This is a list (up to 2015) of ice hockey players who have played for the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that have played at least one match, either in the NHL regular season or in the NHL playoffs. Players with names in bold type are current players on the team.

‡ Indicates only played in the playoffs.

Player Name GP G A Pts PIM Years Seasons
George AbbottFlag of Canada100001943–19441
John AdamsFlag of Canada1400001972–19731
Rick AdduonoFlag of Canada100001975–19761
Johnathan AitkenFlag of Canada300001999–20001
Andrew AlbertsFlag of the United States184118192312005–20083
Gary AldcornFlag of Canada21235121960–19611
Bobby AllenFlag of the United States50033122006–20082
Jason AllisonFlag of Canada3011051892942421996–20015
Bill "Red" AndersonFlag of Canada100001942–19431
Earl AndersonFlag of the United States64121628101974–19773
Dave AndreychukFlag of Canada63191433281999–20001
John ArbourFlag of Canada6011111965–19682
Bob ArmstrongFlag of Canada5421386996711950–196212
Jamie ArnielFlag of Canada100002010–20111
Scott ArnielFlag of Canada29538201991–19921
Barry AshbeeFlag of Canada14033141965–19661
Brent AshtonFlag of Canada87192443581991–19932
Steve AtkinsonFlag of Canada100001968–19691
Oscar AubuchonFlag of Canada1240401942–19442
Alex AuldFlag of Canada2300002007–20081
Don AwreyFlag of Canada53321871088271963–197310
P. J. AxelssonFlag of Sweden7971031842872761997–200911
Pete BabandoFlag of the United States118422567861947–19492
Ace BaileyFlag of Canada2323146772891968–19735
Scott BaileyFlag of Canada1900001995–19972
Mike BalesFlag of Canada100001992–19931
Murray BalfourFlag of Canada15022261964–19651
Stan BaluikFlag of Canada700021959–19601
Darren BanksFlag of Canada20224731992–19942
Ralph BarahonaFlag of the United States622401990–19922
Marco BaronFlag of Canada64022461979–19834
Dave BarrFlag of Canada1211271981–19832
Eddie BarryFlag of the United States1913421946–19471
Marty BarryFlag of Canada280130882181671929–19356
Ray BarryFlag of the United States1812361951–19521
Matt BartkowskiFlag of the United States13102424772010–20155
Jim BartlettFlag of Canada6315924951960–19611
Shawn BatesFlag of the United States135141428441997–20014
Bobby BauerFlag of Canada328123137260361935–195210
Ken BaumgartnerFlag of Canada1511453181997–19992
Jack "Red" BeattieFlag of the United Kingdom28858791371271930–19388
Bob BeckettFlag of Canada687613181956–19644
Clayton BeddoesFlag of Canada602810571995–19972
Bob BeersFlag of the United States7731114531989–19974
Steve BéginFlag of Canada775914532009–20101
Ken BelangerFlag of Canada12258133171998–20013
Yves BelangerFlag of Canada800001979–19801
Matt BeleskeyFlag of Canada1431827451292015–20183
Bill BennettFlag of the United States714521978–19791
Harvey BennettFlag of Canada2400001944–19451
Bobby BensonFlag of Canada801141924–19251
Paul BeraldoFlag of Canada10000191987–19892
Bryan BerardFlag of the United States80102838642002–20031
Patrice BergeronFlag of Canada10723435128554142003–202016
Daniel BerthiaumeFlag of Canada800001991–19921
Phil BesslerFlag of Canada900001935–19361
Silvio BettioFlag of Canada4491221321949–19501
Nick BeverleyFlag of Canada8111011281966–19745
Paul BibeaultFlag of Canada4200001944–19462
Craig BillingtonFlag of Canada3500041994–19962
Jack BiondaFlag of Canada803811951956–19593
Dick BittnerFlag of the United States100001949–19501
Byron BitzFlag of Canada808816492008–20102
Don BlackburnFlag of Canada605541962–19631
Bob BlakeFlag of the United States1200001935–19361
Zdenek BlatnyFlag of the Czech Republic500022005–20061
John BlueFlag of the United States41022131992–19942
John BlumFlag of the United States169522274431983–19905
Brandon BochenskiFlag of the United States51111728202006–20082
Gus BodnarFlag of Canada827714311953–19552
Andrew BodnarchukFlag of Canada500022009–20101
Leo BoivinFlag of Canada717471642117661954–196612
Ivan BoldirevFlag of Serbia1302261970–19722
Frank "Buzz" BollFlag of Canada82445296221942–19442
Marcel BoninFlag of Canada679918491955–19561
Dennis BonvieFlag of Canada23123842001–20021
Carl "Buddy" BooneFlag of Canada34538281956–19582
Bill BoucherFlag of Canada14505121926–19271
Fred BourdginonFlag of Canada200001925–19261
Chris BourqueFlag of the United States1813462012–20131
Ray BourqueFlag of Canada15183951111150610871979–200021
Paul BoutilierFlag of Canada525914841986–19871
Johnny BoychukFlag of Canada3171956751982008–20146
Irwin BoydFlag of the United States558715161931–19443
Brad BoyesFlag of Canada1443964103552005–20072
Nick BoyntonFlag of Canada2992262843971999–20066
John BrackenboroughFlag of Canada700001925–19261
Barton BradleyFlag of Canada100001949–19501
Rich BrennanFlag of the United States701162002–20031
Tom BrennanFlag of the United States1222421943–19452
Andy BrickleyFlag of the United States1773776113381988–19924
Archie BridenFlag of Canada1000001926–19271
Frank BrimsekFlag of the United States44400041938–19499
Ken BroderickFlag of Canada2001121973–19752
Wade BrookbankFlag of Canada7101152006–20071
Ross BrooksFlag of Canada5401121972–19753
Adam BrownFlag of the United Kingdom33891761951–19521
Sean BrownFlag of Canada811671642001–20032
Wayne BrownFlag of Canada400021953–19541
Gordon BruceFlag of Canada284913131940–19463
Ron BuchananFlag of Canada300001966–19671
Johnny BucykFlag of Canada143654579413394361957–197821
Billy BurchFlag of the United States2331441932–19331
Eddie BurkeFlag of Canada16303121931–19321
Charlie BurnsFlag of the United States26248701181181959–19634
Randy BurridgeFlag of Canada3591081152232751985–19916
John ByceFlag of the United States2123561989–19923
Gordie ByersFlag of Canada101101949–19501
Lyndon ByersFlag of Canada2612442669591983–19929
Jack CafferyFlag of Canada54325221956–19582
Charles "Moose" CahillFlag of Canada3101141925–19261
Herbert CainFlag of Canada314140119259811939–19467
Norm CalladineFlag of Canada6319294881942–19453
Gregory CampbellFlag of Canada3593952913062010–20155
Wade CampbellFlag of Canada28044601985–19883
Carter CamperFlag of the United States310102011–20121
Jack CapuanoFlag of the United States200001991–19921
Jim CareyFlag of the United States2900001996–19982
Jordan CaronFlag of Canada134121628762010–20155
Wayne CarletonFlag of Canada111284371671969–19712
Bobby CarpenterFlag of the United States18763711341751988–19924
George CarrollFlag of Canada1100091924–19251
Bill CarsonFlag of Canada6311617341928–19302
Anson CarterFlag of Canada2117073143691996–20004
Billy CarterFlag of Canada800021960–19611
John CarterFlag of the United States1853341741201985–19916
Joe CarvethFlag of Canada73292453201946–19482
Jon CaseyFlag of the United States57022141993–19941
Wayne CashmanFlag of Canada102727751679310411964–198317
Ed ChadwickFlag of Canada400001961–19621
Erwin "Murph" ChamberlainFlag of Canada4592433671942–19431
Art ChapmanFlag of Canada159242953661930–19344
Zdeno CharaFlag of Slovakia100614833248010422006–202014
Gerry CheeversFlag of Canada416011112141965–198012
Dick CherryFlag of Canada600041956–19571
Don CherryFlag of Canada100001954–19551
Denis ChervyakovFlag of Russia200021992–19931
Tim CheveldaeFlag of Canada200001996–19971
Real ChevrefilsFlag of Canada341101931941611951–19598
Art ChisholmFlag of the United States300001960–19611
Stanislav ChistovFlag of Russia605813362006–20071
Dave ChristianFlag of the United States128443882491989–19912
Jack ChurchFlag of Canada43268281945–19461
Dean ChynowethFlag of Canada9428102591995–19983
Robert CimettaFlag of Canada5410919331988–19902
Aubrey "Dit" ClapperFlag of Canada8242282464744621927–194720
Gordie ClarkFlag of Great Britain801101974–19762
Nobby ClarkFlag of Canada500001927–19281
Sprague CleghornFlag of Canada98158231471925–19283
Paul CoffeyFlag of Canada18044302000–20011
Les ColvinFlag of Canada100001948–19491
Roy ConacherFlag of Canada1669451145401938–19465
Wayne ConnellyFlag of Canada169253863601961–19674
Brett ConnollyFlag of Canada7691827302014–20162
Harry ConnorFlag of Canada569110401927–19302
Alex "Bud" CookFlag of Canada28448141931–19321
Frederick "Bun" CookFlag of Canada4045981936–19371
Lloyd CookFlag of Canada410101924–19251
Carson CooperFlag of Canada5837643141924–19273
Carl CorazziniFlag of the United States1220202003–20041
Norm CorcoranFlag of Canada400021949–19553
Mark CornforthFlag of Canada600041995–19961
Joe CorvoFlag of the United States7542125132011–20121
Murray CostelloFlag of Canada96101727441954–19562
Alain CoteFlag of Canada682911651985–19894
Maurice CourteauFlag of Canada600001943–19441
Geoff CourtnallFlag of Canada26078811593681983–19885
Billy CoutuFlag of Canada41112351926–19271
Bill CowleyFlag of Canada5081903465361331935–194712
Jim CraigFlag of the United States23011111980–19811
Jack CrawfordFlag of Canada539381401782021937–195013
Lou CrawfordFlag of Canada26213291989–19922
Dave CreightonFlag of Canada2957265137761948–19546
Terry CrispFlag of Canada300001965–19661
Bruce CrowderFlag of Canada2174344871331981–19843
Keith CrowderFlag of Canada60721925847712511980–19899
Wilf CudeFlag of the United Kingdom200001931–19321
Craig CunninghamFlag of Canada3421322013–20152
Bill CupoloFlag of Canada47111324101944–19451
Brian CurranFlag of Canada11537104071983–19863
Mariusz CzerkawskiFlag of Poland100232245451993–20064
Byron DafoeFlag of the United Kingdom283088601997–20025
Kevin DallmanFlag of Canada2101182005–20061
Nick DamoreFlag of Canada100001941–19421
Harold DarraghFlag of Canada2524641930–19311
Cleon DaskalakisFlag of the United States1200001984–19873
Kaspars DaugaviņšFlag of Latvia601102012–20131
Bob DavieFlag of Canada41011251933–19363
Lorne DavisFlag of Canada25123101955–19602
Murray DavisonFlag of Canada100001965–19661
Norm DefeliceFlag of Canada1000021956–19571
Matt DelGuidiceFlag of the United States1100021990–19922
Armand DelmonteFlag of Canada100001945–19461
Ab DeMarco, Jr.Flag of the United States300001978–19791
Ab DeMarcoFlag of Canada641501942–19442
Nathan DempseyFlag of Canada1701162006–20071
Cy DennenyFlag of Canada2312321928–19291
Bill DerlagoFlag of Canada3951621151985–19861
Bob DillaboughFlag of Canada113132538321965–19672
Rob DiMaioFlag of Canada2723562973011996–20004
Gary DoakFlag of Canada60920811016561965–198114
Brian DobbinFlag of Canada7101221991–19921
Clark DonatelliFlag of the United States10011221991–19921
Ted DonatoFlag of the United States5281191472662971991–20049
Dave DonnellyFlag of Canada6291221651983–19863
Shean DonovanFlag of Canada7661117562006–20071
Gary DornhoeferFlag of Canada62121224351963–19663
Doug DoullFlag of Canada350111322003–20041
Peter DourisFlag of Canada148242549381989–19934
Aaron DowneyFlag of Canada100001999–20001
P. C. DrouinFlag of Canada300001996–19971
Luc DufourFlag of Canada1142015351541982–19842
Lorne DuguidFlag of Canada3024641935–19372
Woody DumartFlag of Canada771211218429991935–195416
Dale DunbarFlag of the United States100001988–19891
Darryl EdestrandFlag of Canada215837451951973–19785
Pat EganFlag of Canada29447851324351943–19496
Gerry EhmanFlag of Canada110101957–19581
Todd ElikFlag of Canada90174562561995–19972
Dave EllettFlag of the United States13632629921997–19992
Mikko ElorantaFlag of Finland118182341761999–20023
David EmmaFlag of the United States500001996–19971
John EmmonsFlag of the United States22022162001–20021
Leighton "Happy" EmmsFlag of Canada1111281934–19351
Autry EricksonFlag of Canada12631215941959–19612
Grant EricksonFlag of Canada210101968–19691
Loui ErikssonFlag of Sweden2246285147322013–20163
Phil EspositoFlag of Canada62545955310125121967–19769
Claude EvansFlag of Canada100001957–19581
Bill EzinickiFlag of Canada812124451661950–19522
Glen FeatherstoneFlag of Canada99713202741991–19943
Andrew FerenceFlag of Canada3731678942782006–20137
Tom FergusFlag of the United States289981382361381981–19854
Lorne FergusonFlag of Canada201474188871949–19565
Brian FerlinFlag of Canada701102014–20151
Manny FernandezFlag of Canada3200002007–20092
Peter FerraroFlag of the United States516915441998–20002
Guyle FielderFlag of the United States200021953–19541
Marcel FillionFlag of Canada100001944–19451
Tommy FilmoreFlag of Canada300001933–19341
Brian FinleyFlag of Canada200002006–20071
Eddie FinniganFlag of Canada300001935–19361
Dunc FisherFlag of Canada129243357221950–19533
Tom FitzgeraldFlag of the United States714610402005–20061
Fern FlamanFlag of Canada6823014717710021944–196114
Reg FlemingFlag of Canada1012229511781964–19662
Ron FlockhartFlag of Canada400001988–19891
Justin FlorekFlag of the United States411202013–20141
Dave ForbesFlag of Canada28453521052201973–19774
Mike ForbesFlag of Canada32044151977–19781
Dwight FosterFlag of Canada25251821331651977–19876
Harry "Yip" FosterFlag of Canada30123121931–19321
Norm FosterFlag of Canada300001990–19911
Jimmy FranksFlag of Canada100001943–19441
Matt FraserFlag of Canada38505172013–20152
Frank FredericksonFlag of Canada832712391401926–19293
Harry FrostFlag of Canada300001938–19391
Art GagneFlag of Canada601161929–19301
Pierre GagneFlag of Canada200001959–19601
Simon GagnéFlag of Canada2331442014–20151
Johnny GagnonFlag of Canada2411291934–19351
Norman "Dutch" GainorFlag of Canada1554843911181927–19314
Percy GalbraithFlag of Canada3463129602241926–19348
Garry GalleyFlag of Canada25724821063221988–19924
Don GallingerFlag of Canada2226588153891942–19485
Bruce GambleFlag of Canada80000181960–19622
Bert GardinerFlag of Canada4101101943–19441
Cal GardnerFlag of Canada28057831402251953–19574
Ray GariepyFlag of Canada35167391953–19541
Armand GaudreaultFlag of Canada4415924271944–19451
Jean GauthierFlag of Canada1102281968–19691
Jack GelineauFlag of Canada14100041948–19513
Jean-Guy GendronFlag of Canada27066621282301958–19645
George "Gerry" GeranFlag of the United States3351661925–19261
Ray GetliffeFlag of Canada128374077571935–19394
Barry GibbsFlag of Canada2400041967–19692
Doug GibsonFlag of Canada527182501973–19762
Gilles GilbertFlag of Canada278055861973–19807
Jeannot GilbertFlag of Canada901141962–19652
Andre GillFlag of Canada500001967–19681
Hal GillFlag of the United States6262077975881997–20068
Mike GillisFlag of Canada1251724411041980–19844
Jonathan GirardFlag of Canada150103444461998–20035
Art GirouxFlag of Canada1010101934–19351
Paul GladuFlag of Canada406142021944–19451
Matt GlennonFlag of the United States300021991–19921
Warren GodfreyFlag of Canada260948572251952–19634
Bill GoldsworthyFlag of Canada336612271964–19673
Leroy GoldsworthyFlag of the United States92171633221936–19382
Sergei GoncharFlag of Russia15459122003–20041
Fred GordonFlag of Canada44325401927–19281
Lee GorenFlag of Canada35415142000–20032
Robert "Butch" GoringFlag of Canada3913213461984–19851
Bobby GouldFlag of Canada7781725921989–19901
Bob GracieFlag of Canada24268161933–19341
Thomas GradinFlag of Sweden64123143181986–19871
Rod GrahamFlag of Canada1421371974–19751
Teddy GrahamFlag of Canada49415371935–19372
John GrahameFlag of the United States76044181999–20034
Ron GrahameFlag of Canada4001101977–19781
Benny GrantFlag of Canada100001943–19441
Terry GrayFlag of Canada428715151961–19621
Red GreenFlag of Canada25000161928–19291
Ted GreenFlag of Canada6204820625410291960–197211
Travis GreenFlag of Canada1462117381462003–20062
Seth GriffithFlag of Canada346511102014–20162
Lloyd GronsdahlFlag of Canada1012301941–19421
Michal GrosekFlag of the Czech Republic96520251042002–20042
Lloyd GrossFlag of Canada610161933–19341
Don GrossoFlag of Canada3302221946–19471
John GrudenFlag of Canada59077281993–19963
Bob GrypFlag of Canada100001973–19741
Paul GuayFlag of the United States502201988–19891
Bill GuerinFlag of the United States14269601292132000–20022
Bep GuidolinFlag of Canada19549701192461942–19474
Ben GuiteFlag of Canada100002005–20061
Jeff HackettFlag of Canada1800022002–20031
Matti HagmanFlag of Finland9015183321976–19782
Taylor HallFlag of Canada700041987–19881
Doug HalwardFlag of Canada753912141975–19783
Robert "Red" HamillFlag of Canada58161430201937–19425
Zach HamillFlag of Canada2004442009–20123
Ken HammondFlag of Canada110121990–19911
Brett HarkinsFlag of the United States454151981994–19972
Walter HarnottFlag of Canada600021933–19341
Leland "Hago" HarringtonFlag of the United States428210131925–19282
Henry "Smoky" HarrisFlag of Canada34246201930–19311
Smokey HarrisFlag of Canada631481924–19251
Ed HarrisonFlag of Canada190262450511947–19514
Jim HarrisonFlag of Canada39437371968–19702
Greg HawgoodFlag of Canada1342751781601987–19903
Chris HayesFlag of Canada100001971–19721
Jimmy HayesFlag of the United States133151934892015–20162
Paul HaynesFlag of Canada3743781934–19351
Don HeadFlag of Canada38000141961–19621
Fern HeadleyFlag of the United States1610141924–19251
Eric HealeyFlag of the United States200022005–20061
Andy HebentonFlag of Canada7012112381963–19641
Lionel HeinrichFlag of Canada35112331955–19561
Steve HeinzeFlag of the United States5151311082392751991–20009
Jay HendersonFlag of Canada33134371998–20013
John HendersonFlag of Canada4500001954–19562
Murray HendersonFlag of Canada4052462863051944–19528
Josh HennessyFlag of the United States300022011–20121
Gordie HenryFlag of Canada300001948–19534
Jim HenryFlag of Canada23700001951–19554
Jimmy HerbertsFlag of Canada1186317801711924–19284
Phil "Nip" HergesheimerFlag of Canada3000121941–19421
Matt HerrFlag of the United States300002002–20031
Matt HerveyFlag of the United States16011551991–19921
Orville "Obs" HeximerFlag of Canada487512121932–19331
Wayne HicksFlag of the United States657916141962–19631
Andy HilbertFlag of the United States38336182001–20043
Mel HillFlag of Canada130262551411937–19414
Wilbert "Dutch" HillerFlag of Canada4371017191941–19421
Randy HillierFlag of Canada164330332531981–19843
Floyd "Bud" HillmanFlag of Canada6000101956–19571
Larry HillmanFlag of Canada12763036811957–19603
Lionel HitchmanFlag of Canada3752426504851924–193410
Shane HnidyFlag of Canada11141317882007–20113
Ken HodgeFlag of the United Kingdom6522893856746201967–19769
Ken Hodge, Jr.Flag of Canada112364076301990–19922
Ted HodgsonFlag of Canada400001966–19671
Jeff HogganFlag of Canada47022332006–20082
Benoit HogueFlag of Canada1744892001–20021
William "Flash" HollettFlag of Canada357841151991901935–19449
Ron HooverFlag of Canada17404311989–19912
Pete HoreckFlag of Canada100151833791949–19512
Nathan HortonFlag of Canada16956511071612010–20133
Bronco HorvathFlag of Canada2271031122152041957–19614
Marty HoweFlag of the United States7811112241982–19831
Bill HuardFlag of Canada200001992–19931
Brent HughesFlag of Canada1912522475111991–19954
Ryan HughesFlag of Canada300001995–19961
Joe HulbigFlag of the United States31224121999–20012
Ivan HumlFlag of the Czech Republic4961218362001–20043
Matt HunwickFlag of the United States164132245762007–20114
Paul HurleyFlag of the United States101101968–19691
Jamie HuscroftFlag of Canada700772471993–19952
Bill HuttonFlag of Canada2520261929–19312
Dave HynesFlag of the United States2240421973–19752
Gord HynesFlag of Canada1505561991–19921
Al IafrateFlag of the United States125813201993–19941
Jarome IginlaFlag of Canada78303161472013–20141
Frank IngramFlag of Canada100001924–19251
Ted IrvineFlag of Canada100001963–19641
Brad IsbisterFlag of Canada5861723462005–20061
Richard JackmanFlag of Canada200022001–20021
Art JacksonFlag of Canada305941342281031937–19457
Harvey "Busher" JacksonFlag of Canada113354378811941–19443
Percy JacksonFlag of Canada500001931–19362
Stan JacksonFlag of Canada528311661924–19262
Walter JacksonFlag of the United Kingdom200001935–19361
Jaromír JágrFlag of the Czech Republic1127922012–20131
Craig JanneyFlag of the United States26285198283441987–19925
Roger JenkinsFlag of the United States42268511935–19361
Bill JenningsFlag of Canada39201333251944–19451
Eddie JeremiahFlag of the United States600001931–19321
Frank JerwaFlag of Canada29459221931–19321
Joe JerwaFlag of Canada846915551931–19375
Jeff JillsonFlag of the United States5041014352003–20041
Aaron JohnsonFlag of Canada10000102012–20131
Chad JohnsonFlag of Canada2700002013–20141
Nick JohnsonFlag of Canada900002013–20141
Norm JohnsonFlag of Canada5442024331957–19592
Tom JohnsonFlag of Canada12143034631963–19652
Ed JohnstonFlag of Canada44301010261962–197311
Greg JohnstonFlag of Canada1832628541191983–19907
Stan JonathanFlag of Canada392911071987381975–19838
Rob JonesFlag of Canada800021971–19732
Bob JoyceFlag of Canada115263864781987–19903
Joe JuneauFlag of Canada16151142193721991–19943
Joe JunkinFlag of Canada100001968–19691
Milan JurcinaFlag of Slovakia918614742005–20072
Tomas KaberleFlag of the Czech Republic2418922010–20111
Walter KalbfleischFlag of Canada100001936–19371
Petr KalusFlag of the Czech Republic941562006–20071
Max KaminskyFlag of Canada75131730241934–19362
Steven KampferFlag of the United States9381220402010-12, 18-204
Martins KarsumsFlag of Latvia601102008–20091
Alexei KasatonovFlag of Russia6331417451994–19962
Steve KasperFlag of Canada5641352203554501980–19899
Doug KeansFlag of Canada154055461983–19885
Gordon "Duke" KeatsFlag of Canada17505101926–19271
Don KeenanFlag of Canada100001958–19591
Jarmo KekalainenFlag of Finland27437141989–19912
Chris KelleherFlag of the United States100002001–20021
Chris KellyFlag of Canada28843581011432010–20166
Forbes KennedyFlag of Canada2213045752371962–19664
Sheldon KennedyFlag of Canada5681018301996–19971
Phil KesselFlag of the United States2226660126562006–20093
Alexander KhokhlachevFlag of Russia900022013–20163
Dmitri KhristichFlag of Ukraine1615879137901997–19992
Anton KhudobinFlag of Kazakhstan6203382011–13, 2016-184
Darin KimbleFlag of Canada5573101771992–19931
Lloyd "Dede" KleinFlag of Canada2020251928–19322
Joe KlukayFlag of Canada150333366511952–19553
Gord KluzakFlag of Canada29925981235431982–19917
Bill KnibbsFlag of Canada537101741964–19651
Fred KnipscheerFlag of the United States27639161993–19952
Mike KnubleFlag of Canada30769761451641999–20045
Chuck KobasewFlag of Canada1584440841122006–20093
Pavel KolarikFlag of the Czech Republic23000102000–20022
Russ KopakFlag of Canada24791601943–19441
Doug KostynskiFlag of Canada1531441983–19852
Andrei KovalenkoFlag of Russia76162137272000–20011
Steve KraftcheckFlag of Canada2200081950–19511
Phil "Skip" KrakeFlag of Canada8711920171963–19684
David KrejciFlag of the Czech Republic8942064736793102006–202014
Torey KrugFlag of the United States507652603252102011–20209
Mike KrushelnyskiFlag of Canada16251651161001981–19843
Ed KryzanowskiFlag of Canada232152237651948–19524
Arnie KullmanFlag of Canada13011111947–19502
Jarno KultanenFlag of Finland10221113592000–20033
Orland KurtenbachFlag of Canada1421845631831961–19653
Zdenek KutlakFlag of the Czech Republic1612342000–20043
Dmitri KvartalnovFlag of Russia112424991261992–19942
Walter "Gus" KyleFlag of Canada69112131271951–19521
Antti LaaksonenFlag of Finland38751241998–20002
Leo LabineFlag of Canada5711231803036681951–196110
Guy LabrieFlag of Canada1527921943–19441
Blaine LacherFlag of Canada4701181994–19962
Dan LaCoutureFlag of the United States55224532005–20061
Daniel LacroixFlag of Canada23101381994–19951
Bobby LalondeFlag of Canada133143751591979–19812
Joe LambFlag of Canada902123441151932–19342
Myles LaneFlag of the United States36314191928–19343
Robert LangFlag of the Czech Republic300021997–19981
Steve LangdonFlag of Canada701121974–19783
Josh LangfeldFlag of the United States18011102005–20061
Albert LangloisFlag of Canada6541014541965–19661
Guy LapointeFlag of Canada4521618341983–19841
Martin LapointeFlag of Canada2054043832552001–20043
Drew LarmanFlag of the United States400002009–20101
Charles LaroseFlag of Canada600001925–19261
Guy LaroseFlag of Canada400001994–19951
Reed LarsonFlag of the United States1412552771961985–19883
Matt LashoffFlag of the United States46178222006–20093
Marty LauderFlag of Canada300001927–19281
Dominic LavoieFlag of Canada200021992–19931
Brian LawtonFlag of the United States8000141989–19901
Hal LaycoeFlag of Canada3232052721801950–19566
Jeff LazaroFlag of the United States7681927981990–19922
Jay LeachFlag of the United States200072005–20061
Larry LeachFlag of Canada126132942911958–19623
Reggie LeachFlag of Canada7991726121970–19722
Steve LeachFlag of the United States29376831595011991–19965
Pat LeahyFlag of the United States49448192003–20062
Rich LeducFlag of Canada33448141972–19742
Grant LedyardFlag of Canada6961521391997–19992
Brian LeetchFlag of the United States6152732362005–20061
Guillaume LefebvreFlag of Canada100002009–20101
Tommy LehmanFlag of Sweden355510161987–19892
Mikko LehtonenFlag of Finland200002008–20102
Bob LeiterFlag of Canada135202848851962–19695
Moe LemayFlag of Canada14000231987–19892
Reggie LemelinFlag of Canada183022561987–19936
Bill LesukFlag of Canada801101968–19702
Pete LeswickFlag of Canada200001944–19451
Normand LeveilleFlag of Canada75172542491981–19832
Matt LindbladFlag of the United States400002013–20152
Ken LinsemanFlag of Canada3891252473727461984–19906
Ross LonsberryFlag of Canada33235161966–19693
Jim LorentzFlag of Canada7981927361968–19702
Ross LoweFlag of Canada46538401949–19512
Milan LucicFlag of Canada7641392033427722007–20158
Morris LukowichFlag of Canada3661218311984–19862
Harry LumleyFlag of Canada78000141957–19603
Pentti LundFlag of Finland778142221946–19534
Vic LynnFlag of Canada6816824731950–19522
Ron LyonsFlag of Canada14000211930–19311
Lane MacDermidFlag of the United States8000152011–20132
Craig MacDonaldFlag of Canada1803382003–20041
Joey MacDonaldFlag of Canada700002006–20071
Parker MacDonaldFlag of Canada29641061965–19661
Mickey MacKayFlag of Canada7012719311928–19302
Fleming MackellFlag of Canada5131271853124741951–19609
Craig MacTavishFlag of Canada2174466110741979–19845
Mikko MakelaFlag of Finland1112301994–19951
Dean MalkocFlag of Canada731011561996–19982
Troy MalletteFlag of Canada6868141551996–19971
Phil MaloneyFlag of Canada8317314881949–19512
Ray MalutaFlag of Canada2523561975–19772
Eric ManlowFlag of Canada1101122000–20022
Cameron MannFlag of Canada89141024401997–20014
Ray MansonFlag of Canada100001947–19481
Sylvio ManthaFlag of Canada500021936–19371
Paul MaraFlag of the United States5931518952006–20071
Brad MarchandFlag of Canada7342843436277362009–202011
Don MarcotteFlag of Canada8682302544843171965–198215
Frank MarioFlag of Canada5391928241941–19452
Nevin MarkwartFlag of Canada29939671067691983–19928
Daniel MaroisFlag of Canada227310181993–19941
Gilles MarotteFlag of Canada1181025351641965–19672
Mark MarquessFlag of Canada2754961946–19471
Clare MartinFlag of Canada7881422381941–19483
Frank MartinFlag of Canada8231922441952–19542
Hubert "Pit" MartinFlag of Canada111363369501965–19672
Marquis MathieuFlag of the United States16022141998–20013
Joe MatteFlag of Canada300001925–19261
Wayne MaxnerFlag of Canada628917481964–19662
Alan MayFlag of Canada300001987–19881
Norm McAteeFlag of Canada1301101946–19471
Sandy McCarthyFlag of Canada37314282003–20041
Tom McCarthyFlag of Canada75323466371986–19882
Tom McCarthyFlag of Canada2445901960–19611
Trent McClearyFlag of Canada59358331996–19971
Bob McCordFlag of Canada10811516751963–19652
Brad McCrimmonFlag of Canada2281737543251979–19823
Ab McDonaldFlag of Canada60991861964–19651
Shawn McEachernFlag of the United States110263561561995–20062
Jack McGillFlag of Canada97233659421941–19474
Dan McGillisFlag of Canada9052429752002–20042
Bert McInenlyFlag of Canada43213281933–19363
Marty McInnisFlag of the United States96111324462001–20032
Jack McIntyreFlag of Canada123193554491949–19534
Walt McKechnieFlag of Canada5333681974–19751
Don McKenneyFlag of Canada5921952674621891954–19639
John McKenzieFlag of Canada4531692273967001965–19727
Andrew McKimFlag of Canada3614541992–19942
Kyle McLarenFlag of Canada41734901243701995–20027
Scott McLellanFlag of Canada200001982–19831
Mike McMahon, Sr.Flag of Canada200021945–19461
Sammy McManusFlag of the United Kingdom100001936–19371
Adam McQuaidFlag of Canada4621353666522009–20189
Peter McNabFlag of Canada5952633245871111976–19848
Pat McReavyFlag of Canada2102241938–19424
Marty McSorleyFlag of Canada27235621999–20001
Harry MeekingFlag of Canada2310161926–19271
Dick MeissnerFlag of Canada13581018371959–19623
Larry MelnykFlag of Canada75012121231980–19833
Andrej MeszárošFlag of Slovakia1423562013–20141
Glen MetropolitFlag of Canada82112233362007–20081
Nick MickoskiFlag of Canada1810121959–19601
Rick MiddletonFlag of Canada8814024968981241976–198812
Mike MilburyFlag of the United States7544918923815521975–198712
Al MillarFlag of Canada600001957–19581
Mike MillarFlag of Canada1514501989–19901
Bob MillerFlag of the United States26355821371431977–19814
Colin MillerFlag of Canada10392029942015–20172
Kevan MillerFlag of the United States3241255672612015–20207
Jay MillerFlag of the United States2161320338581985–19894
Herb MitchellFlag of Canada53606561924–19262
Mike MoffatFlag of Canada1900021981–19843
Sandy MogerFlag of Canada1322723501161994–19973
Doug MohnsFlag of Canada7101182293476711953–196411
Carl MokosakFlag of Canada7000311988–19891
Steve MontadorFlag of Canada13011182008–20091
Andy MoogFlag of Canada261010101101987–19936
Ian MoranFlag of the United States55268402002–20063
Bernie MorrisFlag of Canada620201924–19251
Derek MorrisFlag of Canada5832225262009–20101
Doug MorrisonFlag of Canada237310151979–19854
Jim MorrisonFlag of Canada8481927441951–19592
Jon MorrisFlag of the United States400001993–19941
Shaone MorrisonnFlag of Canada41178182002–20042
Joe MorrowFlag of Canada65279162014–20173
Mike MottauFlag of the United States600002011–20121
Alex MotterFlag of Canada2614541934–19362
Mark MowersFlag of the United States7851217262006–20071
Joe MullenFlag of the United States37871501995–19961
Gord MurphyFlag of Canada106820281261991–20023
Joe MurphyFlag of Canada267714411999–20001
Ron MurphyFlag of Canada133296190441965–19705
Glen MurrayFlag of Canada5702091803894081991–200810
Brantt MyhresFlag of Canada1000312002–20031
Anders MyrvoldFlag of Norway902241996–19971
Mats NaslundFlag of Sweden348142241994–19951
Andrei NazarovFlag of Russia1101673642000–20022
Cam NeelyFlag of Canada5253442465909211986–199610
Ray NeufeldFlag of Canada15134281988–19902
Al NicholsonFlag of Canada1901141955–19572
Eric NickulasFlag of the United States4571017241998–20064
Graeme NicolsonFlag of Canada100001978–19791
Kirk NielsenFlag of the United States600001997–19981
Kraig NienhuisFlag of Canada87201636391985–19883
Chris NilanFlag of the United States801114254631990–19922
Jim NillFlag of Canada76411151431983–19852
Petteri NokelainenFlag of Finland907613292007–20092
Peter NordstromFlag of Sweden200001998–19991
Jack NorrisFlag of Canada2300001964–19651
Jeff NortonFlag of the United States301122001–20021
Hank NowakFlag of Canada111181533811974–19773
Michael NylanderFlag of Sweden1511112142003–20041
Dennis O'BrienFlag of Canada83411151381977–19803
Ellard O'BrienFlag of Canada200001955–19561
Mike O'ConnellFlag of the United States424701992693121980–19866
Fred O'DonnellFlag of Canada115151126981972–19742
Sean O'DonnellFlag of Canada232547522752001–20043
Billy O'DwyerFlag of the United States10281321931987–19903
Paul O'NeilFlag of the United States100001975–19761
Jim "Peggy" O'NeillFlag of Canada141626321051933–19374
Willie O'ReeFlag of Canada4541014261957–19612
Terry O'ReillyFlag of Canada89120440260620951971–198514
Adam OatesFlag of Canada3681423574991231991–19976
Chris OddleifsonFlag of Canada55101121251972–19742
Jeff OdgersFlag of Canada8078151971996–19971
Harry OliverFlag of Canada355109591681291926–19348
Murray OliverFlag of Canada4291162163321791960–19677
Krzysztof OliwaFlag of Poland330001102002–20031
Bobby OrrFlag of Canada6312646248889241966–197610
Colton OrrFlag of Canada21000272003–20062
Gerry OuelletteFlag of Canada3454901960–19611
George OwenFlag of Canada1924433771511928–19335
Clayton PachalFlag of Canada11000261976–19782
Samuel PahlssonFlag of Sweden1711262000–20011
Daniel PailleFlag of Canada375504595812009–20156
Aldo PalazzariFlag of the United States2463941943–19441
Brad PalmerFlag of Canada7361117181982–19831
Eddie PanagabkoFlag of Canada29033381955–19572
Jay PandolfoFlag of the United States1800022012–20131
Grigori PanteleevFlag of Russia508614121992–19953
Bernie ParentFlag of Canada5700061965–19672
Jean-Paul PariseFlag of Canada21224101965–19672
Brad ParkFlag of Canada5011003174175531975–19838
Dave PasinFlag of Canada71181937501985–19861
David PastrňákFlag of the Czech Republic3731701893591612014–20206
George PattersonFlag of Canada1001121933–19341
Davis PayneFlag of Canada22011141995–19972
Allen PedersenFlag of Canada333431354081986–19915
Barry PedersonFlag of Canada3791662514172481980–19927
Pete PeetersFlag of Canada171044931982–19864
Johnny PeirsonFlag of Canada5451531733263151946–195811
Scott PellerinFlag of Canada3515662001–20021
Pascal PelletierFlag of Canada600002007–20081
Jeff PennerFlag of Canada200002009–20101
Cliff PenningtonFlag of Canada9716425861961–19632
Bob PerreaultFlag of Canada2200001962–19631
Garry PetersFlag of Canada200021971–19721
Jimmy PetersFlag of Canada97283058461947–19492
Jim PettieFlag of Canada21000231976–19793
Eric PettingerFlag of the United Kingdom17000171928–9291
Gordon PettingerFlag of Canada104203050201937–19403
Rich PeverleyFlag of Canada127214667402010–20133
Harry PidhirnyFlag of Canada200001957–19581
Jacques PlanteFlag of Canada802221972–19731
Willi PlettFlag of Paraguay652351701987–19881
Ray PodloskiFlag of Canada8011171988–19891
Bud PoileFlag of Canada3816143061949–19501
Dan PolizianiFlag of Canada100001958–19591
Poul PopielFlag of Denmark301121965–19661
Peter PopovicFlag of Sweden60167482000–20011
Jack PortlandFlag of Canada187720271481934–19406
Corey PotterFlag of the United States300002013–20141
Felix PotvinFlag of Canada2800082003–20041
Marc PotvinFlag of Canada33011161994–19962
Dave PoulinFlag of Canada16534681021171989–19934
Benoît PouliotFlag of Canada74161632382011–20121
Petr PrajslerFlag of the Czech Republic300021991–19921
Jack PrattFlag of the United Kingdom37202421930–19322
Walter "Babe" PrattFlag of Canada31448251946–19471
Dean PrenticeFlag of Canada1705056106631962–19664
Wayne PrimeauFlag of Canada1011316291152005–20072
Sean ProngerFlag of Canada11011131999–20001
Andre PronovostFlag of Canada1382621471101960–19633
Claude PronovostFlag of Canada100021955–19561
Brian ProppFlag of Canada143912101989–19901
Joel PrpicFlag of Canada1503321997–20002
Jean PusieFlag of Canada410101934–19351
Bill QuackenbushFlag of Canada46122133155461949–19567
Max QuackenbushFlag of Canada474610261950–19511
John QuiltyFlag of Canada632521947–19481
Stephane QuintalFlag of Canada158819272171988–19924
Bill RanfordFlag of Canada12203381985–19974
George RanieriFlag of Canada200001956–19571
Tuukka RaskFlag of Finland52401515242007–202013
Jean RatelleFlag of Canada419155295450841975–19816
Jake RathwellFlag of Canada100001974–19751
Matt RavlichFlag of Canada3212321962–19733
Andrew RaycroftFlag of Canada10802202000–20065
Terry ReardonFlag of Canada151243054571938–19475
Marty ReasonerFlag of the United States1926882005–20061
Mark RecchiFlag of Canada17942651071072008–20113
Gord RedahlFlag of Canada1801121958–19591
Wade ReddenFlag of Canada611202012–20131
George ReddingFlag of Canada35325101924–19262
Dick RedmondFlag of Canada23536791151241978–19824
Dave ReeceFlag of the United States1400001975–19761
Larry ReganFlag of Canada164305383611956–19593
Earl "Dutch" ReibelFlag of Canada636814161958–19591
Jeremy ReichFlag of Canada902351412006–20082
Dave ReidFlag of Canada38789921811151983–199610
Ed ReigleFlag of Canada17022251950–19511
Stephane RicherFlag of Canada21145181992–19931
Barry RichterFlag of the United States5051318321996–19971
Vincent RiendeauFlag of Canada2901121993–19952
Pat RigginFlag of Canada4900041985–19872
Jack RileyFlag of Ireland600001935–19361
Bob RingFlag of the United States100001965–19661
Vic RipleyFlag of Canada364610271932–19342
Al RittingerFlag of Canada19371001943–19441
Jamie RiversFlag of Canada64426452001–20021
Wayne RiversFlag of Canada80112637861963–19674
Doug RobertsFlag of the United States55581391971–19743
Gordie RobertsFlag of the United States124618241451992–19942
Nathan RobinsonFlag of Canada200002005–20061
Bobby RobinsFlag of the United States3000142014–20151
Randy RobitailleFlag of Canada902201996–19993
Earl RocheFlag of Canada300001932–19331
Eddie RoddenFlag of Canada20000101928–19291
Jon RohloffFlag of the United States150725321291994–19973
Dale RolfeFlag of Canada300001959–19601
Brian RolstonFlag of the United States3591041472511441999–2004, 20126
Roberto RomanoFlag of Canada100001986–19871
Paul RontyFlag of Canada2245698154391947–19514
Bobby RoweFlag of Canada410101924–19251
Andre RoyFlag of the United States13022121995–19972
Jean-Yves RoyFlag of Canada54101525221996–19982
Gino RozziniFlag of Canada3151015201944–19451
Kent RuhnkeFlag of Canada201101975–19761
Paul RungeFlag of Canada488311221930–19363
Vladimir RuzickaFlag of the Czech Republic16666661321051990–19933
Michael RyderFlag of Canada2356364127832008–20113
Sergei SamsonovFlag of Russia5141642123761031997–20068
Martin SamuelssonFlag of Sweden1401122002–20042
Derek SandersonFlag of Canada3891351592946861965–19749
Ed SandfordFlag of Canada442941362302991947–19558
Charlie SandsFlag of Canada2156338101361934–19395
Craig SarnerFlag of the United States700001974–19751
Miroslav ŠatanFlag of the Czech Republic389514122009–20101
Glen SatherFlag of Canada1461223351011966–19693
Maxime SauveFlag of France100002011–20121
Philippe SauveFlag of the United States200002006–20071
Andre SavageFlag of Canada5081321101998–20013
Gordon "Tony" SavageFlag of Canada800021934–19351
Andre SavardFlag of Canada22852621141441973–19763
Marc SavardFlag of Canada304742313052752006–20115
Terry SawchukFlag of Canada102000341955–19572
Kevin SawyerFlag of Canada400051995–19972
Dave ScatchardFlag of Canada164610282005–20061
Peter SchaeferFlag of Canada6391726182007–20081
Paxton SchaferFlag of Canada300001996–19971
Chuck ScherzaFlag of Canada1011241943–19441
Bobby SchmautzFlag of Canada3541341612954441973–19807
Clarence SchmidtFlag of the United States710121943–19441
Joe "Otto" SchmidtFlag of Canada200001943–19441
John SchmidtFlag of Canada45671361942–19431
Milt SchmidtFlag of Canada7762293465754661936–195516
Werner SchnarrFlag of Canada2500001924–19262
Danny SchockFlag of Canada600001969–19712
Ron SchockFlag of Canada128173148281963–19674
Jim SchoenfeldFlag of Canada39022201983–19841
Al SecordFlag of Canada1663926653371978–19813
Tyler SeguinFlag of Canada2035665121642010–20133
Dennis SeidenbergFlag of Germany40123941171642009–20167
Jeff SerowikFlag of the United States100001994–19951
Eddie ShackFlag of Canada1203430641811967–19692
Evgeny ShaldybinFlag of Russia310101996–19971
Sean ShanahanFlag of Canada600071977–19781
Gerry ShannonFlag of Canada42123101934–19362
David ShawFlag of Canada1761427412291992–19953
Normand ShayFlag of Canada31213161924–19262
Gregg SheppardFlag of Canada4161552203751301972–19786
Johnny SheppardFlag of Canada400001933–19341
Jack ShewchukFlag of Canada187919281601938–19456
Allan ShieldsFlag of Canada18044151936–19371
Steve ShieldsFlag of Canada3600082002–20031
Bill ShillFlag of Canada79211334181942–19473
Jack ShillFlag of Canada45448221934–19351
Bruce ShoebottomFlag of Canada35145531987–19914
Eddie ShoreFlag of Canada54310317627910281926–194014
Albert "Babe" SiebertFlag of Canada1262333561771933–19363
Jonathan SigaletFlag of Canada100042006–20071
Jordan SigaletFlag of Canada100002005–20061
Dave SilkFlag of the United States64202242861983–19852
Charlie SimmerFlag of Canada19898941921361984–19873
Al SimmonsFlag of Canada10011211973–19762
Don SimmonsFlag of Canada168000141956–19615
Frank SimonettiFlag of the United States1155813761984–19884
Al SimsFlag of Canada3112248701721973–19796
Alf SkinnerFlag of Canada18000251924–19251
Petri SkrikoFlag of Finland3761420151990–19922
Peter SkudraFlag of Latvia2500002000–20011
Jiri SlegrFlag of the Czech Republic6892635832003–20062
Louis SleigherFlag of Canada83162137651984–19862
Don SmillieFlag of Canada1222441933–19341
Alex SmithFlag of the United Kingdom6391019621932–19342
Barry SmithFlag of Canada1910121975–19761
Brandon SmithFlag of Canada30347101998–20013
Dallas SmithFlag of Canada861542483029361959–197715
Des SmithFlag of Canada1141517321541939–19423
Floyd SmithFlag of Canada2601161954–19572
Kenny SmithFlag of Canada3317893171491944–19517
Reginald "Hooley" SmithFlag of Canada4481018361936–19371
Reilly SmithFlag of Canada163335891342013–20152
Rick SmithFlag of Canada513361251613911968–19808
Bryan SmolinskiFlag of the United States1365036861131992–19953
Vladimir SobotkaFlag of the Czech Republic13461622642007–20103
Carl SoderbergFlag of Sweden161296594