.87.90941004.32.851
Sauve, BobFlag of Canada1976–19852461198203.212313023.22
Shields, SteveFlag of Canada1995–19983170232.91.913104092.74.922
Skudra, PeterFlag of Latvia2000–200110000.00n/a[2]
Smith, AlFlag of Canada1975–1977219003.37
Stauber, RobbFlag of the United States1994–199562003.79.867
Tellqvist, MikaelFlag of Sweden2008–200962002.35.928
Thibault, JocelynFlag of Canada2007–2008123003.31.869
Trefilov, AndreiFlag of Russia1995–1997258043.54.90210000.001.000
Wakaluk, DarcyFlag of Canada1988–1989


Maxim Afinogenov

Maxim Afinogenov led the Sabres in scoring in 2005–06 with 73 points.[3]

Steve Bernier & Alexander Radulov

Steve Bernier, shown here playing for the San Jose Sharks, was acquired by the Sabres in 2008 in a trade which sent Brian Campbell to San Jose.[4]

Sabers Brian Campbell 2007

Brian Campbell was elected to the 2007 NHL All-Star Game as a starting defenceman.[5]

Tim Connolly

Tim Connolly was acquired by the Sabres along with Taylor Pyatt in exchange for Michael Peca.[6]

Chris Drury

Chris Drury scored a career-high 37 goals while playing for the Sabres in the 2006–07 season.[7]


Denis Hamel, shown here as a member of the AHL's Binghamton Senators, spent parts of four seasons with the Sabres.[8]


Jochen Hecht has played for the Sabres from 2002 to the present.[9]

Weiss vs Kozlov

Vyacheslav Kozlov (right), shown here playing for the Atlanta Thrashers, was acquired by the Sabres in the trade which sent Dominik Hasek to Detroit.[10]

Alexander Mogilny

Alexander Mogilny, shown here as a member of the AHL's Albany River Rats, holds the Sabre record for goals in a season: 76 in 1992–93.[11]

Teppo Numminen

Teppo Numminen was signed by the Sabres as a free agent after playing sixteen seasons with Winnipeg, Phoenix, and Dallas.[12]


Wayne Primeau, shown here playing for the Calgary Flames, was part of the Sabre team which advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999.[13]

Taylor Pyatt1

Taylor Pyatt, shown here playing for the Vancouver Canucks, was acquired by the Sabres along with Tim Connolly in exchange for Michael Peca.[6]

Derek Roy 2005

Derek Roy was one of three second-round draft picks made by the Sabres in 2001.[14]

Lindyruff 2006nhlawards

Lindy Ruff, who played for the Sabres from 1979 to 1989, has served as the team's head coach since 1997.[15]

Thomas Vanek

Thomas Vanek scored 43 goals for the Sabres in 2006–07, just his second NHL season.[16]

Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
<span id="A"/>Afinogenov, MaximFlag of RussiaRW1999–20095691342003344404910132322
Ambroziak, PeterFlag of CanadaW1994–1995120110
Anderson, RonFlag of CanadaRW1970–197211114163063
Anderson, ShawnFlag of CanadaD1986–1990113626326650114
Andersson, MikaelFlag of SwedenRW1985–198999433371811010
Andrea, PaulFlag of CanadaRW1970–1971471121324
Andreychuk, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1982–1993
Arniel, ScottFlag of CanadaLW1986–199029564741382431621313
Astley, MarkFlag of CanadaD1993–199675419239220000
Atkinson, SteveFlag of CanadaRW1970–19742554947969610000
Audette, DonaldFlag of CanadaRW1989–1998
<span id="B"/>Ball, TerryFlag of CanadaD1970–1972120116
Barnaby, MatthewFlag of CanadaRW1992–199931747791261248277111879
Barnes, StuFlag of CanadaC1998–20033106710517298391472110
Barrie, DougFlag of CanadaD1970–197210262834213
Bartovic, MilanFlag of SlovakiaW2002–200426281018
Bernier, SteveFlag of CanadaRW2007–2008173692
Black, JamesFlag of CanadaD1993–199420000
Bodger, DougFlag of CanadaD1988–199647954233287506426182425
Boland, MikeFlag of CanadaD1978–1979221232931012
Botterill, JasonFlag of CanadaLW2002–20043635828
Boucher, PhilippeFlag of CanadaD1992–199565716234371122
Boughner, BobFlag of CanadaD1995–1998177211134942505524
Boulton, EricFlag of CanadaLW2000–200417251217511
Breitenbach, KenFlag of CanadaD1975–1977
Briere, DannyFlag of CanadaC2002–2007225921382302193411233428
Brown, BradFlag of CanadaD2003–20041302212
Brown, CurtisFlag of CanadaLW1994–20045421091432522885214112534
Brown, GregFlag of the United StatesD1990–1991
Brydges, PaulFlag of CanadaC1986–1987152246
Burridge, RandyFlag of CanadaLW1995–199815939609950125162
Busniuk, RonFlag of CanadaC1972–1974603313
Butler, ChrisFlag of the United StatesD2008–20094724618
Byers, MikeFlag of CanadaRW1971–197246971612
<span id="C"/>Campbell, BrianFlag of CanadaD1999–200839132144176113343101326
Card, MikeFlag of CanadaD2006–200740000
Carney, KeithFlag of the United StatesD1991–199451491377150666
Carriere, LarryFlag of CanadaD1972–1975
Ciavaglia, PeterFlag of the United StatesC1991–199350000
Cloutier, RealFlag of CanadaF1983–1985812436602520000
Conn, RobFlag of CanadaRW1995–19962825718
Connolly, TimFlag of the United StatesC2001–2003
Corkum, BobFlag of the United StatesC1989–1990
Creighton, AdamFlag of CanadaC1983–19891724060100196
Cunneyworth, RandyFlag of CanadaLW1980–1982
Curran, BrianFlag of CanadaD1990–19922001157
Cyr, PaulFlag of CanadaF1982–1988342851111964541836921
<span id="D"/>Davis, MalFlag of CanadaRW1982–1986892922513471010
Dawe, JasonFlag of CanadaRW1993–199829079791581322243718
Deadmarsh, ButchFlag of CanadaLW1970–19735622439
DeGray, DaleFlag of CanadaD1989–199060006
Delmore, AndyFlag of CanadaD2003–20043725729
Deziel, MichelFlag of CanadaLW1974–197510000
Donnelly, GordFlag of CanadaD1991–19941345111655760110
Donnelly, MikeFlag of the United StatesLW1987–19907411162762
Drury, ChrisFlag of the United StatesLW2003–2007234851041891303417143112
Dudley, RickFlag of CanadaLW1972–1975
Duff, DickFlag of CanadaLW1970–1972619152412HHOF-2006
Dumont, Jean-PierreFlag of CanadaRW2000–20063621021212232183111102122
Dunn, RichieFlag of the United StatesD1977–1982
Dykstra, SteveFlag of CanadaD1985–198812852328378
<span id="E"/>Eatough, JeffFlag of CanadaRW1981–198210000
Ellis, MattFlag of CanadaC2008–200945751212
Engblom, BrianFlag of CanadaD1985–19863014516
Errey, BobFlag of CanadaLW1992–199381344401110
Evans, ChrisFlag of CanadaD1971–1972616182498
<span id="F"/>Fenyves, DavidFlag of CanadaD1982–19871482272987110002
Ferner, MarkFlag of CanadaD1986–1987
Fischer, RonFlag of CanadaD1981–1983180776
Fitzpatrick, RoryFlag of the United StatesD2001–2006157915241141104416
Fleming, RegFlag of CanadaD1970–19717861016159
Fogolin, LeeFlag of the United StatesD1974–1979
Foligno, MikeFlag of CanadaF1981–1991664247264511145039131124143
Franceschetti, LouFlag of CanadaRW1990–1992361782861012
Funk, MichaelFlag of CanadaD2006–200890220
<span id="G"/>Gage, JodyFlag of CanadaRW1985–1986
Galley, GarryFlag of CanadaD1994–199716315871021931709918
Gardner, PaulFlag of CanadaC1985–198620000
Gare, DannyFlag of CanadaF1974–198250326723350068658232144147#18 retired
Gaustad, PaulFlag of the United StatesC2002–2003
Gerbe, NathanFlag of the United StatesLW2008–2009100114
Gillies, ClarkFlag of CanadaF1986–198886151934132501125HHOF-2002
Gillis, JereFlag of the United StatesF1982–198330000
Gilmour, DougFlag of CanadaC1999–200182104555821825712
Gordiouk, ViktorFlag of RussiaLW1992–1993
Gould, JohnFlag of CanadaLW1971–1974
Goyette, PhilFlag of CanadaC1970–19729718678520
Gragnani, Marc-AndreFlag of CanadaLW2007–200960006
Grand-Pierre, Jean-LucFlag of CanadaD1998–2000270113240004
Gratton, ChrisFlag of CanadaC1999–2003244508113127818651118
Gratton, NormFlag of CanadaRW1972–19751031523383060112
Grier, MikeFlag of the United StatesRW2003–2006, 2009–present958243232183582
Grosek, MichalFlag of the Czech RepublicRW1995–20003086298160299409112064
Guay, FrancoisFlag of CanadaC1989–199010000
Guevremont, JocelynFlag of CanadaD1974–197932438130168189404172118
<span id="H"/>Hajdu, RichardFlag of CanadaRW1985–198750004
Hajt, BillFlag of CanadaD1973–198785442202244433802161870
Halkidis, BobFlag of CanadaD1984–19898921416315800041
Haller, KevinFlag of CanadaD1989–1992817233095614510
Hamel, DenisFlag of CanadaLW1999–20031301392267
Hamel, GillesFlag of CanadaRW1980–198636592114206215182578
Hamilton, AlFlag of CanadaD1970–197214565864176
Hannan, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1991–19962492356792062743728
Harris, HughFlag of CanadaC1972–1973601226381730000
Hartman, MikeFlag of the United StatesLW1986–199122534266089019000104
Hawerchuk, DaleFlag of CanadaC1990–1995342110275385204309253416HHOF-2001
Haworth, AlanFlag of CanadaC1980–198210637387564104594
Hecht, JochenFlag of GermanyC2002–20093989615625222331671318
Hecl, RadoslavFlag of SlovakiaD2002–2003140002
Heinze, SteveFlag of the United StatesRW2000–200114571281334710
Hess, BobFlag of CanadaD1980–1982330881411010
Hillier, RandyFlag of CanadaD1991–19922801148
Hillman, LarryFlag of CanadaD1971–19731216354111460008
Hofford, JimFlag of CanadaD1985–19871700045
Hogue, BenoitFlag of CanadaRW1987–199219645671122751331437
Holland, JasonFlag of CanadaD1998–200012011810000
Holzinger, BrianFlag of the United StatesC1994–200035270971672025211182961
Horton, TimFlag of CanadaD1972–19741241222310960114#2 retired
Hospodar, EdFlag of the United StatesD1987–19884201198
Houda, DougFlag of CanadaD1994–1996
Houlder, BillFlag of CanadaD1990–19933247111880224
Housley, PhilFlag of the United StatesD1982–19906081783805583863510172722
Huddy, CharlieFlag of CanadaD1994–19978579169530000
Hughes, BrentFlag of CanadaLW1995–19967651015148
Hughes, PatFlag of CanadaF1985–198650491325
Hurlbut, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1997–200050004
<span id="I"/>Inglis, BillFlag of CanadaC1970–1971140114
<span id="J"/>Jackson, DaneFlag of CanadaRW1995–19962254941
Jackson, JimFlag of CanadaRW1987–198852020
James, ValFlag of the United StatesLW1981–198270001630000
Janik, DougFlag of the United StatesD2002–2006100002151012
Jennings, GrantFlag of CanadaD1995–1996600028
Jillson, JeffFlag of the United StatesD2003–2006160332340000
Johansson, CalleFlag of SwedenD1987–1989118649557060110
Juneau, JoeFlag of CanadaC1998–19999112220381110
Jutila, TimoFlag of FinlandD1984–19851015613
<span id="K"/>Kaese, TrentFlag of CanadaRW1988–198910000
Kaleta, PatrickFlag of the United StatesF2006–2009987916151
Kalinin, DmitriFlag of RussiaD1999–2008466341111452893727920
Keenan, LarryFlag of CanadaLW1970–197265920298
Kennedy, DeanFlag of CanadaD1989–199114462026172812329
Kennedy, TimFlag of the United StatesLW2008–200910000
Khmylev, YuriFlag of RussiaLW1992–1996253638715013120751220
Korab, JerryFlag of CanadaD1973–1980
Korn, JimFlag of the United StatesD1986–19875141014158
Kotalik, AlesFlag of the Czech RepublicRW2001–200937010110720823934691516
Kowal, JoeFlag of CanadaLW1976–1978220551320000
Kozlov, VyacheslavFlag of RussiaRW2001–2002389132216
Krake, SkipFlag of CanadaC1970–19717445968
Kristek, JaroslavFlag of the Czech RepublicRW2002–200360004
Krupp, UweFlag of GermanyD1986–199232725781033862312329
Kruse, PaulFlag of CanadaLW1997–200066415206111018
Kurvers, TomFlag of the United StatesD1986–1987556172322
<span id="L"/>Lacombe, FrancoisFlag of CanadaD1970–197110112
Lacombe, NormandFlag of CanadaRW1984–19879412183046
LaFontaine, PatFlag of the United StatesC1991–1997268158227385207191215276#16 retired
Lagace, Jean-GuyFlag of CanadaD1970–197130002
Lambert, YvonFlag of CanadaLW1981–1982772539643843032
Langevin, ChrisFlag of CanadaF1983–1984
Larson, ReedFlag of the United StatesD1989–199010000
Lawson, DannyFlag of CanadaRW1971–1972781061615
Ledyard, GrantFlag of CanadaD1988–19932401871891811945920
Lemieux, RealFlag of CanadaRW1973–1974381124
Lever, DonFlag of CanadaF1985–1987391031310
Loewen, DarcyFlag of CanadaLW1989–19921200014
Logan, BobFlag of CanadaF1986–198838105150
Lorentz, JimFlag of CanadaC1971–1978485134197331126371192022
Luce, DonFlag of CanadaC1971–19817662163105263046217193646
Ludvig, JanFlag of the Czech RepublicF1987–198926189104
Ludzik, SteveFlag of CanadaF1989–1990110116
Lydman, ToniFlag of FinlandD2005–20093041075852813436932
<span id="M"/>MacArthur, ClarkeFlag of CanadaLW2006–200912728255380
MacDonald, DougFlag of CanadaC1992–19951510110
Maguire, KevinFlag of CanadaF1987–19901671825435181000086
Mair, AdamFlag of CanadaRW2002–20094292962916281914510
Mäkelä, MikkoFlag of FinlandLW1990–1991601572225
Maloney, DaveFlag of CanadaD1984–198552121224110000
Mancari, MarkFlag of CanadaRW2006–2007
Marshall, DonFlag of CanadaC1970–1971622029496
Martin, RickFlag of CanadaF1971–19816813823136954756224295374#7 retired
Martin, TerryFlag of CanadaF1975–1979148202242501122410
May, BradFlag of CanadaLW1991–19984256789156132336381159
McAdam, GaryFlag of CanadaF1975–1979
McClanahan, RobFlag of the United StatesF1979–19816651722381502217
McCourt, DaleFlag of CanadaF1981–1984119415798221455104
McDonald, BrianFlag of CanadaC1970–19711200029
McIntosh, PaulFlag of CanadaD1974–1976480226620007
McKay, RayFlag of CanadaD1971–19734003318
McKee, JayFlag of CanadaD1995–20065821781984705136960
McKegney, TonyFlag of CanadaF1978–1983363127141268117381192010
McKenna, SeanFlag of CanadaF1981–1986237565310912081122
McLlwain, DaveFlag of CanadaC1991–199250002
McMahon, MikeFlag of CanadaD1970–1971120004
McMorrow, SeanFlag of CanadaRW2002–200310000
McNab, PeterFlag of CanadaF1973–1976154495910826252684
McSheffrey, BryanFlag of CanadaF1974–197530000
McSween, DonaldFlag of the United StatesD1987–1988
Meehan, GerryFlag of CanadaLW1970–1975306941142086060110
Melanson, DeanFlag of CanadaD1994–199550004
Metcalfe, ScottFlag of CanadaC1987–19901712318
Mickey, LarryFlag of CanadaRW1971–19751172014345761015
Miller, BradFlag of CanadaD1988–199263145265
Milley, NormFlag of CanadaRW2001–2004150338
Mogilny, AlexanderFlag of RussiaRW1989–19953812112334442033114163018
Moller, MikeFlag of CanadaRW1980–19851271327404130110
Moller, RandyFlag of CanadaD1991–1994125520252961402216
Molloy, MitchFlag of CanadaLW1989–1990200010
Mongrain, BobFlag of CanadaC1979–1982
Moore, BarrieFlag of CanadaLW1995–19973426818
Moore, DominicFlag of CanadaC2008–20091813423
Moravec, DavidFlag of the Czech RepublicRW1999–200010000
Muni, CraigFlag of CanadaD1993–199616021820167120116
Myers, HapFlag of CanadaD1970–1971130006
<span id="N"/>Napier, MarkFlag of CanadaRW1986–19891282630564191340
Ndur, RumunFlag of NigeriaD1996–19991100020
Nichol, ScottFlag of CanadaC1995–1996
Noris, JoeFlag of the United StatesC1973–1974180002
Novotny, JiriFlag of the Czech RepublicC2005–20076488162640000
Numminen, TeppoFlag of FinlandD2005–20092126808690281568
<span id="O"/>O'Shea, KevinFlag of CanadaF1970–19729310132352
Orlando, GatesFlag of CanadaF1984–19879818264451504414
<span id="P"/>Paetsch, NathanFlag of CanadaD2005–20091466344010210000
Paiement, WilfFlag of CanadaRW1986–198756201737108
Paille, DanielFlag of CanadaLW2005–20091933541765410000
Parker, JeffFlag of the United StatesRW1986–1990137161935161500026
Paslawski, GregFlag of CanadaRW1990–1991122134
Patrick, JamesFlag of CanadaD1998–20043452351741043814516
Patrick, SteveFlag of CanadaF1980–198515221345512580116
Patterson, ColinFlag of CanadaF1991–1993888101852131122
Pearson, ScottFlag of CanadaLW1994–1996416178750004
Peca, MichaelFlag of CanadaC1995–200036396121217352498132138
Perreault, GilbertFlag of CanadaC1970–19871191512814132650090337010344#11 retired
Perry, BrianFlag of the United KingdomLW1970–197110000
Peters, AndrewFlag of CanadaLW2003–2009200437557
Peterson, BrentFlag of CanadaRW1981–198526543631061802223550
Petrenko, SergeiFlag of UkraineLW1993–1994140440
Pittis, DomenicFlag of CanadaC1998–2000
Plante, DerekFlag of the United StatesC1993–19993959114523612630591414
Playfair, LarryFlag of CanadaD1978–1986
Pominville, JasonFlag of CanadaRW2003–2009304991452449034911208
Pratt, NolanFlag of CanadaD2007–20085516730
Pratt, TracyFlag of the United StatesD1970–19742102394139960006
Presley, WayneFlag of the United StatesRW1991–199520248328029727951442
Priestlay, KenFlag of CanadaC1986–1990117252550591400021
Primeau, WayneFlag of CanadaC1994–200022519254422742471118
Pyatt, TaylorFlag of CanadaLW2001–20062303842801311405510
<span id="R"/>Ramsay, CraigFlag of CanadaF1971–198510702524206722018917314827
Ramsey, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1979–1993911732563299247281826158
Ramsey, WayneFlag of CanadaD1977–197820000
Rasmussen, ErikFlag of the United StatesC1997–20022813346791792725722
Ray, RobFlag of CanadaRW1989–2003889405090318955325169
Reekie, JoeFlag of CanadaD1985–19891043151819020004
Renaud, MarkFlag of CanadaD1983–1984101346
Richard, JacquesFlag of CanadaC1975–1977
Richer, BobFlag of CanadaD1972–197330000
Rivet, CraigFlag of CanadaD2008–20096422224125
Robert, ReneFlag of CanadaC1971–19795242223305524014722173971#14 retired
Robertson, GeordieFlag of CanadaC1982–198351237
Robitaille, MikeFlag of CanadaD1971–19751708465412260000
Rombough, DougFlag of CanadaC1972–197451891727
Ronan, EdFlag of the United StatesRW1996–1997181451161016
Roy, DerekFlag of CanadaC2003–2009336108171279213347152230
Ruff, LindyFlag of CanadaF1979–1989608102183285112642111021164
Russell, PhilFlag of CanadaD1985–19871825724
Ruuttu, ChristianFlag of FinlandC1986–199243810123033148329381145
Ryan, MichaelFlag of the United StatesLW2006–200865761332
<span id="S"/>Sanderson, GeoffFlag of CanadaLW1997–20001682936656438791626
Sarich, CoryFlag of CanadaD1998–20004604435
Satan, MiroslavFlag of SlovakiaRW1996–20045782242324562335114213514
Sauve, Jean-FrancoisFlag of CanadaC1980–1983982449737072240
Savage, JoelFlag of CanadaRW1990–199130110
Savard, AndreFlag of CanadaC1976–1983467130175305221455111640
Schmautz, CliffFlag of CanadaRW1970–197126571210
Schock, RonFlag of CanadaC1977–197840448020000
Schoenfeld, JimFlag of CanadaD1972–1982
Schultz, DaveFlag of CanadaLW1978–19804133611430224
Seiling, RicFlag of CanadaRW1977–19866641762003765245514142831
Sejba, JiriFlag of the Czech RepublicF1990–1991110228
Sekera, AndrejFlag of SlovakiaD2006–20091085222740
Semenov, AnatoliFlag of RussiaC1996–1997252462
Shack, EddieFlag of CanadaF1970–1972106363167127
Shannon, DarrinFlag of CanadaLW1988–19925510142416141348
Shannon, DarrylFlag of CanadaD1995–199925512566824029471116
Sheppard, RayFlag of CanadaRW1987–199015964501142971232
Simon, ToddFlag of CanadaC1993–199415011051010
Simpson, CraigFlag of CanadaLW1993–19954612152734
Smehlik, RichardFlag of the Czech RepublicD1992–1995
Smith, DerekFlag of CanadaF1975–1982244659816338309142313
Smith, DougFlag of CanadaC1985–198816235548929610000
Smith, FloydFlag of CanadaF1970–1972836121848
Smith, SteveFlag of CanadaD1988–198930000
Snuggerud, DaveFlag of the United StatesRW1989–1992215264672109121346
Spacek, JaroslavFlag of the Czech RepublicD2006–20092052276981421600010
Spencer, BrianFlag of CanadaLW1973–197724042721142063114512
Stafford, DrewFlag of the United StatesRW2006–20091844961110113102244
Stanfield, FredFlag of CanadaLW1974–1978248427311516312570
Stewart, BillFlag of CanadaD1977–1979803172011690330
Suikkanen, KaiFlag of FinlandLW1981–198320000
Sutton, KenFlag of CanadaD1990–19952321860782152534716
Svoboda, PetrFlag of the Czech RepublicD1991–1995139549542601014510
Sweeney, BobFlag of the United StatesC1992–19951853744812301422412
Sylvester, DeanFlag of the United StatesRW1998–19991000040002
<span id="T"/>Talbot, Jean-GuyFlag of CanadaD1970–19715707736
Tallinder, HenrikFlag of SwedenD2001–200938616728824630281026
Tanti, TonyFlag of CanadaLW1990–1992801623391061223512
Taylor, ChrisFlag of CanadaC1999–2001
Terbenche, PaulFlag of CanadaD1970–1974121219212060000
Thomas, ScottFlag of the United StatesRW1992–19943933623
Thorburn, ChrisFlag of CanadaC2005–200620117
Tidey, AlecFlag of CanadaRW1976–19784000020000
Titanic, MorrisFlag of CanadaLW1974–1976190000
Trapp, DougFlag of CanadaF1986–198720000
Tsygurov, DenisFlag of RussiaD1993–199580004
Tsyplakov, VladimirFlag of RussiaLW1999–20017013203320141128
Tucker, JohnFlag of CanadaC1983–1991345116154270142179112018
Turgeon, PierreFlag of CanadaC1987–19923221222013231192312132514
<span id="V"/>Vaive, RickFlag of CanadaRW1988–1992189746213622617751220
Van Boxmeer, JohnFlag of the United StatesD1979–198329449166215239355141935
Vanek, ThomasFlag of AustriaW2005–200931814411626022026841216
Varada, VaclavFlag of the Czech RepublicLW1995–20033764698144326548122048
Verret, ClaudeFlag of CanadaC1983–1985142572
Virta, HannuFlag of FinlandD1981–19862452510112666171346
<span id="W"/>Walsh, JimFlag of the United StatesD1981–198240114
Ward, DixonFlag of CanadaLW1995–200030756801361695312172946
Warrener, RhettFlag of CanadaD1998–2003266933423633815638
Watson, JimFlag of CanadaD1970–197214441519248
Weber, MikeFlag of the United StatesD2007–20092303333
Wells, JayFlag of CanadaD1989–19928531215243701112
Wiemer, JimFlag of CanadaD1982–198574817255210000
Wilson, MikeFlag of CanadaD1995–19992311123341872502215
Wood, RandyFlag of the United StatesLW1991–199423660571172132135810
Woolley, JasonFlag of CanadaD1997–200336540125165258497273426
Wyrozub, RandyFlag of CanadaC1970–19741008101810
<span id="Z"/>Zaine, RodFlag of CanadaC1971–1972242134
Zhitnik, AlexeiFlag of UkraineD1994–2004712552342898227062127138
Zubrus, DainiusFlag of LithuaniaRW2006–20071944812150888


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